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Five Ways Life Insurance Can Pay Off Before You Die

Finance - Patrick - November 24, 2019

You may consider life insurance to be a fairly straightforward product: pay your premiums and the beneficiary receives the stated benefit after your death. However, there are several life insurance policy riders that can pay significant financial benefits during your lifetime.

A rider to an insurance policy is an amendment or addition to the policy that provides a specified incremental benefit.

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider.

If your life insurance policy has an accelerated death benefit (sometimes called a living benefit) rider, you may be able to access all or part of its death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or if you require long-term or permanent nursing home care. Some policies automatically include this benefit, but, in some cases, you may have to add it. Accelerated death benefits could be invaluable to you and your family at a time when extra funds are needed to ensure that you receive the best care possible and/or want to take steps to ensure your family’s financial future.

Long-Term Care Rider.

A long-term care rider on a life insurance policy for which you are the insured allows you to receive funds to pay for the cost of an assisted living facility or nursing home for yourself. There are two kinds of long-term care riders, an accelerated benefits rider and an extension rider. The accelerated benefits rider allows you to take an advance on the policy’s death benefit, but is limited to the amount of the death benefit. An extension rider increases the policy’s long-term care coverage above the amount of the death benefit.

Waiver of Premium Rider.

This life insurance policy rider will pay your premiums in the event that you can’t for specified reasons, such as serious illness or disability.

Disability Income Rider.

A disability rider on a life insurance policy provides a specified level on income in the event that the insured becomes disabled and unable to work. Disability payments continue as long as the insured is disabled or up to a period of time specified in the policy.

Guaranteed Insurability or Guaranteed Renewal Rider.

This rider guarantees that you can add coverage to your life insurance policy, usually at specified times, without proof of insurability (that is, without a medical exam). If you have a term policy, it also guarantees that you can renew the policy without proof of insurability. These options can be extremely valuable if your health deteriorates due to illness or accident during the term of the policy, essentially making you uninsurable.

For many people, life insurance policy riders can be a worthwhile investment. However, adding a rider to a life insurance policy will cost extra and accessing a policy’s death benefits early may have tax consequences, so be sure to consult your financial advisor before buying these products. Also, be sure that you understand the requirements for payout on and the limitations of any rider you purchase since these will vary by company. You can compare life insurance policies from different companies so that you can choose what’s best suited to you.

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Experts Give Us Tips On How To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring

Arts and Entertainment - Patrick - November 15, 2019

All throughout our lives, we share a lot of happy times but nothing compares to the happiness a person feels the moment he has to share vows with the woman he loves. With that, it is no wonder that choosing an engagement ring is considered to be one of the most important decisions we make in our life.

When we think about engagement and all that, it can seem pretty simple to look for a ring. It isn’t until we already get out there and look for a ring that we realize just how much more complicated the process really is. As a way to help you out of your misery, we have decided to speak with some of the best ring experts that we know to give us some advice on getting the perfect engagement ring.

Decide On Where You Want To Buy The Ring

Probably, one of the things that make the whole ring buying more complicated than it should be is the fact that there are multiple of places to turn to.

How can you decide where to buy your ring if there are hundreds to thousands of people trying to get your attention?

With that, you need to break them down so you can choose the one that is absolutely perfect for you.

If you can, it is most recommended that you check back with the jewelers in district Hatton Garden. According to experts, since the 19th century, this has always been the perfect place to look for an engagement ring. The street is simply lined up with the best jewelers who know how to find precisely the ring that you would want to give to your future spouse.

If you are looking for a ring that is one-of-a-kind, you can find one on Hatton Garden. On the other, if you are on a tight budget and is looking for some second-hand rings, these are some accessories that you can find in Hatton Garden as well. Aside from Hatton Garden, Birmingham and Brighten can give you a lot of great options as well.

The Four Cs Of Buying An Engagement Ring

We see celebrities and their glamorous wedding on TV all the time. With that, it is no wonder that we tend to focus on the carat weight of diamond rings. However, that is not the single way to decide the value of a ring.

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, there is a guideline called the four Cs which tells us practically everything we need to know. Learn more about them below.

