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Brow Pomade- Liners of the Day

We have come a long way since the old times where we keep our health a top priority and none more so than now when we are dealing with a life threatening pandemic like Covid-19 that has already claimed many lives.

The last year was a trying time for the entire world due to the deadly virus and the way things are going, it looks like 2021 won’t be different either but that is not we are here to discuss about.

However 2021 might turn out to be, there is one thing that it will be remembered for and that is what we are going to discuss about in this article as the title suggests but first a little explanation is required as brow pomade would hardly ring a bell in anyone’s memory.

Defining Aspects

Both boys and girls have their own characteristics when it comes to looks and both are obsessed with looking good but what is astonishing is that the male gender has taken a huge lead over the females in such a matter and it continues to grow with each passing day.

There was a time when it was the gals that were obsessed with looking the most beautiful with tons of make-up, frequent visits to the beauty parlor, hair spa, massage, exercise and so on but the tables have turned and how.

When it comes to boys looking handsome, it usually begins with the hair as they are quite soft and silky because what they want is to please the opposite sex in order to make the girls fall for them.

Brow pomade is a water-like substance that looks like a gel that has a distinct resemblance to waxy grease, is used for styling your hair in order to give your thick locks a shiny looks.

Pomade is known to strengthen the roots firmly to the scalp, which helps in reducing hair fall because what happens is that dandruff reduces hair to a rough hue that becomes difficult to sort out after sometime.

It has been found to be chemically tested and lasts longer than most hair care products like oil, gel, shampoo, etc. which is a good sign because it is no secret that the latter has added preservatives that do more harm to the hair than good thereby losing its faith among its users.


Singapore is considered the home ground for the best brow pomades on the planet and it frequently exports it to other countries so if you want thelist of the best pomades you can find in Singapore, you’ll have to pay a visit to the place on a regular visit.

No worries because it can be easily ordered online and only those that understand the importance of pomades crave for them as they enhance your facial features to give it a regal look.

Times have changed and the era of clean shaven lads is drawing to a close as they are deemed childish by most people and none more so than girls who want a boyfriend with long hair, stubble or even a rough beard as it gives them a manly, macho and chiseled look that they drool upon.

Pomades have their own league among other products as they are considered to be artistic in nature and can be purchased at a reasonable price on platforms like Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, Flipkart among other portals.

Best Lot

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow– The first one on the list because it is arguably the best that is considered to be a favorite of Hollywood stars, which is why it is a bit expensive at $20 on Amazon and other two aforementioned platforms but it is cost effective due to bring smudge and water proof that lasts for the whole day
  2. NYX Professional Makeup Tame and Frame Brow- Once you look at the price tag, you would be shocked to see $5 printed upon it but it is just as powerful as the expensive ones with pigmented cream that has to be applied little by little
  3. L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist- Quite popular in TV ads that comes with a brush and has to be applied after dipping the brush into pomade with a swift whirl

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