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Why People Lie To Each Other

“Women lie to men because it takes too long to explain the truth.” – Roseanne Barr

And this is why we women lie to you men — because it takes too long to you tell the truth. And, quite frankly, we are usually too busy to even tell the truth to other women, either. The only creatures that hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth are our pets. They don’t stop us with stupid questions when we’re on a roll. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the same exact reason why men lie to women.

It’s All In How You Look At It

Lies have gotten a bad rap, because they are not necessarily bad things in and of themselves. All fiction is lies, in a way. All stories, all myths, all legends – they are all lies. But are they told with bad intentions? No. These stories, these fictions, these lies, serve as metaphors to explain very complex truths.

People also lie because some other people will not shut up until they get some sort of answer. In this case, lies are told to get them to go away and leave them alone. This also happens to people who lie about outrageous things because that is what the listeners want to hear and will not accept the truth. So, you tell them a whopping lie just to shut them up and leave you alone so you can get on with your life.

Lying is an excellent communication tool. Even animals do it. Some species of ground nesting birds will pretend to have a broken wing in order to lure predators away from where the nest is hidden. Is the bird somehow morally wrong for lying? No. But the bird gets to keep the predators from chomping on the chicks.

Ever marvel at the kind of insect known as a walking stick? It is a living lie – a yummy, crunchy insect pretending to be an inedible twig. In lying to the rest of the world about its true identity, it saves its life. Is that so wrong?

What About Evil Intentions?

Granted, there are people who lie just to see what kind of mischief it makes. This is a form of “entertainment” that inevitably causes others to suffer. Look at the current Iraq war, for instance. There was “positive proof” that Saddam Hussein was going to blow the Western world to hell with all of the weapons he had. Later on, it was proved that there were no weapons of any kind whatsoever. We’re going to be paying for that lie for a long, long, time.

For evil I acts such as crime, lie can now be tested using lie detector test. This tool allows people to know whether or someone is lying. While it is a helpful in questioning witnesses, some people think that it is still not effective. You can check lie detector test uk costs.

Humans have been called the “tool users” and, just like with any other gadget, we can’t resist playing with lies.

The Power Of Cbd To Reduce Covid-19 Induced Anxiety

With all of the things and uncertainties that we are facing right now due to the global health crisis, we may find ourselves stressed, frustrated and anxious. Things aren’t the same before; we cant go outside whenever we want, some of us are working from home already, we cant even hang out with our friends and relatives. It is no doubt that our situation may cause us anxiety. But thanks to products like CBD, we can now treat this kind of mental disorder. CBD porducts  can help us reduce anxieties induced by COVID-19. Here are some of the best products that you can try for your peace of mind.

Sunrise Cold Brew

Sunriser Cold Brew uses broad spectrum CBD  and high quality and single origin coffee beans extracted from the hemp plants of pharma grade Colorado. The bottle of sunrise cold brew has 30mg of CBD. This amount of CBD contributes to have a nice and focused coffee high without jitters. This product can be bought or ordered online. It can also be purchased in person throughout the Central Texas. You can check this cbdMD review for more information to help you before buying.

Anzie Blue

Another product or business that people are crazy about nowadays is the Anzie Blue. This business was founded by Derek Van Mol and Marcie. It is located in Nashville’s West End neighborhood and it provides wide variety of products like coffee, light bites and of course, their own brand of CBD infused products. One of the best things about Anxie Blue is that its line of tinctures can be mixed or taken in any of the drinks they are offering. Some of these drinks include local coffee, milkshakes, tea, and staple cocktails like margaritas and mimosas. Anzie Blue has free nationwide shipping online on orders over 100 dollars.


Another line of products that offer different herbal blends and teas with CBD is DOSED. This brand is created by an Austin Entrepreneur Addy Riley. This brand offers products infused with hemp derived premium broad spectrum CBD, THC free and 10 mg of water soluble. According to the founder, the main purpose of DOSED is to provide people the natural way to consume CBD on a daily basis. The teas that the brand offers are made with organic ingredients that cater to different and several health benefits. If you check CBD & anxiety buying guide, you’ll see that this brand is one of the reputable ones in the market.


