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Discovering Medical Cannabis Cannabinoid Receptors

Cannabis - Patrick - April 29, 2021

Marijuana Plant. Cannabis Sativa with full female flower in bloom. Hydroponically Grown Cannabis Plant with Female Flowers. Close up view. Marijuana is now legal in most united states of America.

In 2005, Roger from Denver began using cannabis as a way to deal with the consequences of a rare cancer that had metastasized to his brain. Doctors gave him a grim diagnosis, but Roger never gave up and never gave in. Overcoming formidable odds, Roger is alive and well today. He credits his remarkable recovery in large part to the cancer cell-targeting properties of the medical cannabis he ingests.

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Roger, like many other advocates of the versatile vegetable, views cannabis as a plant with “miraculous” abilities to alleviate a host of conditions, including pain, nausea, inflammation, schizophrenia, MS, epilepsy, and cancer, to name just a few. In the past, claims like this would have been viewed with narrow eyes, through lenses darkly tinted with mis- and disinformation. Thanks to biochemistry, however, there is factual reinforcement for the array of reported benefits.

A new body system?

Scientists are still trying to discover why cannabis affects us the way it does. In 1988 Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and his team discovered a new body system, equally important to human life as the musculoskeletal, digestive, nervous, or any other system we have. A vast organization of cannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2, known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS) act as microscopic on-and-off switches for our cellular processes. These receptors are detectable in the earliest embryonic stages, and the ECS plays a number of vital roles in pre- and postnatal development. It is critical to regulating the functioning of all 210 cell types of the human body. In the early 1990’s Dr. Mechoulam determined that the CB1 and CB2 receptors are activated by cannabis molecules that the body itself manufactures—also part of the ECS.

Incidentally, various molecules (phytocannabinoids) found in a single ancient species of plant also activate the receptors, which are concentrated in areas of the brain responsible for motion, anxiety, judgment, hunger, and sensation, as well as in the immune system, spleen, liver, and neurological system. It took the breakthrough discovery of this entirely new body system to convince the medical establishment of some obvious facts already well known to cannabis consumers. For example, maybe the same mechanism that gives stoners the munchies can bless cancer patients with restoration of their appetite for nourishment. Or, the same non-toxic herb that helps adults relax just could be an answer for those who suffer pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, even opiate painkiller addiction—if they have access to the forbidden flower.

How is CBD different?

Surprisingly, the body does not produce an analog of CBD (cannabidiol), one of the two principal chemical ingredients found in cannabis and probably the most medically important cannabinoid.

Scientists had reasoned that the brain must produce a chemical very similar to CBD that would activate CB receptors during normal body operations. But according to ProjectCBD, here comes some biochemistry talk for why their reasoning was wrong:

“Unlike psychoactive THC, CBD has little binding affinity to either the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptors. Instead, CBD indirectly stimulates endogenous cannabinoid signaling by suppressing the enzyme fatty acid amide hydroxylase (FAAH)—the enzyme that breaks down anandamide.”

In other words, CBD doesn’t act directly as an additional cellular switch-flipper. Instead, it plays defense: It exerts its influence by preventing the body’s own cannabis medicine, anandamide, from being degraded in the cells. This allows our naturally produced cannabis to remain active longer. It may also have a similar prolongation effect on cannabinoids we consume.

Because CBD does not stimulate either CB1 or CB2 receptors, it completely lacks psychotropic, or mood-altering, effects. In fact, it is excellent at counteracting many effects of THC such as mild anxiety, hunger and thirst, and euphoria. It is a wonderful natural medicine with a list of conditions it can remedy that is truly astonishing in both sheer length and the diversity of ailments.

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Medical Marijuana In Florida Seek Legal Help Before You Proceed

Cannabis - Patrick - April 28, 2021

As per the recent law introduced in the Supreme Court in Florida, medical cannabis may be soon legalized. This particular amendment in the law can provide numerous patients with certain benefits. These benefits will be even more important for people suffering from pain management, inflammation, cancer and more. However, you still need a medical marijuana card to obtain marijuana in Florida.

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In some states, it is very easy to obtain medical marijuana cards. In fact, some patients can even get a medical marijuana card for minor problems like difficulty sleeping and back pain. While medical marijuana is completely legal in some states, it is still considered to be illegal in the eyes of the Federal Government. Thus, you need to be clear about the law before taking any steps. You should talk to Florida medical marijuana lawyers to seek legal advice.

From When Can You Legally Use Marijuana in Florida?

In the state of Florida, an amendment to legalize medical marijuana was made effective from 6th January, 2914. However, the Department of Health is still required to implement various regulations related to medical marijuana within just six months from the effective date. In addition to this, patients also need to be issued valid ID cards within nine months. If a patient is not issued a valid ID card within nine months, the doctor’s prescription may be used as identification.

