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Day In The Life Of A Pediatric Oncology Nurse

Health and Fitness - Patrick - January 31, 2020

As you would understand, a pediatric oncology nurse is the professional who is going to work with all the pediatric patients. They work with an expert and help to treat those who are undergoing any kind of treatment of some sort of cancer. In this blog, we are going to discuss more about the roles and responsibilities of such a nurse and learn more about the profession. If you are looking for oncology tools, then you are welcome to the Oncology marketing toolkit.

Patient Population

Pediatric oncology nurse work along side the pediatric patients who are mostly under the age of 18 years, or at times they can be also at the age of around 21 years. The majority of the patients that work with the nurses have been diagnosed with some kind of cancer and are at different stages of the disease. From diagnosis to the remission of the disease, they help in all. When they are assisting in any pediatric nursing position, then pediatric oncology nurses are always ready to address the patient’s family. That is why the pediatric clinic is often really an emotional place to be in, where come to see their close ones. A lot of people need to be comforted and are not at all easy to communicate.

Clinical Environment

The environment in most of the clinics is very professional and the pediatric oncology nurse work in a special pediatric oncology unit. This unit only deals with cancer related problems in children and young people within the age of 21 years. The hospital can be a specialized children’s hospital or even a hospital with general population that includes a separate wing for children’s treatment. Depending on the kind of hospital one is working, the clinical environment will vary.

Typical Daily Procedures

There is quite a good rigor that can also be associated to the work of a pediatric oncology nurse on a daily basis. Oncology covers almost all kind of cancer and each one of them have their own set of characteristics and behaves differently than the others. That is why there is a huge amount of errands that needs to be done. Pediatric oncology nurses have the responsibility to br knowledgeable and educated a person the various protocols of the treatment and stay organized at all times whenever treating the patient. Almost everyday, the nurses will have to assist the doctor on surgeries, radiation therapy or chemo treatment. Even though nurses will not lead the children in physical therapy, they have to ensure that all the appointment and treatment of the patient are carried out properly. A pediatric oncology nurse also needs to review and update the charts of individual patients.

Daily Physical Requirements

As a pediatric oncology nurse, it is important that the person is physically fit and healthy. The role is physically demanding and that too on a day to day basis. Most of the children who are suffering from this deadly disease will not have enough energy or strength to carry out their own activities. That is why nurses will have to help them in feeding, keeping them clean, etc. at all times. Depending on the age of the child, it can be a really hectic and exhausting task.

Daily Emotional Considerations

Emotional challenges of working with the children dealing with problems related to cancer is apparent and is a part of the regular life of a pediatric oncology nurse. But, these challenges seem much more manageable nowadays due to the high advancements in the field of medicine and medical technology. Modern medicines have made huge improvements over the past decade, that provides better treatment to diseases like leukemia. So, the survival rates are much higher. Still, there will always be an emotional distress that a pediatric oncology nurse will feel and they are also required to provide moral support to the patient and their family members as well.

So, these are some important information regarding the daily work life of a pediatric oncology nurse in details. This is a very serious role to take part in and only those who are mentally and physically fit, should be applying to get the job of a pediatric oncology nurse.

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Wonders Water Brings For Weight Loss Programs And Plans

Health - Patrick - January 29, 2020

Most people understand that water is important for keeping the body healthy and hydrated. But can it actually help in losing weight? It seems so and for several reasons.

It’s even helpful for people who are planning to undergo coolsculpting treatment. After learning which Areas of the Body Can CoolSculpting Improve, knowing how water can help is a great idea.

First of all, when you drink a little water before eating, say 8 oz, a feeling of fullness is created causing you to eat less. Of course eating less when combined with with exercise helps to burn excess calories which will result in weight loss. It also helps to eat foods that are higher in water content such as carrots, broccoli, grapefruit, yogurt and apples. These foods help to create a feeling of fullness in themselves while helping to keep you hydrated.

Water also help to keep the joints and muscles lubricated which is necessary to burn calories and help reduce stiffness of the joints and muscles after exercise. If your muscles are dehydrated they don’t burn calories as efficiently. In fact, when the body is dehydrated, it goes into a “water starvation” mode, holding on to every bit of water that it can. It’s called water retention and it’s what gives you that puffy or swollen look. Once the body is receiving enough water, it knows that there is a plentiful supply and begins to function properly by flushing toxins through urine and sweat. Also the joints become lubricated which can help during your workout. It’s not uncommon to lose five pounds the first week of drinking adequate amounts of water. Of course that weight is mostly water, but who wants to hold on to all those toxins?

How much water should we be taking in? For an average person, 8-9 8oz glasses of ice cold water is recommended in addition to the water that consumed through foods. This should be taken in throughout the day to keep a steady level of hydration. For athletes, those who have long workout routines or individuals who are very overweight, more is recommended. This is because it takes more to maintain a healthy level of hydration than an average person. It’s also not a good idea not to wait until you are thirsty because by the time you feel thirsty, the body has already begun to dehydrate. This could mean that it would take more than a glass or two of water to get back to a healthy level of hydration.