  • Color

It is a known fact that rings come in more than just color. Gold rings happen to be one of the most popular of all but that does not mean that you do not have any other good options to choose from. You might want to look into the price of the diamond ring that you are looking for. One way to keep the price at bay would be to choose one that has more yellow tint. A diamond ring with less tint is priced at a higher value. The color of diamond rings ranges from D to Z. D stands for colorless and the further you go along with the quantity of yellow tint the further down go through the alphabet.

  • Clarity

This refers to how perfect you would want to diamond to be which can either mean the external or internal part of the diamond.

  • Cut

You also need to look at the proportions of a diamond as well as the polish and symmetry. It is a common misconception that the cut refers to the shape of the diamond. Our experts have debunked this engagement ring myth.

  • Carat

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. This is mostly the basis of how much a diamond ring is worth. Contrary to common belief, it is not really the weight of the diamond that determine its value but its unit of weight. The reason for this is that the size of the diamond only represents aesthetics whereas the unit of weight stands for the quality.

Know About The Most Popular Stones And Cuts

A lot of people say that the diamond is a girl’s best friend but that does not mean that it remains to be the only suitable option when it comes to buying an engagement ring.

Experts say that the most popular stone would be the round diamond. What comes after that are the rubies and sapphires. The emeralds usually follow suit.

Back in 2010, the Duke of Cambridge made to a proposal to his wife with a sapphire ring. Before that, the ring was owned by the late Princess Diana.

The Ring Size Of Your Partner

This basically one of the most important things to consider. After all, you don’t want to have to purchase a really expensive ring and then kneel down before your future spouse, just to realize that the ring does not even fit.

So, before anything else, you need to stealthily know what your partner’s ring size is. Experts say that the ring size is not really a requirement when buying a ring. So, it is their suggestion that you propose first and everything is decided, you can go to the jewelry store with your future spouse so that she can try on a ring that she likes and fits her perfectly.

There might even be cases that this won’t be needed at all. Most of the time, people who are in a serious relationship often talk about marriage from time to time. So, it is quite ordinary to casually walk into a jewelry store to just look at some rings. In that case, you might want to keep you attention sharp so that you know what your future spouse would like to have as an engagement ring as well as what her ring size could be.

Make Sure That The Ring Is Sustainable

You would want your engagement ring to last a lifetime just as you expect your bond with your future spouse to last. Otherwise, you should have looked for hip hop jewelry for sale instead.

Just like anything else in the industry, there are lots of people selling items that are not actually made of the highest quality. With that, you are able to use the item for a few tries and then after that, the usability of the product starts to diminish. That’s the last thing you want to happen to your engagement.

This is why experts recommend shopping for an engagement ring in a second-hand jewelry store. The reason for this is that if a diamond or any other stone has been preserved and passed on for generations, it must be that the stone is authentic. These days, there are already manufacturers that imitate the exterior of a diamond ring. However, internally, it is just a replica. It is not as strong as a diamond.

Bottom line

Proposing to the woman you love is an exciting time in a person’s life. It can be even more exciting than the actual marriage itself. However, it is important to look into the basics of an engagement ring before making the actual purchase. This ensures that you are buying something that is actually worth your money and that it will last for the long haul.

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Find Life Insurance That Fits You And Your Family

Wealth - Patrick - November 7, 2019

Term life is an option for you when you are trying to determine which type of life insurance policy is right for you. You only pay on a term policy for a set amount of time and then you will need to renew in order to receive the benefits. The other option in coverage is a set policy, which you pay into and have essentially purchased as a way of protecting your family in the event of your death.

In order to make a decision you need to look at your own situation and your age. If you are older, you should more likely to go with the term option. This is because you are less likely to outlive the policy and your spouse will be able to reap the benefits of the payout. Then you will be able take care of those left behind for a lower rate. Clearly no one can predict when you will die, so you will unfortunately be guessing if you were to go this route.

Another option is a traditional life Insurance policy. With this, you will know that your policy is worth a certain amount of money in a certain number of years. The policy itself will not need to be renewed and your family will reap the rewards. The problem with this type of policy is that you need to pay into it every year. In essence, it is never paid off until you no longer require it or are dead.

