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Can We Earn Fashion Designer Degree Online?

Fashion - Patrick - January 16, 2021

Are you looking for completing a degree in fashion designing but cannot be able to get out of your house? If yes, then here is the solution for you that is called as online study. In today’s time, it is possible to get the degree in fashion designing online, but you need to make the right decisions. If you have a look on the profile of Shpetrik, then you will come to know how good this fashion designer is.

There are various benefits of eLearning that you must need to keep in mind, like there is no need to step out, you can learn anything you want, there is nothing like a limitation, etc. If we talk about fashion designing, then it is the number one example of a degree that can get completed online without any issue at all. If you have other jobs or commitments, then online is the best solution you can consider in mind.

It might get a little bit tough for you to learn and earn both at the same time, which is why you need to be disciplined in your work. You will be required self-motivation and dedication in your work because those are the things which are required the most.

Apply for the good online college

You will find many online colleges and schools among which you have to choose the right one for your degree. It can be done with the help of comparison and also, on the other hand, you can go for the reviews given by the people. You need to be patient and make decisions according to your requirements in degree. Like if you want a complete course of fashion designing, then you need to go for the full package.

Attending an online institution is way easier as compared to attending lectures physically. In the online, you only need to log in to your account and attend the lecture via webcam by which you will come to learn various essential things about fashion designing. You will come to interact with other students and the rest everything will be the same.

Be creative every time

If you want to be a successful fashion designer, then you need to be creative every time because this is the only way. If you are not being creative, then there is no point in working as a designer. Your creative mind will help in bringing out the ideas out of your mind, which you can implement on the products like clothing, accessories, and much more.

You should keep having a look on the work of different professional designers out there by which you will come to know about different ideas with the help of which you can generate various others.

Be with the trend

If you want the people to like your design, then you need to be with the latest trendy fashion going on in the market. No one loves to wear an old fashioned clothes, which is why you need to consider this thing in mind. You can also do a little bit of research online by which you will come to know about the likes and dislikes of the people in terms of outfit, or we can say fashion. If you are interested in becoming a fashion designer, then you need to work on these things the most.


Numerous fashion designers are out there in the market, but not all of them are successful in their field. Becoming a fashion designer is not enough as you need to be full of skills and knowledge because, without that, no one will come to approach you.

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Considering Buying Custom Clothing Heres Why Custom Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm

Fashion - Patrick - September 24, 2020

Custom wholesale clothing Manchester is being recognized in the world of fashion and apparel for their cutting edge designs, high-quality craftsmanship, genuine uniqueness, and their top-notch service. Read further to learn more about how the custom clothing industry is taking the world of fashion by storm and why people are jumping on-board the custom clothing wagon.

Just the Right Fit

Custom clothing is gaining popularity for the fact that, unlike regular clothing, custom clothing is designed to be a perfect fit for the people wearing the clothing. Whether it is for fashion reasons or not, people want to wear apparel that not only looks the best for their body type but is also clothing that feels the best on their body. Customizations can offer the preferred fit for which people are looking.

The Quality in Custom

There is a lot to say about clothing that wears well and doesn’t wear out. Clothing that lasts longer is worth the initial money spent because clothing that lasts longer can be worn season after season with little wear and tear. Cheap clothing can only be worn for a season or two before it needs to be discarded. High-quality Clifton custom clothing can also be tremendously valuable to people who wear their clothing as a part of the way that they make their living. For example, a professional athlete needs to be able to wear their clothing through a lot of physical activity. It would be a shame to have a cheaply made shirt that tears at the seams partway through a match.

One of a Kind Uniqueness

With custom clothing, it is difficult to walk down the street and find another person who is wearing the exact same rugby hoodie, button fly shorts, or other custom clothing item, and this is due to the fact that custom ordered clothing is created specifically with the buyer’s needs at the forefront of every design and manufacturing decision. One of a kind uniqueness offers a person the ability to know exactly what it is that they want, and then have their clothing be the manifestation of that fashion vision.

Top-Notch Service

Custom clothing is an exciting alternative to purchasing clothing from a typical store because it truly encourages the buyer to be a participant in the creation of their overall style. People want high-quality service now more than ever, and people deserve to receive the highest amount of value for their dollar. With custom clothing design and manufacturing, the customer is involved, they are valued, and they are receiving the best quality service possible.

Costly clothing from department stores is no longer what many people are looking for in their clothes shopping experience. People want clothing that fits their bodies perfectly, and custom clothing design is providing people with a solution. With high-quality design and craftsmanship, and styles that are infinitely one of a kind, there is no wonder why custom clothing is the best way that a person can improve their wardrobe while saving money over the long-term.

