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Vax U91-MA-B Mach Air Bagless Upright Cleaner

Vax is one of UK’s best selling floor care brand and boasts to be the only floor care specialists to offer a comprehensive range of carpet cleaners, upright and cylindrical vacuum cleaners, chordless, steam and hard floor cleaners. Though Vax is best known for their iconic orange tub that was launched in 1979 and is still going strong today, but they still continue to update and introduce new and innovative products.

In the following review, we will see in detail about the Vax U91-MA-B Mach Air Bagless Upright Cleaner which has been marketed heavily by Vax on the television as the lightest bagless cyclonic upright vacuum on the current market.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from so many brands as vacuum cleaners are not something that can be taken lightly given the mess and muck that surround the house all around so you need something like a aspirapolvere senza filo proscenic or Vax U91 to get an idea of what exactly these cleaners mean and this review will help in taking a decision.

Vax has so far the only company to have bought out a similar copy to that of Dyson’s Baby DC24 and the best part is that the Vax U91 weighs even less at 4.9Kgs. Vax also boasts that its Mach Air is the lightest, full size Multi Cyclonic upright vacuum cleaner in the world. It has got a very masculine built with mixed matches of greys and silver with matt orange and vents along with its purposeful ridges planted occasionally. The new Vax U91-MA-B Mach Air Upright vacuum cleaner is very sleek and ultra portable. The lightness of the vacuum does make the Mach Air highly manoeuvrable, though not so much that you would forget that it is an ‘Upright’. The other design highlights include an adjustable handle, with eight notches on offer and when the handle falls back into the vacuum, it makes the device very space saving.

The installation of the Vax U91-MA-B Bagless vacuum cleaner is extremely easy and all that you have to do is, fit in the six meter chord onto the back and fit the three in one tools on, slide and lock in the handle and you are ready to give your floor a great clean. The brush bar next to the power button should be kept on for carpet floors and off for the hardwood floors. We have to say that there is more to this vacuum cleaner than what meets your eyes. To start with there is no foot pedal in order to put the floor head down and you have to just stand on the floor head like Dyson/Oreck upright to pivot it down on the carpet. There seems to be a lot of hard ridges on the handle, despite the grippy orange rubber line beneath it, which can become really painful on usage overtime. We also found that the handle does not lock in properly and moves a bit side to side in use. Hence, Vax has missed out on the quality a little.

The functions of the device can be understood at a glance. Though Vax claims that its U91-MA-B Mach Air can clean flat to floor, but that is not quite happening. At the lowest level, the Vax Mach does not even achieve a perfect 180 degree angle, which is mainly because to its large wheels. A green LED glows and stays on when the brush roll is activated and turns off when it is not in use. Even the slightest to the brush roll makes the green LED light flicker nervously. In case there is a jam, a red LED light replaces the green light and there is also a brush roll reset function available.

 Gone are those days when you have to replace the drive belt, thanks Mach Air’s gentle bristle action on the electric supported motor driven brush roller. If ever the brush roller happens to break, Vax will replace it for you and in case there in a jam, you will find a very handy reset button at the side of the brush, which in turn is supported by a red LED light. One of the biggest advantages is that, the complete brush can be seen from a clear acrylic hatch that can be unlocked by two catches in order to remove the brush roll of hairs or threads that wraps themselves around the bristles tightly. However, be aware of the fact that, like most of the plastic on the vacuum, the actual acrylic is quite thin and feels as though it would break if some exertion is applied to it.

Since this U91-MA-B Mach Air upright vacuum cleaner uses bag-less technology, the device will be able to retain its high efficiency even after emptying and cleaning the container. The container having a maximum capacity of 1.5 litre, it ensures that the vacuum maintains optimal performance without frequent emptying and cleaning, which is best suited for consistent performance of the vacuum. The long 6 meter cable helps reach every nuke and corner of the floor. As with all of the latest vacuum cleaners in the market, the Mach Air too has automatic cable rewind that helps store it compactly after use. The on-board tools facility also aids in hassle free storage. The telescopic tube helps in reaching areas that are unreachable by bare hands and beater bar control for optimum efficiency heighten the viability of it. Tools like dusting brush, upholstery brush and 3-in-1 tool makes it perfect for optimum performance with minimal time and energy requisites and cleaning every area without strain makes it the best reliable appliance.