There are a lot of people who do not like the taste of water. If that is the case, there are a couple things to try. First would be to try spring water. Since waters do indeed have different flavors, try several different types. I recommend ice cold spring water. If taste is still an issue, try squeezing a little lemon or lime juice to add a touch of flavor. When you think that you really are doing the best for your body, it becomes something you enjoy.

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How Digital ‘Facelifts’ May Shatter Age Barriers In Hollywood

Beauty, Celebrities, Guide - Patrick - January 28, 2020

People on TV and in the movies lately are getting younger, but not because younger actors are being cast. Courtesy of Hollywood digital magic, middle aged or old actors are routinely being given digital facelifts. Those DirectTV ads with Star Trek’s William Shatner playing Captain Kirk like he did well over a decade ago was one of the first times I noticed the sophisticated process. Soon other actors like Charlie Sheen and Kim Bassinger underwent computer facelifts – and voila – they fit right in with footage from their movies of years ago. 

Big feature films like X-Men: The Last Stand or The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button have also utilized this tech miracle. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan were both ‘de-aged’ so they could play their characters (Professor X  amp; Magneto respectfully) at a younger age. For Brad Pitt in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, his character suffered from a quirky physical condition many of us would love to be afflicted with to some degree. He was born looking old, even ancient. As he matured, his wrinkled face and withered body aged in reverse – so that his twilight years looked more like he was romping around in high school, or a fresh faced tyke in grammar school. 



The digital sleight of hand used for both of these movies, and others, is effective to more dramatically tell a story, or may be cheaper. Often, a younger actor is employed to portray the same older character, only at a younger age. With this computer ‘de-aging’ now widespread available and increasingly affordable, a budget conscious production team could conceivably save money by employing one actor to perform all the younger scenes in the story – ultimately it becomes one paycheck instead of two, or more. 

However more intriguing possibilities are to use this manipulating magic for more than comedy, fantasy and science fiction, or to save money when different time periods need a corresponding aged character. It boils down to the simple fact that each actor or actress comes to a time in their lives where they can’t play youthful roles any longer. Botox and nip and tuck surgery can help, but only so much. Plus, many start looking like they all escaped from the same tight skinned tribe of plastic faces. 

“Get me a young Al Pacino type for this!” “We need a Julia Roberts type like in Pretty Woman!” These demands come from producers and directors, who urge casting directors to find youthful versions of stars who are old or aging to make themselves younger with [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]mini facelift touch to enhance their personality even in the senior agePacino and Julia Roberts can’t stay youthful forever, but with a non stressed performance, free of latex, heavy make-up or dreaded botox, they may now be able to nab the same roles they landed when they were younger. 



While writing for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I envisioned utilizing a digital ‘de-age’ technique in some storyline. Of course back then, computer power wasn’t capable. It’s ironic that when digital animation became so sophisticated, actors were worried they’d be replaced. Now it seems just the opposite – digital technology will only afford more opportunities and create more work for them. The process is still a work in progress. Sometimes the ‘de-aged’ celebrity looks downright creepy, however as computers advance, we may see a time when an 80 year old performer still can play a dashing romantic hero, or a demure, stunning ingénue. 

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Gain Best Results From Making Great New Year’s Resolution About Dieting

Beauty, Guide, Health - Patrick - January 21, 2020

You’ve probably talked with different doctors and trainers to lose weight. Or, you’ve began considering to [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]get coolsculpting services which is also a great option. But you’ve probably wondered why your New Year’s resolution about dieting doesn’t work, don’t you? 

Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight but fall short of completing that task. Many gyms reported that they get an influx of new member registrations in January. By March of the same year, over 80 percent of those people stop coming. This New Year you need to make a resolution that you can stick with. is a website that promises to show you how to not only redefine your eating habits, but to also rebuild your body. Studies show that exercise alone is not enough to lose those unwanted pounds. Exercise must be coupled with a right type of diet plan to be successful. 



More and more people are trying to find different ways not only to lose weight but to keep it off. Millions of Americans struggle with obesity and the medical problems that come with it such as heart problems and diabetes. Low fat, low calorie, and low carb plans are popping up all over the place. The problem is when neither of those solutions works for you or not for a long period of time. 

There have been recent claims that neither low fat, low calorie, nor low carb diets work effectively for fast and long-lasting weight loss. Low fat diets doesn’t seem to be the ideal choice because low or no fat products are popping up everywhere in the marketplace, yet America is more overweight than ever. Low calorie diets doesn’t work because they slow down the body’s fat burning system making losing more weight over time almost impossible. Low carb diets are too strict and hard to maintain which causes dieters to quit or cheat the diet before they reach the desired weight-loss goal. 