No matter which option you do choose you will need to make sure it is the one that makes the most sense for you and your family. You do not want to keep paying on something if you have enough money and all your finances are taken care of. However, you do not want to lose all of the money you have already paid into a policy and then reap no rewards for it. This is where you get into a pickle and need to make a choice as to what will allow you to feel good about the condition in which you leave your family.

In order to make the right decision about what to do, you cannot make it on your own. You will need to involve your family and quite possibly your attorney in this decision. That way you will have all of the input you will need and will be able to make a decision you trust, which will ensure that your family feels comfortable with the decision you made about the policy.

Consider all of the different options you will have when it comes to term life and traditional life insurance. It’s a big choice to make, and you will need to decide not only on the type of policy, but also when and how long you want it for. These are tough decisions that can lead to much stress and discontent among family members that you do not want to deal with. So no matter what you decide, make sure it is what you feel comfortable with and know will work best for you and your family. This article is like your guide to life insurance helping you out in choosing a better life insurance.

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Top Eight Gardening Secrets That Every Gardener Should Know

Home Improvement - Patrick - November 7, 2019

If you are the one who loves gardening, then you always think of doing something innovative. We all know that growing plants are tricky. As a gardener, you have to face everything like pests or weather conditions. There is a need to make an investment in buying fertilizer, seeds, pots, supports, and many other items. You may have also gained experience in the field; still, there are some secrets that you probably don’t know about.

In spite of everything, when you look to enter the internet for more info about gardening, you will find many ways of doing some crazy activity. Well, one should not go anywhere as we are here to help. In the guide, you will come to know about the top secrets that every gardener should know for becoming the best in this field. With these aspects, one can go changing their gardening style.

  1. Using K-cups

K-cups are considered as the best way of moving coffee around in the garden. This one is not such an eco-friendly option but, one can use the cups for seed starters.

  1. Upcycle egg containers

If you are looking for a great seed starter, then using the upcycle egg container is perfect. They are small and come with lots of space. When someone uses cardboard, then they can also go for recycling them with ease. You can also look for more info on the internet.

  1. Using milk jugs as a watering can

Everyone wants to save money, and using a milk jug will help you do the task. It is because the item is used for watering purposes. There is no need to go to the factory to buy the can when you have the ideal option.

  1. Making good use of shoe rack

This one is for those who are looking to do an innovative activity. You can use the shoe for making a vertical stand for the plants. One has to put the soil and plant in every piece for getting started.

  1. Plastic forks

No one wants their plants to be eaten by insects and other pets. Therefore, they always want to search for something to get the solution. Don’t worry as a plastic fork is all you need. They can be used in the garden so that no rabbits and deer hurt the plants that you love the most.

  1. Making rain barrel

Many people find it difficult to make a rain barrel, but they don’t know one thing. It is that they are not hard to create. One has to buy a regular trash can for storing the water. Well, for more info or complete information, you can go for checking various online tutorials.

  1. Wooden board

There may be a time when you need to even the lawn, and you will don’t know what to do. Using the wooden board helps to easy the task. All you have to do is to place the board down and then follow with it for having a perfect shape.

  1. Making use of the PVC pipe

Providing water to dense plants is not an easy task. The reason is that the roots are well protected, and that creates difficulty for giving water to them. Using a PVC pipe will solve everything.

  1. Use toilet paper for planters

Planters are an integral part of gardening, and most of the planters available in the market are made up of plastic and other non-bio-degradable materials that are harmful to the plants, soil, and environments. To contribute your part in saving the environment, you must use planters made-up of bio-degradable items so that it doesn’t harm the plants and environment. You need not do anything out of the box to save the earth; you can use the toilet paper available in your house to make the planters for your garden. We throw away the toilet paper; instead, we can use them for a good cause and make planters from them and save our planet.