The Vax U91-MA-B makes use of the Hoover U.S patented “Windtunnel” technology to maintain suction even as the bin is full with dust and dirt. A design Vie for this bagless vacuum cleaner is that, it has suction power of 200 watts to vacuum particles from deep within fibres without causing any damage to the materials. We are not sure if “Air” in its name denotes the overall lightweight of the device or the Active HEPA Filters on board. The H12 HEPA filter traps even the minute dust, pollen and mud that helps prevent allergies.

The slim floor head is simply excellent with clear and easy to use built-in edge and frontal edge. It is a very good match for the cylindrical vacuums on their slim floor heads. Its base tapers sharply towards the back, which is helpful for tight corners, but is less stable. You can work around this by pivoting the Mach Air on its back wheels as you move it. If you are concerned about sliding the vacuum under chairs and tea table, think no more as the Vax Mach Air U91 does a great job on that department. The suction on the carpet is very powerful and with its front rollers turned off as per instructions, it did an average job on hard surfaces. The Mach Air was noisy on all surfaces.

The accessories in the package include Handle, telescopic extension tube, 3-in-one crevice, upholstery and dusting brush tool and Turbo tool. For a limited period, Vax also offers a free Gator handheld vacuum cleaner worth £49.99. The Filters are pre-motor filter and post motor filter. While the pre motor filter is washable, the post motor filter is just cleanable but not washable.

We thought that we were just seeing stuff when the price of this brand new model had be reduced from about £180 to around £130 as it has been on the market since late October. The U91-MA-B Mach Air requires just 1200 watts for all its cleaning.

Vax offers its U91-MA-B Mach Air Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner a massive six years Guarantee for parts and labour.

Weighing just under 5kgs, the Vax U91-MA-B Mach Air Bagless Upright Cleaner is designed with latest technology and energy efficient and powerful features. Mach Air combines has the successful combination of style and effortless performance for optimal manageability. It has the cleaning power and capacity of a conventional upright but weighs a third less. Since it uses H12 HEPA filtration, it is just the ideal one for homes with allergy sufferers. With a massive 6 years warranty offered by Vax, you can go for this vacuum without any second thought.

The Electricians Register – How To Do The Registration?

In modern UK properties, the lighting circuits are distinct from the ring main circuit. Houses should generally have two lighting circuits that are protected by either a 5A fuse or 6A trip located in the consumer unit.

The lighting circuit differs from the ring main in that it does not create a returning loop to the consumer unit. Instead, the consumer unit connects to the first light, which connects to the second light, and it continues.

For domestic lighting, the cable is earth rated for up to 12A, and contains live, neutral, and earth wires inside its PVC sheath. The cable leads from the consumer unit to the lighting locations on ceilings or walls. The power for the lights is either connected at the switch, or directly on the light itself.

If the light switch is wall mounted, the box can either be affixed sunk into the wall, or as a surface-mounted fixture. If you wish to minimise the number of wall switches in a single room a multi-switch unit can be installed, allowing more than one light to be operated from one point. Different commercial electrical contractor in North Miami, FL are available and the selection of the right one is done with skills. The charges of the services should be less to get the right results. The information about the working should be available with the individual for the hiring. 

To install the lights themselves, the wiring will either to a ceiling rose or a junction box. If it is a ceiling fixture, all the connections at the ceiling rose point. This does eliminate the need for one junction box per light/lamp, but it is a trickier task for a home installer to undertake.

With older lighting installations, the cable is passed through the junction box particular to that light. The junction box itself will be located under floorboards or between joists in the ceiling close to the switch. Like fluorescent lights, lighting systems that do not use a ceiling rose must have junction box connections.

Here are some of the different lighting types that you may consider for domestic or commercial installation:

Fluorescent –

In a fluorescent light, the electricity passes through mercury vapour in a glass tube. This gives off invisible light that interacts with the coating in the glass, and this in turn emits visible light.