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5 Hot Spring Fashions from Limi Feu

Fashion - Patrick - July 27, 2020

Limi Feu turns to an obvious source of inspiration for her spring 2009 ready to wear collection: the Japanese student look. Long jackets, pants, and white button down shirts dominate this season’s collection. Black, white, nude, blue, shrimp, solids and stripes comprise this ready to wear collection for women. Like her designer father Yohji Yamamoto, she also favors the dark colors in layered designs. Below are my top five picks from her spring 2009 ready to wear collection:

The first ensemble we see in slide has the typical long jacket reaching to the knees with black pants and a white blouse with a narrow strap placed horizontally across the scoop neckline. The jacket has a bit of gray at the shoulder holes and a zipper closure in the front. This doesn’t have to be worn to class, of course, if you are already a college graduate. You can however wear this whenever you feel like going urban with your friends.

You can read more here as the article progresses on even though spring is gone for now but it would show up the next year so it would give you an idea of what all dresses to try out during the season with some interesting pieces to look forward to.

Here is a two-piece dress in slide #9 that has big buttons on the front of the black blouse with 3/4 length sleeves and a straight skirt that reaches past the knees. For a different look, substitute a white or pink shirt with his nice skirt and wear it to the office. The blouse here is very Asian in style and can also be worn with an embroidered satin skirt with dragons on it.

The nude and black dress in slide is simple in lines with a slightly flared out look. A scoop neckline, black shoulder straps, and above knee length skirt makes this dress looks like one meant for a younger schoolgirl. This is something I might wear to a class picnic on the campus, but the dress can be worn to any day or informal evening party this spring season.

A solid black dress like the one in slide #21 is ideal for wearing to a weekend party this spring. Add some color by wearing a long, brightly colored scarf around the waist with the ends hanging loose. The square neckline and angled cut on the blouse’s hem make this dress very urban and avant garde in appearance. Throw on some beads around your neck to finish the look.

The shrimp colored dress that we see at slide #32 is last on the list. If you like the layered look, this dress definitely has it. The dress has that combination of punk-rock look to it which makes it great to wear while spending a day in SoHo. If you don’t have a pair of orange boots to wear with this dress, try black shoes with heels. Wear this dress to a music party this spring season.

Limi Feu fashions can be purchased through her boutique in New York City. The average price range for her fashions is between $150.00 to $500.00.

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The Simple Art of Shaping Perfect Eyebrows

Beauty, Fashion - Patrick - June 7, 2020

Having perfectly shaped eyebrows is essential for women of all ages in order to look polished, youthful and bright eyed at any time of day or night. With a few simple steps anyone can achieve model worthy eyebrows that look natural yet professionally done.

How you shape your eyebrows will greatly depend on the natural thickness and length of your brows as well as the shape of your face, however, there are some general rules of thumb that we can all follow in order to get great brows.

The first thing that you want to do is invest in a good pair of tweezers. Tweezerman makes an excellent collection of tweezers in several styles and sizes, and in the lower price ranges, Revlon also makes a couple of great tweezers that are easy to use. Once you have your tweezers and are ready to use them, stand in front of a well lit mirror. If you can use natural light, then all the better. Natural light will show even the lightest stray eyebrow hairs that you may miss if under flourescent or other lights.

When you are looking at your face in the mirror, have a pencil handy. An eyebrow pencil or even your toothbrush will work if a pencil is not conveniently available. You want to place the pencil vertically to the side of your nose and up towards the starting point of your eyebrow. Do this on both sides. If your eyebrow naturally starts where the pencil is laying then you are good to go ahead with the next step. If your eyebrows tend to creep past the pencil and towards the top of your nose, you will want to pluck those hairs in order to avoid a monobrow look. Make sure to repeat this on both sides.

You then want to take the pencil and angle it so that it meets the outer corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should end. If your eyebrow overextends this, you will want to remove those hairs. If your eyebrow is shorter then this, use a soft eyebrow pencil or powder in a shade that matches your natural brow color to extend your eyebrows out until they reach the end of the pencil. If you are still uncomfortable and unease in using pencils for your brows, you can check some of the tutorials at microblading in Brooklyn NY. This will help you to learn essential things about the proper ways on how you can get your brows done.

Once you have perfected the length of your eyebrows, you will want to work on the curve, or arch of your brows. Beautifully and naturally arched brows will open your eyes and give you a wide awake and youthful look. Overplucking the arch can leave you looking unnatural and severe. The arch of your eyebrow should optimally fall over the back third of your eye. If you have stray hairs in this area, then you’ll want to remove them with your tweezers.

