5 Hot Spring Fashions from Limi Feu

Limi Feu turns to an obvious source of inspiration for her spring 2009 ready to wear collection: the Japanese student look. Long jackets, pants, and white button down shirts dominate this season’s collection. Black, white, nude, blue, shrimp, solids and stripes comprise this ready to wear collection for women. Like her designer father Yohji Yamamoto, she also favors the dark colors in layered designs. Below are my top five picks from her spring 2009 ready to wear collection:

The first ensemble we see in slide has the typical long jacket reaching to the knees with black pants and a white blouse with a narrow strap placed horizontally across the scoop neckline. The jacket has a bit of gray at the shoulder holes and a zipper closure in the front. This doesn’t have to be worn to class, of course, if you are already a college graduate. You can however wear this whenever you feel like going urban with your friends.

You can read more here as the article progresses on even though spring is gone for now but it would show up the next year so it would give you an idea of what all dresses to try out during the season with some interesting pieces to look forward to.

Here is a two-piece dress in slide #9 that has big buttons on the front of the black blouse with 3/4 length sleeves and a straight skirt that reaches past the knees. For a different look, substitute a white or pink shirt with his nice skirt and wear it to the office. The blouse here is very Asian in style and can also be worn with an embroidered satin skirt with dragons on it.

The nude and black dress in slide is simple in lines with a slightly flared out look. A scoop neckline, black shoulder straps, and above knee length skirt makes this dress looks like one meant for a younger schoolgirl. This is something I might wear to a class picnic on the campus, but the dress can be worn to any day or informal evening party this spring season.

A solid black dress like the one in slide #21 is ideal for wearing to a weekend party this spring. Add some color by wearing a long, brightly colored scarf around the waist with the ends hanging loose. The square neckline and angled cut on the blouse’s hem make this dress very urban and avant garde in appearance. Throw on some beads around your neck to finish the look.

The shrimp colored dress that we see at slide #32 is last on the list. If you like the layered look, this dress definitely has it. The dress has that combination of punk-rock look to it which makes it great to wear while spending a day in SoHo. If you don’t have a pair of orange boots to wear with this dress, try black shoes with heels. Wear this dress to a music party this spring season.

Limi Feu fashions can be purchased through her boutique in New York City. The average price range for her fashions is between $150.00 to $500.00.