The benefits of fluorescent light include its high energy efficiency, as well as the fact that it produces a lot of light. Newer models can fit more easily into domestic properties, although most fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed.

Incandescent –

The electrical current passes through the metal filament until it becomes incandescent, giving off light and heat. This standard light is cheap and can be dimmed, although it is not energy efficient and gives off a lot of heat.


Halogen lighting is similar to incandescent, except that there is a measure of halogen gas inside the glass insert.

Halogen bulbs can become very hot, though they will require less changing than standard incandescent bulbs. You should refrain from touching a halogen bulb when possible, as this will shorten its lifespan.


The current passes through electric components called diodes, which emit light and then become Light Emitting Diodes. LED lights are energy and space-efficient, and give off little heat. They tend to be long lasting and are cheaper to use, though the initial cost is more expensive. LED lights cannot be dimmed.


Xenon bulbs are comparable to incandescent and halogen, except that a small measure of xenon gas is present inside the glass insert. Xenon lights are longer lasting than incandescents are also dimmable. However, they do give off some heat and are not particularly energy efficient.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are becoming a popular feature in modern homes, due to the flexibility that they allow with lighting. For a romantic dinner, the lighting can dimmed to an almost candle effect.

Dimmer switches reduce the consumption of electricity, and as such are both energy efficient and cost efficient. There use also increases the lifespan of the bulb that they supply.

Dimmers work due to the triac, an electrical component that turns the light on and off rapidly; around 120 times per second. The human eye however, perceives the light as a steady dimmed flow. For a brighter light effect, the light flicks to ‘on’ longer than ‘off’, and for a dimmed effect the converse is true.

There are different dimmers to suit different lights and transformers, and so it is important to fit the correct one. Some dimmers control 120 volt incandescent lights, while others are designed for xenon or halogen lights at a low voltage of 12-24 volts. Some low voltage lights use an electronic transformer, and others use a magnetic transformer.

Obesity And Heart Diseases

This is a serious subject and it is wise to know the health risks of the heart that are linked to obesity.

There are so many people in the modern world who are suffering from obesity and don’t even know about Resurge. It plays havoc with the general health of a person. It also spawns self-esteem issues and causes many health complications that impact your physiological and neurological capacities. These can end up leading to issues such as diabetes, depression, and heart disease.

Heart disease is a major threat where obesity is concerned. Heart disease can be fatal so it is worth delving deeper into this subject and see if there are any steps you can take to avoid it your self.

Obesity is the term which is used when a person is overweight to such an extent that their Body Mass Index (BMI) reads 30 or more. Obesity can be caused by genetics or certain health problems. But in the majority of cases, it is caused by overeating and/or eating too much food which is loaded with saturated fats or sugar however, that can be taken care of with the help of the best fat burners for women. A lack of physical activity will also play a major part in obesity and those who suffer from it may experience high blood pressure and raised levels of cholesterol, two main triggers of serious heart disease.

Also, being obese may lead to sudden chest pains as not enough oxygen can get to the heart. More seriously, it is also known that obesity can bring on a stroke which could be fatal, all without warning or signals.

So as you can see from all that is written above, obesity and heart diseases have a great chance of causing major damage to the health of a person. But it is not all bad news. It is possible to reduce the risk of these health problems if you decide to take control and start to live a healthier type of lifestyle. It does not matter how obese a person is, by introducing better food choices into the diet, and starting a light exercise regime can drastically reduce the chance of heart disease.

In fact, just losing 10% of the bodyweight will greatly reduce the chance of heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. So it can be changed but it will require a little commitment!

While obesity and heart diseases can be triggered by genetics, it is still up to the person to try and take control of the situation. As humans, we have the power to make the right choices and set achievable weight loss targets. You just have to stick to the plan and adapt it as best as you can into your normal routine.

If you are unsure of where to start, there are many reliable books on the subject. You can ask your doctor for advice or visit the gym and speak with a health professional.

