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Can You Loose Weight Whilst Sleeping

In the world of lose weight traditions, there are two theoretical categories in it. It’s either you lose weight through positive methods or we do it the negative way. Positive methods mean that we do some form of exercise, be more active in our lifestyle, take some weight lose pill, or undergo surgery. A negative method, however, is more about calorie counting, fasting, or following a strict diet.

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Yet, when the most effective of proven methods of weight loss just does not work then we find ourselves wondering what went wrong. In many cases, however, it is just a matter of going back to the basics and that is quality sleep. You heard it right, quality sleep.

Before you make any conclusions, I would like to make it clear that I am neither a physician nor a health expert. However, what I would like to emphasize is that scientific studies have shown that depriving oneself of quality sleep increases ones chances of becoming an obese. But before you can grasp the science behind this method one has to understand the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin. These are two of the hormones which our bodies produce.

Leptin is responsible for regulating our bodies’ appetite, rate of metabolism, and the burning of calories. Basically, leptin tells our brain when we have already eaten enough, when to burn calories and when to create energy for the body’s use. During sleep, our body produces more leptin which tells our body that our body has enough energy, which in turn tells our body that there is no need to feel hungry and to burn up calories. However, when we do not sleep properly, the amount of leptin decreases making our brain think that we lack energy and thus our body feels hungry even though there is no need to be so. Another thing is that our body also begins to store the extra calories it took in as fat. So a decrease in leptin production makes one feel hungry and slows down metabolism.

On the other hand, leptin is mainly responsible for our appetite, metabolism and burning of calorie. Thus our body knows when it is already full, when it needs to burn calories and when to make energy for body consumption. Now when we sleep, secretion of leptin increases and this tells our body that there is sufficient energy and it does not need to be hungry. At the same time it tells our body to burn up calories. But when a person does not get quality sleep, secretion of leptin decreases. The result of this decrease of secretion will make that person’s body think that it does not have energy. Thus he then feels hungry, even though he does not need to take in food. Furthermore, his body then begins to store the excess calories from the intake of food as fat. Thus a decrease of leptin will make a person feel hungry and eventually slows down his metabolism.

For proper hormonal balance, it is highly recommended that an individual get at least 7 hours of sleep. Bear in mind that a restful sleep is not all about the quantity of hours spent in sleeping but also the quality of the sleep itself. Quality of sleep means that one get a proper restful sleep. However, if you have problems with getting quality sleep you may want to inquire about Stemulite. Stemulite is a formula which gives a person a deep REM sleep which benefits the body by increasing muscle endurance, gaining weight, increasing energy and losing fat.

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