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Afk Arena – Modern Gaming Made Easy For a Better Destination

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your childhood? Well, that’s a very personal question to begin with and second of all, there are many memories that flash across the mind as you reminisce about the days gone by as there is a hint of sadness that they would never come back again but do give a wave of nostalgia.

Nothing can match the joy of entertainment that one gets to enjoy at that age like playing and hanging out with friends, family outings to hill stations or abroad but those are once in a blue moon opportunities.

Video games can be considered the core basis that make our childhood enjoyable like Contra, Super Mario, Ninja Roberts and others but today we will talk about a different one that is the current generations’ obsession.

Summarized Version

Now, AFK Arena is not a game that many people are familiar with because it is the newest addition to your mobile phone and there are many of them that are lying dormant in the form of applications waiting to be discovered and played.

Mobile games are the norm of the day because they hope to surpass the popularity of PS4 and Xbox 360 alongwith other video games without success though social media has helped them a lot by providing them with a separate platform.

It was founded by Lilith Games Strategy and quickly became the favorite of many a youngster due to its innovative levels that would immediately remind you of action packed adventure games like Claw, Johnny Quest, Ace Ventura, etc. where there is a thin line of gap between journey and the final destination.

The arena in questions consists of two teams where they have to unlock different levels after tackling the challenges and obstacles in the path where there is fierce gun battle and physical skirmishes among the best warriors that you can find in mobile games of today.

Getting past the battalion forces is like passing through a hornet’s nest or disturbing a sleeping lion and only the ones who are experts can realize how difficult it is to reach the final lap to win all the rounds.

Patch Up

It is impossible to miss out on the slangs when talking about AFK Arena where some of the most popular ones are as follows:

  • Ascended heroes
  • Elite tier
  • Legendary tier
  • Mythic tier
  • Food/Fodder

The above mentioned ones are just a few of them and perhaps the best of the lot and used by most of the characters while the best heroes new patch AFK Arena into a battlefield reminiscent of the Roman age but there are also chances of a patch up amongst the enemies.

This can be done when they have the gumption to share the treasure amongst themselves and call for a truce to avoid unnecessary bloodshed but it is difficult when you have the likes of Wilders, Graveborns, Maulers and Lightbearers pitted against each other.

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