10 Reasons Why So Expensive: The Price of the 3D Printer

If 3D printer excites you a lot, it’s truly tough not to wish one of this amazing equipment for yourself. When this 3D printer first made its debut on the market, its price is unbelievably expensive.

Until today, most of the 3D printer units are aimed for high-end industrial and commercial applications. The primary targets of this technology are huge companies and business establishments.

One good thing is that manufacturers and hobbyists are generous and understanding enough that they want to make 3D printers available for most individuals. But of course, one can only acquire this amazing machine if they have the exact amount of money to purchase it.

3D printers are used to create various or almost any kind of printable objects. The process is like printing photos or printing your documents, only a million times harder. For you to be able to print using the 3D printer, you need to have knowledge about Computer Aided Design or CAD, 3D scanning, downloading 3D files and others. Gun made with 3D printer or other objects looks very real that it’s hard to find the differences. Ekocycle 3D printers are cheap in cost for the people. Many reasons are available with the people for the purchase and use of the printers. The designs and printing are available with the best quality. The appearance of the printing is similar to the original objects. The communication with the printing is effective. 

It uses quality materials like a 3D printer ink, a special type of ink only for 3D printers, which is truly expensive. The machine, along with the special materials used in printing, makes its price soaring high.

The price of this fantastic machine, plus the cost of materials to use during the printing process, is the main concern of every individual who wants to acquire this phenomenal equipment. Because of the fact that the 3D printer is aimed for industrial and commercial applications, its price is expensive. But besides from that reason, there are other reasons why 3D printers are so expensive. Some of these reasons are the following:

  1. The “ink” used in the printing process are non-traditional and are likewise expensive. The 3D printer uses titanium, glass, copper and other expensive materials.
  1. It produces realistic and better quality result, which is why this machine costs more than you expect.
  1. The machine consumes less waste compared to other industrial machines.
  1. The 3D printer produces results a lot quicker and much more efficient than other machines.
  1. Cost of manufacturing savings could reach up to 70 percent. However, these savings cost depends on the materials used during production.
  1. It allows you to be more creative producing new and magnificent business models.
  1. It offers a variety of structures and shapes that typical printing machines don’t have.

  1. It has high sustainability rate, which makes it a lot more efficient and convenient.
  1. Purchasing the 3D printer requires you to directly contact the company for specifications and details you want.
  1. This particular machine enables you to combine different kinds of materials that other manufacturing methods can’t.

3D printing is not new to many. Almost everyone in the world is aware of its beauty and benefits. It’s been the talk of the town or talk of the world for years now and it’s still getting a lot of admirers as well as bashers. Although this new technology will truly take the world of printing to the next level, skeptics continue to discard the possibility that the 3D printer will revolutionize and make the world a better place to live in.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Join LinkedIn or Use it More Actively Now

Social media has changed the entire landscape of how things work, whether it is for users or for businesses. As users have found more channels to communicate and socialize, businesses now have far more & better ways to reach out to their customers. LinkedIn, since it started back in 2003, has come a long way as the most powerful and influential professional networking channel for users and businesses alike. Recently LinkedIn achieved a huge landmark with its user base crossing 200 million mark worldwide.

One big reason why LinkedIn is fast becoming so popular is the various improvements as well as modifications incorporated in it to make it more user-friendly and relevant to users. A completely new revamped interface, new features like ‘endorsements’ and various other new functionality are a great improvement for the largest professional social networking site in the world.

Are you wondering what I am talking about? May be you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, or you are using it only sparingly. If have a LinkedIn profile, and haven’t signed in for a long time, just do it and see how much it has changed now! Buy Real Facebook Likes from USA based on the top-notch reasons for the social media should be there. There is change in the profile of the page to meet with the requirements. The changes can be made as per the specification of the business people. The preparation of the budget will meet with the specifications whatever the social platform is available. 