Medical Conditions Associated with Medical Marijuana

In many states, smoking medical marijuana has already been recognized for some serious medical problems to reduce the side effects of treatment procedures. Some of these medical conditions include AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, spinal cord injuries and epilepsy. It is worth mentioning that marijuana can reduce loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea associated with treatment procedures.

Sometimes, individuals are bothered by law officers and other authorities about their usage of medical marijuana. Such harassment should not be overlooked. Florida medical marijuana lawyers can provide you with the best advice to deal with this situation. In such cases and trials, the jury may be in favor of the defendant if proper evidence is presented regarding the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Can Caregivers Possess Marijuana?

If you’re over 21 years old and provide care to a patient who’s suffering from an associated medical condition, you can possess medical marijuana on his/her behalf. However, you will also need an ID card issued by the Florida state. You can possess marijuana for up to 5 patients. It is also important to understand that minors need parental consent before using medical marijuana.

Hire Experienced Florida Medical Marijuana Lawyers

Experienced and professional Florida medical marijuana lawyers can assist and protect dispensary owners, doctors, patient caregivers, growers, other businesses and individuals interested in medical cannabis.

The citizens of Florida have been preparing to vote on this important constitutional amendment. Meanwhile, many experienced Florida medical marijuana lawyers have been preparing to assist their clients in almost every aspect related to the implementation. If you’re a doctor or business professional expanding into this industry, you should hire an experienced lawyer to seek legal advice.

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Why You Should Introduce Cbd Cartridges In Your Life?

Cannabis, Cbd, Guide, Vaping - Patrick - April 25, 2021

As we all know that CBD is the most popular and useful product for the individuals, and it cannot be denied that majority of individuals are taking plenty of benefits from this product. Moreover, there are many ways of consuming CBD, still there is a way which is fascinating all the individuals out there and that way is known as CBD vape cartridges. This way of consuming is best above all, as it has majority of benefits for the individuals, and those benefits will be described in the upcoming paragraphs with accurate examples.

Before that you should know about some reasons of introducing CBD vape cartridges into your life. So to begin with, first of all, it cannot be denied that the vape helps an individual to create a royal image in the society, therefore you should use vape cartridge to consume CBD. Apart from that, the CBD can be inhaled easily with the help of Vape cartridge, and on the other hand, the vape cartridges are cost effective products.

Overall, an individual should always use vape cartridge instead any other product to consume CBD. Now you need to look out at some benefits of CBD vape cartridges, so have a look at the paragraphs listed below, and find more info about this product easily and effectively.

Check out some crucial benefits of CBD Vape cartridges:-

  • It can help an individual to get a relief from pain

First of all, the most useful and practical benefit of this product is that it can help an individual to get rid out of pain. As it is a fact that the humans are hustling a lot to earn a livelihood, which results in muscle and joint pain. So for welfare of those individuals, the CBD vape cartridges have been invented by which an individual can easily inhale the CBD and get rid of this pain.

  • It can help an individual to get rid of anxiety

Just like pain, the other benefit of this product is that it can easily help an individual to get rid out of stress and anxiety. Being a human we all have bunch of stress and depression on our shoulders, therefore The CBD vape cartridges are there to help us. All we need to consume CBD through the vape cartridge, and it cannot be denied that our stress and anxiety will fade away in seconds. Because CBD can easily take an individual to his imaginary world, in which he forgot about his tensions and anxiety.

  • It can improve your mood

The other useful benefit of vaping CBD is that it can change the mood of an individual in a positive way, as it is mentioned above that the CBD can take an individual to his imaginary world. So it cannot be denied that once the individual gets sufficient dose of CBD through vaping, then his or her mood can easily e changed positively.

  • It can improve your sleep

As we all know that less sleepiness is the major problem, from which majority of individuals are going through. So, you will be happy to know that vaping CBD form cartridge can easily help you to improve your sleep. All you need to have the sufficient dose of CBD through cartridge, and you will be available with a good and effective sleep. So, if you are the one who is going through troubling sleep, then this product is an ideal product for you.

  • It can improve your focus

In a recent survey, it has been highlighted from the majority of experts that the CBD can easily help an individual to improve his focus, Because CBD is made up of those ingredients which can help you to concentrate your goal. So, it cannot be denied that an individual can easily improve his alertness with the help of CBD vape cartridge.

The final words

After taking all aspects of CBD vape cartridges into consideration and much deliberation, it is crystal clear that the this product is an ideal product from those individuals who are struggling through some breathtaking obstacles in their life. Apart from that, the above mentioned steps are enough to descrie the beneficial image of CBD vape cartridge.

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