CBDTakeOut is one of the popular producers of an infused coffee bean. Their main coffee blend are made of 3 bean varietals: Colombia, Castillo, and Caturra. These three coffee bean varietals are infused with organic, full spectrum hemp oil from Colorado. They also offer chocolate bars made with rainforest grown cacao. The flavors that they offer like peach hazelnut, caramel coconut, raspeberry, cinnamon, peanut butter and honey are all enhanced with 60 mg of CBD. The double chocolate bars double the amount of CBD to 120 mg.

Affordable and Inexpensive Camping Knives

Anyone who reads any of my outdoor material knows that one of the most important tools that I have is my knife. A good knife will get you far when camping and it can also save your life. This article is about inexpensive camping knives and where to find them, however please notice that I said inexpensive and not cheap. A cheap knife will do you no good in the wilderness.

The first two camping knives are from Wal-Mart is a good place to shop for camping knives because there is a Wal-Mart in just about every town you come to.

  • The Remingt
  • on fixed blade Sportsman’s knife
  • Rubber coated black stainless steel handle
  • 440 black stainless steel blade with etched Sportsman Series logo
  • Black handle
  • 5 3/8 inch serrated blade
  • 10 1/2 inch overall length

Remington has long been known to make quality products or in this case put their name on quality product. This would be a good knife for general camp chores or skinning. The handle how ever is a hard material and may not be comfortable for long use if a prolonged tight grip is necessary. The fixed blade sportsman retails for about $16.97. The selection of the perfect tent to watch the stars can be made with proper research at the sites. The stargazed tents and camping will be effective for the person. The charges will be less in comparison to the normal tent. The rates will be less in comparison to the other one. 

The Gerber Gator

As camping knives go this would be a very comfortable knife to use. Let’s look at the specs:

  • Blade 4.02
  • Stainless steel blade
  • The handle is molded rubber
  • Fine blade (not serrarated)
  • Nylon sheath

I like this knife for the handle, generally molded rubber handles are comfortable to use. The 4.02″ blade is big enough to be a skinning knife or a small work knife. The Gerber Gator retails for $38.44

These next two camping knives come from Cabela’s is well known for the reliability of the product that they carry and the have an awesome guarantee.

The K-Bar Skinner

The Skinner is a no nonsense camping knife similar to the camping knives that a lot of us grew up with one look at one, and memories of the knife that hung from your hip as a child will flood your mind.

  • Blade 4 3/8″ stainless steel
  • Handle is stacked leather
  • Comes with a leather sheath
  • SOG Fusion Jungle Primitive Knife

This is a big knife but for a camping knife, it is still practical especially if you are into back country back packing. If you need to split kindling or cut a small branch for a walking stick this would be your knife.

  • Blade 9.5″ 420 stainless steel
  • Overall length 15.3″
  • Handle molded Kraton w/ digi grip

The blade also has a saw tooth spine to aid with really big chores. SOG is a well known company who specialize in military and survival style knives. This knife retails for $39.99

MORAKNIVES Outdoor 2000

This knife is made by Mora Knives; it would also make a quality camping knife. There are many different types of camping knives made by Mora of Sweden. This particular camping knife will be good for camping, hunting or fishing, let’s take a look at some specs.

  • Blade Sandvik stainless steel blade
  • Blade length 4 ½”
  • Grip high friction
  • Sheath green plastic with a leather belt loop
  • This knife can be found at and retails for $41.50
  • Mora knives are well known for their quality and dependability, another notch for Mora knives is that they are favored by many survival instructors.
  • No matter which camping knife you choose, remember that camping knives are mission specific and although you desire to save money you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Young Children and Hearing Loss: A Mother’s Look Back

Welcome to my world. My oldest child is 7 (even though he will say almost 8) and in 2nd grade. He loves playing and watching his dad play World of Warcraft. Sounds like a normal child right? Well let’s take a look back at the past few years.

