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Beat A Marijuana Drug Test

Marijuana is a drug that is easily available. Hence the most common way for drug abuse is by taking marijuana. Hair Follicle drug test to detect the presence of marijuana help one to know its presence within minutes. The detection of marijuana depends on weight, drug tolerance levels, metabolic rate, gender, age, and overall health of the person on whom the test is conducted.

There are many different tests that can be conducted to detect the presence of marijuana. These are urine test, blood test, hair tests, and saliva drug tests. The most common way to test the detection of marijuana is through a urine test. The use of marijuana can be detected even weeks after consumption and the test results are fairly accurate. In this kind of drug test, the kit looks for the presence of a substance called a metabolite. After smoking this drug, metabolite flows into the bloodstream. The test is positive when it can detect the presence of at least 50 milliliters or more of metabolite in the bloodstream. Some marijuana urine tests even keep the standard level for the presence of metabolite less than 50 milliliters.

Most people may think that drinking lots of water will help dilute the presence of metabolite. This is not the case. One must drink 35% water and 65% Gatorade. A day prior to the urine test, one must have a light breakfast and a light lunch. This must be coupled with several glasses of water. On the day of the test, one must make sure that the test is conducted on an empty stomach. If one is very hungry then he or she can have something very light like fruits but not later than three hours before the test. Four hours prior to the test, drink 3 or 4 glasses of Gatorade (1 glass = 16 oz) and 1 – 2 glasses of water (1 glass = 16 oz).

When they ask you to give a sample of the urine, first urinate into the toilet a bit and then fill up the test bottle as per the markings. Make sure you do not fill up the bottle with the first and last few drops of urine as most of the waste material passes at that time. If they suspect that the urine is extremely diluted then do tell them that you had to do some active sports like athletics the previous day which made you consume a lot of water.

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