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Buying a Bicycle: a Complete Guide For Beginners

Bike, Buying Guide, Guide - Patrick - January 3, 2021

Cycling is a good hobby that can help with increasing stamina and overall making one healthier. Cycling can also be done as a stress-buster; a couple of rounds around the neighborhood in nice weather can calm the mind and stimulate a positive attitude towards daily work.

But to have a successful cycling time, the most important requirement is to have the right type of bicycle. The one model that is comfortable and is according to one’s preferences. The following list of points can guide you while purchasing a bicycle¬†especially if it is your first time purchasing it.

Know the types

Bike has different features based on the purpose and the place where one will ride them. So while buying it, one needs to know the different types and choose the one that suits their purpose.

  • Roads bikes: These bikes have speed and are best for riding on the pavement around the city.
  • Cruiser:The right choice if one wants to do some casual biking around the neighborhood. Mostly seen around beaches.
  • Mountain bikes:The name itself gives a hint; this type is perfect for riding on the off-road course especially, on rugged surfaces. But it can also be used as a road bike.
  • Hybrid bikes:It is a hybrid of road and mountain bikes. It is not very fast and not best for the off-road course but can be suitable for commuting between places.

Should properly fit

One should consider their height and the type of bike they want before buying one. Because many times, even if one finds the right bike for their purpose, it may not be comfortable for them as it may not match their height. Thus, height and measurement from the crotch to the ground should be considered before making the final purchasing decision. A perfect fit will make it easy to maneuver the bicycle around.

Know the features

A buyer should know about a bicycles’ handlebar, brake type, suspension, and gears. All these factors change with the use and the terrain on which one will ride.

  • Handlebar: There are four types of handlebars, flat bar, mustache bar, riser bar, and drop-bar. Different bike types have different handlebar structure that makes the riding experience smoother and easier.
  • Brake types:Like handlebars, there are four types of brakes, coaster brakes, rime brakes, drum brake sad n disc brakes. Every type has its pros and cons and also a purpose.
  • Suspension: The purpose of suspension is to make the riding smoother, so select the suspension level based on the course that one plans to rides the bike at.
  • Gears:These days, there are many gear levels in bicycles. If one is a pro cyclist, then gears may not be needed, but gears may give that extra upward push if one plans to ride on hilly regions.

Create a budget

With the wide range of bicycles currently available in the market, some may be quite pricey. As beginners, go for more affordable ones and, as one reaches a more pro-level, it will be a reasonable reason to increase the budget for a bicycle.

Thus, when one goes to buy a bike, they will need to decide on the type, features, quality level, and price level. A nice comfortable bicycle will also act as a motivator to go cycling on different courses and increase one’s health level.

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