He has always been the quiet one even as an infant. I called him my easy baby as he just went with the flow of things. He started talking just as every child does and had certain letter sounds he just didn’t say. This was a frustrating time because the letter sounds he did not say were common in so many words. Sure he sounded cute and when asking the doctors they always said “oh this is normal”.

At the age of 3 he started Pre-School. This is when I as the mommy got to hear all the good things about my child. How well behaved he was, how he played well with others, and things like that. The teachers were a little concerned about his speech, but that was it.


At the age of 4 he went to 3 day Pre-School. This was a good year for him. This is the year that they finally were concerned enough about his speech to suggest speech therapy. He did very well in speech and I noticed the difference with a few weeks. He was finally saying the beginning sounds of his words. It was wonderful. At school he was doing well, but at home I had to get his attention in order to talk to him. Once again the doctors told me “Oh he is just being a kid, this is normal”. The intake of sonus complete will be herbal as all the ingredients are natural for the consumption of the pills. Either older adults or children, the medicine will be provided to all patients. The attention of the person should be complete for the purchase of the pills under the budget of the person.  

Well next he started Kindergarten, this was it, and this was the year everything would change. During the first half of the year I kept hearing the same thing being said “He just doesn’t listen well”. He was still in speech and doing very well. As a mother you want your child to be perfect, so why at home does he listen, but when you get a report card it says he is not listening at school? This is what I heard over and over and also saw on his report cards. I just didn’t get it.

Then it happened, the second part of the year started and they did a hearing test at the school. He failed it. I was shocked to say the least. In the letter it said take him here to get it retested, so we did. I took him out of school that morning and we went over to the health department and they retested his hearing. He failed the test again. Now we get a referral to a specialist. As a mom you start thinking, how did I not know, how bad is this and how long has this been going on?

About a month later we finally get in to the specialist and everything was confirmed. He has hearing loss in both ears with his left ear being the worse of the two. Since we were visiting my parents at the time during Daddy’s deployment, there was not too much this specialist could do. He gave me tips to use and some tips for the classroom. He also gave me all the paperwork so that I could pass it on to the specialist back at home. There is was paperwork; this paperwork said that MY child had hearing loss. I felt helpless. I felt like I let him down.

His Kindergarten teacher was awesome about everything. Just as the doctor suggested she had my son sit as far to the left side of the room as she could, that way his right ear was facing towards her. It worked out well and he finished Kindergarten without any more problems.

First grade started and even though we had an appointment with the specialist, it was still a few months away. I wish I could say his first grade year went as well as the second half of Kindergarten. He went to two different schools and neither one would use the tips that the Doctor suggested. So once again I got to hear and see on his report cards that he did not listen well. He was frustrated and so was I. Finally towards the end of the school year we saw the specialist. Once again they tested his hearing and once again he failed the test. His hearing loss was unexplained meaning his was not caused by fluid or nerve damage. Now by this time 1st grade was pretty much over, so none of the new information would really be helpful to them.

The day came to go back to the specialist and pick something up. That is right my now 7 year old little boy received a hearing aid. I didn’t know how to feel. None of my feelings really mattered, what mattered was how he felt. He was so happy, he became a different child, he once again had self confidence, and he was happy. It was such an awesome feeling as a mom to see him this way. Now a year later he is homeschooled and doing well, in fact we are about to have his next check on his hearing.

The only advice I can give is to listen to your child and if things are not adding up then get things checked out, even if a doctor says things are normal. Get a second opinion if you feel you need to.

Afk Arena – Modern Gaming Made Easy For a Better Destination

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your childhood? Well, that’s a very personal question to begin with and second of all, there are many memories that flash across the mind as you reminisce about the days gone by as there is a hint of sadness that they would never come back again but do give a wave of nostalgia.

Nothing can match the joy of entertainment that one gets to enjoy at that age like playing and hanging out with friends, family outings to hill stations or abroad but those are once in a blue moon opportunities.

