Beginner’s Guide: What Are The 8 Steps For Playing Pokemon Go?

Pokemon game is a very addictive game, but still it is fun-loving as well as entertaining for playing this game. There are lots of players who chase such adventurous games. This game is quite different from other games because here, the fighting style is different. In this article, you will get to learn about all the 8 steps for playing a pokemon game. It is because this game is played in a very different way as well as it is very exciting for the player to consider pokemon go. Here all the rules, tricks, and techniques are different. Not only this, and it is not similar to the original style of pokemon for fighting. Go through the information which is mentioned in the lower section so that being a beginner, you will wisely consider all the things regarding this game. If you want to gather some more essential information regarding the rules and guidelines of this game, then you can also visit for pokemon accounts

Here are the 8 steps for playing pokemon go:

  • The very first step is to know the general tips:

whenever you are playing a game, then it is important for you to acknowledge the basic and general tips for playing the game. So while playing the game, it is important that your screen should be on. You don’t have to off your phone’s screen. You can also visit for pokemon accounts for playing these games.

  • Make sure your phone is charged:

while playing games sometimes phone batteries died. So it is beneficial for you to charge your phone completely before starting playing this game.

  • The vibration of your phone should be on:

when you are playing the game, then it is important for you to turn the vibration of your phone so that it becomes easy for you to detect any pokemon around you. With the help of music, sounds, and vibration you will get to know about other pokemon. You can still get to know about pokemon if you have turned the music and sound off. As a reason, if you have turned on the vibration, then you can easily detect any nearby pokemon.

  • Finding the pokemon:

when you are playing this game, than finding the pokemon is the most crucial thing, and for this, you need to follow the map. As rotate the map in such a way that you can easily look around the leaves and on the ground easily. When you walk around these areas, then it will become convenient for you to detect the pokemon. Here on the right side of the screen, you will find a bar through which you can directly allow the menu to detect the pokemon.

  • How to capture the pokemon:

for capturing the pokemon, you need to start throwing poke balls so that you can capture the pokemon around you. In the beginning, it will look difficult for you, but you can also visit for pokemon accounts for considering these things. You can move your hand for throwing poke balls easily.

  • Colored circles:

when you are playing the game, then you will find out some colored circles which help you to aim in the right direction. It helps you to easily detect the aiming zone when you have to throw the balls. The entire game is about capturing the pokemon, and whenever you have captured it, then it will provide you candies. By getting these candies, you will be able to power up and play the game abundantly.

  • Transfer as well as manage the pokemon:

when you are playing the game, then it is important for you to manage all the things as well as transfer your pokemon. It is not required to keep track of all the pokemon. Also, you don’t have to store them; it depends on your choice.

  • Powering the pokemon:

whenever you have detected the pokemon then it will serve you with candies, and automatically, your power gets increase.

I have listed all the 8 crucial steps for a beginner so that they can easily play this game without any difficulty. May the above-listed information will be considered beneficial for you to play the game.

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