  1. Create a rain barrel

Water shortage is one of the most alarming issues in the world, and watering the plants in your garden eats up a lot of water, but you can do it in an economical way and save gallons of water from getting wasted. It looks like a typical thing to make, but it is quite easy to make a rain barrel and use rainwater to water the plants in the garden. You can use any spare trash can and place it at the end of the gutter pipeline, so all the rainwater gets collected in the can, and you can use that water in your garden without wasting the freshwater.

  1. Use planters to changes the design of the garden

Your mind can get changed anytime, and after some time, you may feel that you must make some changes in the layout of the garden, but that time, it will be too late to make any changes. You can do it if you place the plants into a planter and then place them in your garden. It will allow you to change their position easily afterward. You can use a planter to place the plants as it is easily removable, and you can change the layout of the garden anytime you want.

  1. Use empty can for oxygen supply

Water and oxygen play the most critical role in the growth of the plants. The more oxygen and water they get, the rapidly they will grow. To enhance the supply of oxygen to the plants, you can place an empty can under the planters to ensure the proper supply of oxygen to the plant, and the soil also gets benefited from these cans. It is a great way to keep more moisture locks and boost the growth of the plant.

  1. Fertilizing dense plants

Small plants are easy to feed and take care of as their roots are easily visible, and you can focus on it properly, but the problem arises when fertilizing the dense plants as it becomes difficult to reach the origins of the plant easily. There is a fantastic way that can help you to fertilize them easily without facing any hassle. You can use PVC pipe to directly focus on the roots and send the water directly to the roots through the tube. This allows you to keep even the densest plants adequately fertilized.

  1. Use kitchen sponges

Hydration is necessary for all types of plants for their constant growth and good quality, but it also a challenging task to keep the correct level of moisture near the plants’ roots. You can do it by using kitchen sponges and placing them near the roots of the plants. Sponges have a great property of absorbing and moisture, and it will keep the surrounding area of the plant moist and well hydrated.

  1. Replace watering can with coffee container

There is no need to spend money on the watering can when you can use a coffee container to water the plants. The coffee container has good shape and size and can work great as a watering can. Everyone can easily get a coffee container, but one thing that you must keep in mind is that wash t properly before using it.

To sum up, these are the top gardening secrets that every gardener should know. You have to remember each one to improve your skills.

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Tips On Buying Your Life Insurance

Wealth - Patrick - November 3, 2019

As a general rule it is better to avoid products that combine insurance and investment. If what you need is a sensible amount of life cover, then simple term assurance is likely to offer best value. If you want to build up some capital for your dependents you could, for example, invest in funds held in a tax-efficient individual savings account (ISA) and take out a decreasing term assurance plan to provide a lump sum if you die early before your fund has had a chance to build up.

The premium you pay for your insurance will depend on your age, sex and state of health, among other factors. You have a duty to complete the proposal form honestly and accurately. If you are considerably overweight or you smoke, your premiums may be ‘loaded’ – in other words you pay more because there is a greater chance of an early death. Certain dangerous sports will also raise eyebrows in the underwriting department and in turn may raise your premiums. In some cases your policy may not cover you while you indulge in these activities.

The proposal form will also ask if you have ever been tested for HIV (AIDS). If you are a single man and want a substantial amount of cover, you will probably be requested to complete a ‘lifestyle’ questionnaire which is designed to discover whether your private life exposes you to a higher than average risk of AIDS or other sexual diseases.

The medical

Both men and women who want to take out a large amount of cover should expect to be asked to undergo a medical examination. Despite the aversion most people have to this, it does actually work in your favor. Where policies are not fully medically underwritten (this is usually the case with policies sold by direct mail or through off-the-page advertising), the underwriters assume there will be a much greater incidence of claims so the premiums may be much higher than a medically underwritten contract.

The premium will also depend on the company. Life assurance is a very competitive

Market, which is why independent advice is essential. These days a good adviser will have access to a comprehensive database that will enable him or her to select the right features and the best rates available at any given time.

Your adviser should also make sure your premium rate is guaranteed. The cheapest rates are often offered by companies that reserve the right to ‘review’ premiums at any time. With reviewable premiums, effectively you are writing the insurance company a blank cheque. On your end you can compare life assurance comparison online as well. This way you make sure that you get the best from your insurance with paying too much for it.

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