Video games can be considered the core basis that make our childhood enjoyable like Contra, Super Mario, Ninja Roberts and others but today we will talk about a different one that is the current generations’ obsession.

Summarized Version

Now, AFK Arena is not a game that many people are familiar with because it is the newest addition to your mobile phone and there are many of them that are lying dormant in the form of applications waiting to be discovered and played.

Mobile games are the norm of the day because they hope to surpass the popularity of PS4 and Xbox 360 alongwith other video games without success though social media has helped them a lot by providing them with a separate platform.

It was founded by Lilith Games Strategy and quickly became the favorite of many a youngster due to its innovative levels that would immediately remind you of action packed adventure games like Claw, Johnny Quest, Ace Ventura, etc. where there is a thin line of gap between journey and the final destination.

The arena in questions consists of two teams where they have to unlock different levels after tackling the challenges and obstacles in the path where there is fierce gun battle and physical skirmishes among the best warriors that you can find in mobile games of today.

Getting past the battalion forces is like passing through a hornet’s nest or disturbing a sleeping lion and only the ones who are experts can realize how difficult it is to reach the final lap to win all the rounds.

Patch Up

It is impossible to miss out on the slangs when talking about AFK Arena where some of the most popular ones are as follows:

  • Ascended heroes
  • Elite tier
  • Legendary tier
  • Mythic tier
  • Food/Fodder

The above mentioned ones are just a few of them and perhaps the best of the lot and used by most of the characters while the best heroes new patch AFK Arena into a battlefield reminiscent of the Roman age but there are also chances of a patch up amongst the enemies.

This can be done when they have the gumption to share the treasure amongst themselves and call for a truce to avoid unnecessary bloodshed but it is difficult when you have the likes of Wilders, Graveborns, Maulers and Lightbearers pitted against each other.

What Are The Methods Of Medical Advertising For Your Company?

Advertising is very important, whether you are considering it in your business or in medical terms. It is the shortest way to interact with more and more customers towards your brand and product. We all know that a healthcare patient has several options in terms of medical. There is a lot of information available on online websites as well as in the medical field. It is crucial to consider advertisements as well as posters so that one can easily go through your service. If you have owned any company or running a medical business, then it is beneficial for you to go through these terms. You will get more and more patients if you own your medical company nearby houses and crowded place. 

While starting any idea of a medical company, then it is very crucial for you to choose the right location. As leading experts in plastic surgery marketing, there are lots of people who consider advertising methods to promote their medical company. It is very beneficial for an individual to plan healthcare marketing strategies before opening it. As a reason, it will help you to illustrate all the things wisely. Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read some methods for medical marketing which will become beneficial for your company, such as:

Some methods of medical advertising for your company:

  • You need to focus on medical branding because, through medical branding, more and more people will attract to your company and brand. 
  • You can also consider and evaluate the online procedure for patients because the nowadays online method has become a trend so you can go through this strategy so that you will get online patient too. 
  • You need to create a website for medical treatment and healthcare. As a reason, by creating this website, you can post relevant content regarding the health benefits of a person. By considering this method, more and more people will directly visit your website for appointments and further details.
  • You can use PPC so that it becomes efficient for you to display advertisements regarding the health care department. It is beneficial as well as the right idea to consider medical treatment and benefits to improve your health. 
  • For promoting and advertisement, you have to gives some leverage to your social media account so that more patients and people get attracted to your medical and health care department. 

  • The most crucial method is to ask the reviews and feedback from your patient and ask them to list it on the website. As a reason, going through the feedback section plays a very crucial role as people consider the feedback and then choose the right company and medical treatment. So go through the reviews and feedback section listed by your patients. 

I have listed all the 6 beneficial methods of medical advertising for your company in the above section so that you can wisely go through them while considering the right medical company easily.