The line of the eyebrow from where it begins to where it starts to arch should be straight, so you will want to leave that area virtually untouched. The arch of your brow should never start where your eyebrows begin. This type of immediate arching looks completely contrived and unnatural. Another important tip is In order to avoid flattening the way your eyebrows look, try to avoid plucking hairs that are on the tops of your eyebrows, unless you have some unruly strays.

With these few, simple, tips you can achieve red carpet ready eyebrows in a matter of minutes. Eyebrows are frames for your eyes and can change your look dramatically. Make sure that the dramatic change is a good one by knowing how to keep those brows in line!

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An Ultimate Guide To Spot Replica Sellers While Designer Brand Shopping!

Fashion, Shopping and Product Reviews - Patrick - April 23, 2020

Everyone wants to be unique and stand out from the crowd. People put their maximum efforts to look attractive and pull people towards it. Various ways are used to enhance the social standard and look stylish, but one of the most popular ways is wearing designer brands. People shop with designer brands even though they are too expensive because it provides them an opportunity to leave a mark in the society and build their image. Everyone is not able to afford designer brands, but everyone wants to wear them. Following the great demand of designer brands, various sellers have started producing replicas of certain designer brand products such as Timberland, Levis, Lacoste, etc.

These replicas are identical to the original designer products but are available at a much affordable price. So, people who cannot afford original designer products go for these replicas to get the same feel. If you want to know about the best replica sellers, then you must [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]check this out. With the high demand for designer products, numerous sellers are also doing frauds with customers and selling them fake products in the name of original designer brands.

Some useful ways to identify fake replicas of designer products

Quality of Workmanship

One of the most useful and practical ways to spot a designer replica is the quality of workmanship on the product. To check the quality of workmanship, the first thing you need to focus on the seam on designer products such as handbags. Original designer brands infuse great precision and quality in their products, which you can see on the seams and stitches. Replica designer brands don’t put so much focus on the craftsmanship in its products. Designer brands never compromise on their quality of craftsmanship. So, if you see any poor and uneven stitches, thread peeping out, then it might be a replica of the designer brand.

The logo on the product

The logo is the most important aspect of a designer product as it gives the product a unique identity and promotes the brand. You can easily spot a replica by seeing the logo of the brand printed on it. Most of the replicas make some slight changes to the logo of the brand, which goes unnoticed most of the time. But if you focus on it, then you can easily differentiate between an original designer product and a replica. For instance, Gucci is a well-known designer brand, and local sellers create a lot of replicas of Gucci products. Sometimes they add an extra I to the name or an extra c to make it look like the original Gucci logo, but if you see it carefully, you can easily spot the difference. Adding to it, the location of the logo can also help you spot a replica. Designer brands imprint their logo on different spots such as zips, soles, etc. So, you can check these locations in replicas.

Price of the product

Designer brands never advertise their product because they need not to. They also never put any offer or discount on their products like the one who is able to buy designer brands won’t think about the price. But the cost can do help you to spot replica designer products. If you are getting a designer brand product at a low price, then it must be a fake one. You can get original designer products at discounted prices from the second-hand shop, but they never offer more discount than 30%. So, if you are offered a designer brand at a cheap rate, then you should avoid it as it is a replica. So, you should always buy from the official store of the brand so that you won’t be fooled.

Where are they made?

Another great way to check whether a designer product is original or replica is by seeing where it is produced. Most of the replicas of designer brands are produced in Asia, so if a designer product has a label saying ‘Manufactured in China,’ then it is surely a duplicate product. Most of the original designer products are manufactured in Europe, and it is clearly mentioned on their label. So, if a product is not having the right location on its label, then you must stay away from it.

Proper documents

Designer brands ensure that their customers are fully satisfied, so that provides them with all documentation and accessories along with the product. They come in unique boxes and with attractive name cards and IDs. It helps to ensure that you got the original product. Replica designer products sellers are unable to provide any such documentation and boxes. So, if your designer product comes in a simple plastic packing, then there are quite chances that it is fake or replica.

Weight of the product

Certain designer products such as designer bags and jewelry can be checked whether they are original or not through their weight. Designer jewelry is hand-made and weight quite a lot. Adding to it, you won’t see any manufacturing defect in it. There is a standard weight for every designer product, and if your items don’t weigh the same, then it might be a replica. You must weigh the designer item to check its authenticity.

To put it in a nutshell, the counterfeiting market is spreading at a burgeoning speed all over the world. So, if you want to stay away from designer replicas and fake products, then you must know the tips to spot a replica product quickly.

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