Here in this post, I will tell you 5 Top Reasons why you must get a LinkedIn Profile, or use it more aggressively if case you already one:

Have you ever tried googling (just invented the word ) your own name? Try it and see what comes in the results. When I searched my name, the top search result came for my ‘LinkedIn’ Profile. Yes, participating actively in social networks makes you more visible in SERPs. Just imagine an old friend or a colleague trying to connect with you, and he googles your name. Having an active LinkedIn profile will get you there in the top results page very fast and easy. Not just LinkedIn, other social networks gets indexed too, and show up in the SERPs. But I believe, professionally, LinkedIn is what will give you better leverage. Having an updated LinkedIn profile and your regular activity on it, will surely give you SEO benefit.

There are hundreds of new things happening on LinkedIn every single day. LinkedIn is just getting better and better. I just logged in and saw, to my surprise, a new feature which enables connecting with others more easily. With all these enhancements, why not leverage this powerful tool to grow your professional network, and showcase your professional skills to a larger audience. LinkedIn now gives you a number of new tools to get connected to scores of professionals belonging to your industry, in a much better and easier manner. For example, the feature called ‘People you may know’ allows you to connect with people who belong you own area of interest or work. You may build and expand your network as much as you want

These days more and more employers are turning to LinkedIn to source employees. LinkedIn has become an effective source of recruitment due to its scale and cost-effectiveness. There are thousands of jobs posted on LinkedIn every day. ‘Jobs you may be Interested In’ feature shows you jobs you may wish to apply, according to your skills and expertise. All major brands or small, medium enterprises use LinkedIn as a part of their recruitment strategy. Employers check LinkedIn profiles of the applicants before short listing them. Why lose out on this opportunity to get your dream job? Joining LinkedIn makes more sense now than ever.

Have you checked ‘LinkedIn Today’, a feature in the ‘news’ menu? This section lists out hundreds of new interesting articles in various topics which are taken from various sources like Wall street journal, or LinkedIn itself. I find this section particularly interesting and share anything I find interesting with my connections. You can ‘follow’ topics that interest you and save the articles that particularly interest you. LinkedIn also has a wall now on which you can share updates with your connections. Sharing useful articles or posts will send a positive message to your connections who will not only be benefited by your ‘shares’ but also consider you as a serious professional who is keeping himself up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

Have you joined any LinkedIn group? If you haven’t, you are missing out on one of the best and most important features of new LinkedIn. There are thousands of important discussions happening on these groups. You may join specific groups related to your interest or area of work that you do. These groups allow you to connect with thousands of industry professionals and participate in the high-level discussions. Your contribution to these discussions will surely help you connect with new prospects, industry professionals, or prospective partners or hirers (You never know!). These groups are one of the hotbeds for showcasing your skills and expertise and get noticed! So why Wait! Find out the important groups related to your industry, start contributing to the discussions. Most of these groups are open, meaning anyone can join freely while some of them are moderated and you are required to send a ‘request to join’.

Given the tough economic scenario in the major parts of the world, finding your dream job might become a little more difficult. But with the tools like LinkedIn, you can turn the situation around in your favor. Understanding how this tool works will help you explore the immense opportunities that LinkedIn offers!

Healthy Natural Dog Trainers Pet Foods On Sale 20% Off

Green Earth Human Grade Pet Dog Foods Vs Commercial Grade Naturals Bought In Local Grocery Stores Near You – Is It Worth The Health RISK

Shopping online at for humane grade pet foods formulated by a holistic pet food veterinarian can offer retailers many options,” such as what is the best holistic pet food buy for the buck,” am I ordering the safest pet foods online,” is the pet food made from all-natural human-grade ingredients,” like brown rice, kale, beets, celery, carrots, chicken, “: does the internet offer a guaranteed analysis on the ingredients bought with a return for purchase guarantee.

If you answered or find this healthy pet food article in your interest,” a quality of fine words spark you’re motivated interest,” every bit of literature is concrete,” and the company Lifes Abundance does exist, in fact by the time you’re done reading about (Green Earth Human Grade Pet Dog Foods Vs Commercial Grade Naturals) you’ll be well aware of what pet foods offer the safest ingredients and holistic grade porky puff treats, gourmet dog cookies, The New Breed Gourmet Feast Cat Foods, green dog wash, and the cat was products and tome more of today’s potent natural dog and cat pet products on sale at 20 off all items with a monthly auto-ship commitment,” that increases your bonuses and free pet food annually.