Time Management Tips for Home Business Owners

If you have a work at home business it is important to keep your work and home life separated. Of course working from home may sound absolutely wonderful but this separation of home and work can be quite a challenge. This can be an even bigger challenge for some people than it is for other people though.

Beautiful mature business woman workaholic tired working in the office until the night on overtimeToday a lot of people are starting a work at home business because they need a flexible schedule. However, some of these people are forgetting to strike a balance between the passion they have for their new business and their home life. There are also people who do not think that they are doing a good job unless they are working every waking hour of the day. Regardless of your philosophy you still need to learn how to keep home and work separate.

So, how can you keep home and work separate whenever you are working from home? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Confine your business activities to one area of the home. This will enable you to close the door and leave your work behind you at the end of the day. This will enable you to close the door and leave your work behind you. If you do not have an extra room then simply find a way in which to put your work away when you are done for the day.
  1. You may want to get a second phone line so that you have one for home and one for work. This will help you to keep your home and business calls separate. Whenever you are at work you should turn on you home phone’s answering machine and whenever you are at home you should turn on your work phone’s answering machine. This will help you stay focused on the right things at the right time.
  1. You will need to develop a clearly defined routine so that it will be easier to keep your home and work life separated. This is a time when it is great to have a work at home business because you do not have to follow a “traditional” schedule. All you need is for your work time to be devoted to work and your home time to be devoted to home.
  1. To the best of your ability you should also minimize the distractions that take place in your workspace. This is where time management comes into play. It will enable you make the most of the time that you have. This will improve your productivity so that you will feel better about leaving your work behind in order to spend some quality time at home. For many small business owners, it is important to always uphold excellence and honor when serving your customers. This is a good sign that your business will stay in the market for a very long period of time.

By making just a few small changes in your life you will be able to relax more. After all, relaxation is just as important to your well being as is being successful in your work at home business. For this reason it is really important to set some time aside daily just for yourself. Therefore do your best to keep your home life and work at home business separate. In doing so you will be more refreshed and productive at work and much happier overall.

Choosing an Apartment on a Low Income Budget

When choosing an apartment on a low-income budget, there are several things you can take into consideration that may help you to save money in the long run.

One of the most important is to choose a unit that is not on the ground floor. If you choose a second floor unit or higher, your apartment will tend to be warmer in winter because of the warmth rising from the unit below you. This can help save on heating costs. Our last apartment was so warm that we never once turned the heater on in winter.

A second level unit is also safer because the windows are not at ground level. Most break-ins occur in first floor apartments. Besides, climbing the stairs is excellent exercise!

Choosing an apartment with a balcony is essential if you want to grow your own food. You can grow a surprising amount of food on even the smallest of balconies. Even balconies that are in shade most of the day can grow some shade-loving food plants such as lettuce and spinach. By laying down bags of soil and planting in slits you have cut in the tops of the bags, you can make almost the entire surface area of your balcony a garden. Check your local library for books on how to grow square foot gardens and other high-yield gardens.

We once had an apartment whose entire front was shaded by a large tree. It wasn’t like the linq condo with great views, quality amenities, and accessibility. It cut down on our electricity use immensely by keeping direct sun out of our apartment. We saved almost $100 a month in electricity costs during the summer. It was also a much more beautiful view than just staring out at the parking lot would have been. Look for an apartment that is shaded during most of the day if you can’t find one with a balcony.

Consider fireplaces when apartment shopping. How poor are you? If you will be able to afford heating in winter, do not choose an apartment with a fireplace. It will suck heat from the room when in use and when not in use, will let in cold air, even when the vent is closed.

If you will be unable to afford heating, however, you should choose an apartment with a fireplace so that you will be able to have some way to warm yourself if necessary. You can often find free firewood by checking or under the “free” section in your area.

Check to see if the apartment has washer and dryer hookups. Coin washers are much more expensive than running your own. You can usually find free washers and dryers on Freecycle or Craigslist. If you cannot afford to run a washer, choose an apartment with a bathtub so that you can hand-wash your laundry.