Systems like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig can be effective. The problem with them is that they can be very expensive. With the membership cost and the cost of food, which has to be purchased by them, being on the programs will drain your wallet. Plus, the weight loss is usually slow, averaging about 2-3 pounds a day. 

A good question to ask yourself is ‘why are you overweight?’ The fact of the matter is that you are eating the wrong types of foods with the wrong types of calories in each meal. Even if taking weight loss or appetite control pills and exercising daily, you can still find it difficult to lose weight if you are continuing to eat the wrong things. 



A new website, Fat Loss 4 Idiots, claims that they have found a new way to redefine the diet. By eating the right types of food at the right time of day, they claim to reshape your body in just 11 days. 

The way that Fat Loss 4 Idiots work is they show you the correct to eat to get the maximum results. They are claiming that you could actually have noticeable results in just 11 days. We’ve seen other crash diets as these pop up in recent history, offering major results in little time such as the Hollywood Diet; which is making me critical that this could actual work or even be healthy. 

Fat Loss 4 Idiots claims they are unique system that actually manipulates fat burning hormones. In case you didn’t know, when you eat your brain signals how much of the food will be used for storing and how much will be used for burning by releasing two types of hormones into your bloodstream. These two types of hormones are controlled by the types of food that you eat. Fat Loss 4 Idiots says that they can show you how to tell your brain to send more fat burning hormones into the bloodstream instead of the fat storing hormone. 

How do they do that? Well, for starters, they used a technique called ‘calorie shifting’. This technique relies on the principle that your body predicts how much fat it needs to store for days to come based on your pattern of eating in the last few days. With ‘calorie shifting’, you will shock your metabolism by not eating what your body thinks you will eat. On an unpredictable eating plan, your metabolism will kick into high-gear and burn all of the calories that you consume, and thus lose a lot of weight in the process. 

Does this really work? I have only researched the diet and haven’t tried it for myself. Of course there is a small fee to start, but it doesn’t have monthly charges like some of the other diets. From the information I’ve gathered so far, the diet seems to be easy to maintain. They provide you with the information and an online diet generator that will calculate a daily menu for you. You buy and prepare your own food. 

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5 Tips To Market Your Medical Spa Like A Boss

Health - Patrick - January 21, 2020

Cosmetologist is a professional with a patient in the office of a medical clinic.

Medical Spas, often alluded to as medi-spas or medspas, combine medical procedures normally performed under qualified doctors, mainly focusing on anti-aging treatments. In recent times, development within the number of medical spas has marginally surpassed that of spas in general. Within this new development, [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]medical spa in New Jersey also holds a prominent place in the globe.

For any trade, promotion is essential to develop and keep up a strong clientele base. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 such basic tips to showcase medical spa, to attract potential clients and rise to success.

5 tips to market medical spa:

  • Website:

Website is the first impression for any business to be famous in the contemporary digital era. Your potential customers will take to the virtual zone first to check out a reliable medical spa service. And, it’s mandatory to have an active and attractive website for your business in the first place. It is further important to make the website mobile responsive. Now a day’s consumers want all the capability on their phone much like in their home or office.

  • Social Media:

Social media is one among the great approaches to market medical spa or any business for free and you should count on it as well.

Social media sites command huge popularity today and hence offer excellent opportunity to highlight your brand identity, attract new customers, and nurture existing relationships. These platforms enable us to share before and after photos of different services which are offered, share blog posts from the website on extraordinary topics, announce promotional discounts, and interact with the existing customers immediately. You can also take to social media channels to impart information about the uniqueness of medical spa and the amazing health benefits it assures.

  • Referrals:

A satisfied, delighted customer will proactively advocate for brand identity and also spread the news about your services among family and friends. In fact, as per the marketing experts, word-of-the-mouth marketing by actual customers is one of the powerful ways of advertising. To encourage strong advocacy of your brand by your happy customers, introduce a referral program. If your customer receives a token of acknowledgement for sharing news about your service, he would be more than happy to share the news further, among a larger mass of people. And all of it would snowball into a massive promotion for your medi-spa.

  • Selling Points Matters:

What are the USPs of the med spa? It’s the “unique” technique or offerings of products and services by the spa. Do they havelatehours for busy running professionals? Do they have enough parking spot available for the customers? Do they customize a unique experience for the customers? Are they the only one to retail a certain product in that particular geographic zone? These are selling points should be highlighted in all of the detailed marketing materials of the Spa.

  • Consistency:

The medical spa won’t produce consequences by advertisingonlyfor some weeks. Marketing is an ongoing commitment which can take months and years. It is important to be steady and maintain the advertising and marketing efforts, to produce brilliant outcomes. It is advised to make a schedule to post on social media regularly. You should also focus on regularly updating your spa blog and site.

Thus it can be said, incorporation of the above approaches can make a medical spa or any other business famous, can fetch the attention of new clients and make the existing ones satisfied.

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