Commercial vs anything organic or natural is an obvious sales pitch these days,” although top breeders and pro-dog kennel owners across America know the significance between the two – Food is just Food says Dr. Jane Bicks,” you must create a list of healthy dog and cat foods that top breeders use,” those champion bread show dogs live longer, better, more healthy lives, thanks to their owners feeding and bathing regiment of pet products they offer daily as a means of well being.

Wholesome Organic home-style dog treats are owners a top choice in food offering,” be smart get the natural dog chews, antioxidant dog cookies, and natural training treats dog crave after a hard dog training day in the yard,” don’t compromise their agility,” make sure dogs are rewarded asap,” show then you care,” they love you even more,” as the dog training camp move on.

Dog agility training and dog treats go hand and hand,” the amount of running and jumping during one day camp is huge,” the recovery time speeds up,” feeding them super healthy dog training treats vs commercial or grocery store ones,” moreover the healthier the better.

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If you want the best results and demand higher quality pet food ingredients in your dog diet,” think about the results and commands you’ll get from them at the end of a training day,” a well-planned dog trainer with an eye for and education of the best pet foods to feed your canine friends,” we recommend Lifes Abundance pet foods,” get your free monthly auto-shipment package and pet deals,” become a successful doggie daycare business center in your home town today.

Clavamox For Cats: Benefits And Risks

Cats, while cute, cuddly and quirky, have various habits that make them vulnerable to all sorts of diseases. No matter how much you keep your pet’s environment clean, it can still acquire infections that more often than not, are gastrointestinal in nature. Aside from that, you cannot always guarantee your cat’s safety, especially if you allow it access to the outdoors. An outdoor cat is twice as likely to eat something contaminated while not under your supervision, or to get into a fight with a stray cat, thereby getting scratched up or bitten. Either scenario will more likely than not, lead to an illness or infection.

There are many medical treatments available on the market today that can be used to cure ill cats. One of the most popular medications prescribed for ill cats is Clavamox. Clavamox is a combination antibiotic that is used to treat quite a lot of bacterial infections in cats, dogs and humans; ranging from oral to bladder infections and everything in between. This drug is widely recommended by veterinarians because of its proven effectiveness and minimal side effects. Clavamox for cats is composed of amoxicillin which is a penicillin antibiotic and clavulanate, an inhibitor of the enzyme beta-lactamase. Beta-lactamase is produced by a number of bacteria, and helps them become resistant to penicillin antibiotics. This combination makes clavamox twice as effective as amoxicillin on its own. Clavamox comes in pills and liquid form. You can make use of oral drops for your cat but it would be easier if you use a syringe when treating your cat using Clavamox because it is more convenient than trying to shove down a pill and having your cat bite your finger off for your trouble.

Now most people assume Clavamox to be a strong drug that can be harmful to cats which is why they are wary of giving even a simple dose to them but rest assured that the pills are strong enough despite having side effects which we shall look into but when it comes to drugging, Clavamox is no slow poison and can be used perfectly well on cats that even has recommended it on their site.

Antibiotics for humans and animals all have similar side effects. The main ones are:

  • Clavamox for cats will target the ‘good’ bacteria that your pet needs to defend itself from diseases that are brought by harmful bacteria, as well as the harmful bacteria. Antibiotics in general do not have the ability to identify which bacteria inside your cat’s body are harmful and which are not. The lack of Probiotics can weaken your cat’s immunity to diseases like colds, intestinal problems, and infections. Because of this, a major side effect of antibiotics, including clavamox, is diarrhoea. You must ask your vet for a probiotic supplement when he prescribes your cat clavamox, to replenish your cat’s balance of ‘friendly’ bacteria. As well, the diarrhoea will most likely pass by itself, but meanwhile you need to keep your cat hydrated, so give it lots of water.
  • Another common side effect is vomiting. Your cat’s stomach may reject the drug and expel it. To prevent this, you should feed your cat before giving it clavamox.
  • Your cat may be particularly sensitive to clavamox and experience a hyper- allergic reaction. Signs of this are swelling, rashes, loss of coordination, quickening of heart-rate, and difficulty in breathing.