If you live in an area with very hot summers, see if you can find an apartment that has a good swimming pool. It’s a great way to escape the heat for a little while and cool off during the day when you can’t afford air conditioning.

If you are planning on choosing a newer apartment or an apartment with appliances, check to see if they are Energy Star appliances. Refrigerators and dishwashers use a surprising amount of electricity. If it’s a choice between two equal apartments, choose the one with newer appliances. They usually are more energy efficient.

Before committing to a contract, check all of the seals on your windows and doors. Poor seals will reduce the energy efficiency of your apartment. Also, check the amount of direct sunlight the unit receives by finding out which direction the windows face. In warmer areas, too much sun will heat up your apartment, but in cooler areas, this can help to reduce your heating bill.

Remember, don’t bee embarrassed to ask to see the unit before you move in. Too often we have taken a rental based solely on price without being able to see it once or twice in advance. If you check it more than once, remember to go during different times of the day and also drive by the place at night to make sure the neighbors are not accustomed to playing loud music in the evenings. Consider all of your options and be picky. Just because you are poor doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the best of what you can afford.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs that Promote Healthy Skin and Hair Care

Every woman desires beautiful skin and hair. The key to good looking skin and hair is to take a healthy approach. It is true that what we put inside of our body is mirrored in the way that our skin and hair look. Therefore, healthy skincare and hair care by Cosmetic Ethos Spa Services is really helpful and effective.

Before we go out and spend a lot of money on skincare products and hair care products we must first make the commitment to monitor everything that we eat. It is obvious that eating greasy, fried foods and foods with high sugar and fat content will do little to promote healthy hair growth or healthy skincare, so it is best to cut down on these types of foods. Listed below are some of the foods that contain the vitamins and minerals that have been documented to promote healthy skin and hair It is important to remember that anything that is good for the hair is probably good for the skin, and vice versa.

Vitamin A helps with the formation and maintenance of healthy hair and healthy skin; this is why vitamin A supplements are routinely given to people who have been severely burned. You can get vitamin A into your diet by eating foods high in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is found in edible plants, and it gets converted into vitamin A. Some foods that are naturally high in Vitamin A are Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Eggs, Spinach, and Broccoli.

Vitamin H (Biotin) is legendary for its positive effects on healthy hair growth and skincare. Most people who take biotin usually do so in the form of dietary supplements. However, biotin can be found in nuts such as peanuts, cashews, and almonds, as well as in soybeans, oatmeal, mushrooms, and bananas.

Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) is commonly known for its positive promotion of healthy skin. Because all of the vitamins in the B family all tend to work best when combined with each other, it is probably best to make sure that you are getting the proper amount of each.

Iodine is a mineral that is known mostly for the promotion of a normally functioning thyroid. However, many people are not aware of the fact that iodine is also good for the promotion of healthy hair and healthy skin. Natural sources of iodine include seafood such as shrimp, lobster and oysters, and salty snacks like nuts and seeds. Also, any kind of saltwater fish, such as haddock and herring are iodine-rich.

As you can see, the list of vitamins and minerals that have been absolutely documented to promote healthy hair and healthy skin is rather short. The best way to incorporate these vitamins and minerals into your diet is to eat the foods that contain them. One of the most convenient ways to get these vitamins and minerals into your daily diet is to take a multi-vitamin. If you are embarking on a healthy hair and/or healthy skin regimen, when choosing a multi-vitamin, you should make sure to look on the back to see if the recommended daily allowance for each of the aforementioned vitamins and mineral is included. If anything is less than 100%, you should find some other way to make up for the loss.

Scottsdale Arizona Spa Resorts

Scottsdale, Arizona, in the Phoenix area, enjoys hot sunny weather and a dry climate that some people find healthful. Scottsdale is a popular destination for leisure and recreation travel. There are a number of excellent resorts in Scottsdale that offer spa facilities that offer relaxing and healthful treatments. Stay at one of these resorts, and have totally relaxing experience. These resorts offer everything you need for a pampering spa getaway vacation.

