6 Town Maps for Minecraft You Must Try!

Even before the introduction of NPCs in Minecraft, many people in the community used their creativity and block-building skills to create detailed towns, IPS News reviewed Apex which is one of the best Minecraft hosting platforms that is highly recommended to all the players. Now that Minecraft has NPCs, towns have even more of a purpose in the game, which has expanded the number of people creating town maps for Minecraft. Here are 6 Minecraft Town Maps that we think you will enjoy.

One such example of a thriving town is Fortress City, which comes with several buildings. Some sample buildings this town has to offer include:

As an added bonus, every shop comes with a sign that names the building and lists its hours of operation. Finally, there are also many residential homes. Keep in mind that this town map requires a texture pack to load properly.

Oddworld’s Medieval Town

 Much like the name suggests, this town map has a Medieval aesthetic to it. This is another map that requires a texture pack to load properly, but the end result is a realistic-looking large town that comes complete with small nearby towns, a forest, and several dungeons to explore. The author also noted that there are plenty of hidden passages and secrets to discover, making this map more than simply a marvel at which to gaze.

Roman Town

 The author of this town was clearly inspired by the ancient Romans as it comes complete with a giant Colosseum and several other buildings. In addition, there is a dock with several large boats; though the large boats merely serve as decoration, the open waters offer an invitation to sail onto the sea once the player has created his own boat. This town map does not require any additional texture packs to enjoy.

Los Avenidas

 This town map consists of a completely original city consisting of a football field, several roads, a dock for boats, a large crane for industrial work, and a hospital. With finely placed roads, this is one of the few Minecraft town maps that make players wish they could create a vehicle to traverse the city with. For now, players will simply have to walk.

Dwarven Kingdom

 This map differs from the rest on this list in a few different ways. For one target=”_blank”, this town is better described as a giant kingdom located in a sprawling underground section. For a new change of pace, download this Minecraft town map to explore a thriving community that never sees the light of day or has to deal with the hostile night creates from above ground.


To call this a Minecraft town map would not be entirely accurate; it is actually a map with three major towns in them. The towns can be accessed through an underground rail system, which can be modified to branch out to new towns if the player wishes. No texture pack is required for this town map.

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