Generally speaking, clavamox for cats is very helpful. All you need is to consult your trusted vet prior to giving your pet this kind of medication. It is important that you know the right amount of clavamox to lessen the risk and ensure effectiveness. This holds true with all other kinds of cat antibiotics. Antibiotics are given as a course, and clavamox is no different. Your cat must complete the full course, regardless of whether there is instant improvement or not. Prevention is better than cure. Knowing the right ways of keeping your cat safe and always healthy will basically reduce the risk of your pet getting ill. In addition, clavamox should be a last resort, because over time, bacteria develop resistance to it. It should be used as rarely as possible.

Chronicles of Dannabis Ruderalis – San Diego

Prop 215 was supposed to provide the framework for Safe Access to medical marijuana. Access that the people of California voted into law over 13 years ago. The officials of San Diego repeatedly refer to the Attorney General guidelines as a roadmap to Safe Access but argue vigorously to have even their mention kept from a jury. A jury, the final arbiters of whether we are really sick or if we are just degenerate stoners manipulating a law intended to provide solace for terminally ill patients.

Fear, uncertainty, and dread. This is the atmosphere we mmj patients endure in San Diego. The District Attorney disregards our doctor’s recommendations and treats us like criminals. Our Recs, which should provide prosecutorial immunity, are instead used as tools in the assistance of rounding us up.

This is what the DA would have. Strangers without the benefit of even an exam will be determining if your medical condition is valid Not your doctor, not your better judgment of what you want to put into your body. Just the rule of 13 1/2. 12 strangers, 1 judge, and half a chance… This is NOT what Dennis Perone intended.

So what are we going to do? I’ll tell you what I am going to do. I am going to stand up and be counted. Check out the review here to learn more about my initiative. I am going to speak louder when necessary, but mostly I am going to just not be silent. There are various city commissions and panels that you can express your discontent at. Don’t know what to say? We will help write you a script. Maybe you are too busy taking care of your family, your responsibilities or just maybe you’re afraid, you fear exposure. This plea is especially for you. Trust me I understand.

If Bonnie Dumanis and the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force hadn’t kicked me out of the Cannabis closet in 2004 I may still be hiding under my rock. Seeing what is happening to those that do stand up for their rights, for our rights, it is really easy to just choose to not get involved. The right choices are almost never the easy ones. But maintain your anonymity, protect yourself, your family, your career, your reputation. Find an effective activist, talk to them about your concerns, and find out what you can do without risking exposure. If you like what they are doing then ask them what to do. We have so many ideas, but we need your help to take San Diego off the most hostile to mmj patients list.

Now you should know that the DEA raided a medical marijuana grower in Encinitas a little over a week ago. Well, I responded, I was about 5 miles away, but I was not able to get there in time. Sorry, Tim and Laura. I couldn’t have stopped anything but I am sure that any moral support at that time would have been appreciated.

The only good news from that day was that several people expressed interest in being part of a response system. Many more were concerned and wanted to be kept up to date. Well, right now I am just a guy with a cell phone, a twitter account, and an email list. But that is all changing real soon. I am working with several other concerned activists from all over the county as well as some business interests to improve the existing raid alert systems to include an organized response.

An organized and unified response is critical in letting the DEA know we see what they are doing and we are not happy. Also, the initial details lacked the clarity necessary for a timely response. Why? Because we do not know who to trust!

We have been developing a decentralized system for incident reporting. Message me and I will give you my ideas on how best to keep yourself in operation, thereby preserving my rights as an mmj patient to safe access.

5 Hot Spring Fashions from Limi Feu

Limi Feu turns to an obvious source of inspiration for her spring 2009 ready to wear collection: the Japanese student look. Long jackets, pants, and white button down shirts dominate this season’s collection. Black, white, nude, blue, shrimp, solids and stripes comprise this ready to wear collection for women. Like her designer father Yohji Yamamoto, she also favors the dark colors in layered designs. Below are my top five picks from her spring 2009 ready to wear collection:

The first ensemble we see in slide has the typical long jacket reaching to the knees with black pants and a white blouse with a narrow strap placed horizontally across the scoop neckline. The jacket has a bit of gray at the shoulder holes and a zipper closure in the front. This doesn’t have to be worn to class, of course, if you are already a college graduate. You can however wear this whenever you feel like going urban with your friends.

