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Black Mold Removal How Toxic Is Penicillium Mold

Black Mold, Guide, Home Improvement, Living - Patrick - December 13, 2020

Spray bottle and sponge near black mould wall. House cleaning concept

If you have been living in your home for an extended period of time, you might begin to realize that your home is starting to smell a little musky, especially at the attic and the basement. And sometimes, even the kitchen too gives off an unmistakable stench of moldiness. Could it be toxic black mold? Should you be alarmed and start conducting black mold removal?

Before you jump into conclusion, it is important to characterize which type of mold less toxic and you should not be overtly alarm by their existence. If you are resident of the florida, then mold inspection in florida can be hired online and get yourself verified and the resident you are going to live in to ensure the good health of your family.

For a lot of homes, especially those which are in humid regions of the country, you will often find penicillium. This is a type of mold which gives off a distinctively musky moldy stench and they also sinister to look at, to say the least. They are greenish mold, infested with tiny little black spores seemingly floating on a cottony cloud. They grow commonly on fruits and bread. Getting rid of them is easy as all you need to do is throw the infested items away, thoroughly clean the containers that hold them, preferably finally rinsing them off with hot water and you are done.

However, certain strains of Penicillium are more robust than their counterparts, and can manifest on your upholstery, fabric furniture, carpets, drywall, wood, plaster etc. And worse, as they contain spores which are very light weight, can be transmitted airborne, they easily float round to infest upon human skin and body, which includes throats and noises. Hence, if you are one of those which are allergic to such strains, you will fall sick easily, causing lethargy and allergies, thereby affecting your immune system.

While the above version of mold are mild in nature, and poses little health hazard, there is one key strain that could cause greater damage to the human body, let alone our living environment. The Aspergillus is one vicious type of mold which literally attacks the human internal organs.

Of the two hundred types of species, only twenty of the Aspergillus are capable of invading living bodies. They can be greenish, or gray, black or white. Those who belong to the highest risk group are the ones with very weaken immune systems and often allergic to citric acid. It is however, important to note that the most fatalistic type of Aspergillus is parasitic in nature.

Hence when you are in a brand new environment, especially when you are buying a new home, or renting a new apartment, do due diligence in checking out the entire home and repair whatever that needs your attention. Black mold removal can be easily conducted and could even save lives, if you only take a little more care. Take heed and conduct mold remediation if you see the tell tale signs of mold infestations.

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