Following are the top spa resorts in Scottsdale, AZ.

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. The AAA Five Diamond resort boasts one of the best spas in North America according to Conde Nast Traveler. In addition to the spa, the resort features award winning restaurants, two 18 hole Championship Golf Courses and meeting facilities. Accommodations include richly furnished guest rooms, two Presidential Suites, villas and casitas. All guest rooms have living and work areas, terraces, wet bars, refreshment centers and over sized luxury bathrooms.

Willow Stream is the Spa at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. The Willow Stream Spa draws its design from nature and the four primary elements of nature, including air, water, earth, wood and fire. The essential elements are combined with innovated treatments which are designed to inspire and rejuvenate. The rooftop sanctuary enjoys views of the majestic McDowell Mountains. The flowing water of the pool cascades over sandstone to the Oasis level below. For rich people, a luxury skincare clinic will be available at the Airports. The services will be availed through educated and excellent employees for skin care. The use of the best and expensive products will be done at the place. The reviews can be checked before getting the best services. 

The spa menu offers body experiences, body treatments, massage experiences, facial experiences, salon services, sail services and women’s and men’s hair services. Dine at La Hacienda Restaurant, with a turn of the century decor and ambiance. The Grill claims to be the best steakhouse in the region. 800-257-7544.

Camelback Inn a JW Marriott Resort  amp; Spa. Accommodations are in 300 comfortable, spacious, Pueblo style casitas with thoughtful touches. There are 18 grand suites, some of which have private swimming pools.

Spa at Camelback Inn offers a full complement of spa offerings in a 32,000 square foot spa. The spa includes state of the art fitness center, 3 treatment rooms and a spa restaurant, called Sprouts. Panoramic views of the Camelback and Mummy mountains can be enjoyed from the Olympic sized lap pool and outdoor jacuzzi. The spa uses treatments inspired by the nature based ingredients and techniques of Native American cultures. The Spa at Camelback Inn recognized at “best spa” by Phoenix Magazine and Scottsdale Life. AAA Five Diamond. 888-772-5809.

The Phoenician. Accommodations are in the resorts main building with 468 rooms and luxury suites and 119 luxury casitas.

The Centre for Well-Being is a place to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Spa treatments includes soothing massage therapies, skin and body treatments, expert hair and salon services and Signature treatments that use plants and minerals indigenous to the Southwest. The resorts 27 hole golf course is award winning. Business services include business center, wireless high speed Internet access, and meeting services. Fine dining on site at Mary Elaine’s, The Terrace and Windows on the Green. 480-941-8200. AAA Five Diamond.

Westin Kierland Resort  amp; Spa. . Hotel amenities include high speed Internet and Heavenly bed and bath products. There are eight restaurants on the premises, including: deseo, Nellie Cashman’s Monday Club Cafe, Waltz  amp; Weiser, Dreamweaver’s Canyon, Brittlebush Bar  amp; Grill, J. Swilling’s Pool Bar  amp; Grill and Edie’s Range House.

Agave spa is a retreat with a quiet lap pool, courtyard and garden. The 15,000 square foot spa has 20 treatment rooms, full service salon, movement studio and full service juice bar. Cabanas surround the pool garden. AAA Four Diamond. 800-354-5892.

FireSky Resort  amp; Spa. Jurlique Spa used certified organic and biodynamic herbs from their own herb farms. Spa services include facials, body treatments, skin care treatments, waxing and water therapy. Amenities include free wireless high speed Internet, concierge services, business center and 24 hour fitness center. Pet friendly resort. AAA Four Diamond. 800-528-7867.

Hotel Valley Ho. VH Spa and fitness center features seven treatment rooms, spa deck and relaxing ambiance. AAA Four Diamond. 480-248-2000.

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch. AAA Four Diamond. 480-444-1234.

Hilton Scottsdale Resort  amp; Villas. AAA Four Diamond. 480-948-7750

Information subject to change. Contact the hotels for further information and to make reservations.