You can read more here as the article progresses on even though spring is gone for now but it would show up the next year so it would give you an idea of what all dresses to try out during the season with some interesting pieces to look forward to.

Here is a two-piece dress in slide #9 that has big buttons on the front of the black blouse with 3/4 length sleeves and a straight skirt that reaches past the knees. For a different look, substitute a white or pink shirt with his nice skirt and wear it to the office. The blouse here is very Asian in style and can also be worn with an embroidered satin skirt with dragons on it.

The nude and black dress in slide is simple in lines with a slightly flared out look. A scoop neckline, black shoulder straps, and above knee length skirt makes this dress looks like one meant for a younger schoolgirl. This is something I might wear to a class picnic on the campus, but the dress can be worn to any day or informal evening party this spring season.

A solid black dress like the one in slide #21 is ideal for wearing to a weekend party this spring. Add some color by wearing a long, brightly colored scarf around the waist with the ends hanging loose. The square neckline and angled cut on the blouse’s hem make this dress very urban and avant garde in appearance. Throw on some beads around your neck to finish the look.

The shrimp colored dress that we see at slide #32 is last on the list. If you like the layered look, this dress definitely has it. The dress has that combination of punk-rock look to it which makes it great to wear while spending a day in SoHo. If you don’t have a pair of orange boots to wear with this dress, try black shoes with heels. Wear this dress to a music party this spring season.

Limi Feu fashions can be purchased through her boutique in New York City. The average price range for her fashions is between $150.00 to $500.00.

My Top Ten Neil Young Songs

Neil Young is said to have started his musical career back in the mid-sixties playing in coffee shops in Canada where he was born. Still today, he is a very respected musician. He was inducted into the Music Hall of Fame in 1995 and is acclaimed to be one of the best performers/songwriters in Rock and Roll.

I have been in love with Neil Young’s music for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to Neil Young’s music at a very young age. As I have gotten older my appreciation for his music has only grown. In my opinion here are his top ten best songs ever that you can download from gudang lagu for free.

Hey Hey, My My-

Is said to be one of Young’s most popular songs. This song was released in 1979 album Rust Never Sleeps. Young also recorded an acoustic rendition called My My, Hey Hey. Kurt Cobain is even said to have quoted this song in his suicide note. I prefer the acoustic version but they are both very good and powerful.

The needle and the damage done –

A mellow song that talks about drug use and the damage it can do to a person. This song first appeared on the Harvest album, which came out in 1977. This song was inspired by many musicians and entertainers who were dying around that time due to heroin overdoses.

Old man-

This song has a lot of personal meaning for me. In my teenage days, I had many problems with drinking and all that goes with that. My father, who is bipolar, has many of those problems as well. The darker side of me is a lot like my father. That is why this song holds so much meaning for me. My dad and I are very close and we fight many of the same demons.

Cortez the Killer-

Neil Young’s is said to have written this song in high school. The song retells the story of how Herman Cortes conquered Mexico for Spain in the 1500s. The song is incredibly long, seven and half minutes with first verse starting more than 3 minutes in. The guitar solos are beautiful and the words powerful. This is my favorite Neil Young song.

Cinnamon Girl Cowgirl in the sand –

both of these songs were supposedly written on the same day while Neil Young was sick in bed with a fever of 103. It is also said that he wrote Down by the River this same day. I, of course, have no idea if this is true but it is good storytelling. All three of these songs are similar and each features lengthy guitar solos by the man himself. These songs were released on the album Everybody knows this is nowhere in 1969.

Only love can break your heart- was included on the After the Gold Rush album. This song features a mellow tune and talks about love.

Comes a time – was released in 1978 on the Comes a Time album. A very mellow folk sounding song that was present in my childhood.