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Start Your Content Strategy With Blogging For Business

Starting with content marketing is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. How do you choose where to start when there are so many enticing options?

I say: start with blogging.

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Why? The benefits of blogging for business are real. According to Hubspot, “57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog.”

The benefits certainly don’t end there when it comes to SEO, traffic, and leads.

Here are several reasons you need to start blogging now.

Google: More content, more indexed pages, more traffic

It’s really hard to generate consistent SEO value without blogging. Google likes fresh content, and the information on blogs is more likely to get shared on social media than other pages of your site.

From Hubspot:

“The average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages.”

That’s powerful and convincing results that lay a great foundation for reaping the benefits that turn SEO into sales.

The difference between blogging monthly and not blogging are clear, too.

HubSpot‘s research shows, across the board, that more blog monthly and total blog posts generate more traffic from SEO and more leads.

Companies that published 9 to 15 blog posts a month saw about 400% more traffic than those that didn’t publish any posts.

These companies also obtained about 500% more leads than those that don’t blog.

Need I say more? Blogging is suited perfectly for SEO.

Blogs work for any business

A major gripe I hear for starting a blog for a business is “I don’t where to get ideas.” So how do you write about “boring” topics like swimming pools?

Well, it’s definitely possible, and a guy named Marcus Sheriden has been very successful doing just that. He started a blog for his swimming pool business and generated over $2 million in sales from it.

Don’t let coming up with ideas stop you, either. It’s often as simple as writing blog posts that answer questions your customers may have. It’s a double-win since it’s useful information and if people are searching Google with this particular questions, they’re more likely to end up on your site.

Leads cost less than transitional advertising

According to data from G+, content marketing leads costs about 61% less than traditional marketing leads, at $135 vs. $346 per lead, respectively.

Blogging helps to access this advantage. Not only can you get the benefits described above by HubSpot, but you can do so at a lower cost than traditional means.

Content can be reused to create greater value

Blog content isn’t a one-shot deal. While you may get the most traffic when a post is published or from searches, there are several ways keep getting value out of the content you’ve taken the time and resources to create.

Some ways you can do this:

Use blog content in email marketing . Maybe you have an idea for an email series that ties in 7 or 8 blog posts you’ve written with a common theme. It’s okay to copy what you’ve written and include it here rather than trying to rewrite everything. Taking great content and making it easier to access is a win.

. Maybe you have an idea for an email series that ties in 7 or 8 blog posts you’ve written with a common theme. It’s okay to copy what you’ve written and include it here rather than trying to rewrite everything. Taking great content and making it easier to access is a win. Link to old blog posts . If great blog posts that serve as fantastic references are buried in the archives, link to them. Having these resources on your site rather than sending them off to other blogs helps build your brand rather than someone else’s.

Create ebooks . Again, just like with email, you can repackage blog posts and give them away in another format to help generate leads. Maybe the way you organize your ebook provides an even more useful way for readers to absorb what you’ve written.

While the up-front cost in time and resources may be high, generating high-quality content has more lasting value than weak blog posts that are written just for SEO and don’t provide value to readers.

More targeted leads

Content in blogs has the ability to be tailored and found by very specific audiences. It’s no wonder that it serves as a great way to get targeted leads.

Looking to attract customers that are interested in “web hosting for WordPress”? There are over 18,000 web searches a month containing these terms. Writing a blog post on the topic is a great way to start targeting this audience of potential customers while explaining the benefits of your product or service.

Easier to generate more content

Having a team of content generators in your company is helpful. But if you don’t have the resources on hand to pump out blog posts, don’t let that stop you.

Outsourcing content creation is easier than ever. According to Content Marketing Institute, about 44% of B2B companies outsource content creation in some way. By doing so, you can have an expert in content marketing help you with a tailored strategy at costs that may be less than employing someone to do the same.

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Ink Cash Business Credit Card – Know About Them

Banking, Finance, Guide - Patrick - February 23, 2021

Whether looking for a top rated credit card that would be for personal use or business use, it is essential that the right card be chosen. The “right” card by definition varies from one person to another since everyone has different needs. Therefore, it would be helpful when shopping around for a business credit card that you first take inventory of the features, as well as services. The goal would be to choose the one card that would enhance your company by making it easier to manage expenses, as well as cash flow.

Cvv Shop Online provides the best cards to the people. The managing of the expenses and finance is possible without any problem. The choosing of the correct company is essential to get the cvv metal. The shopping of the right one requires some skills and intelligence.

Although there are multiple choices when it comes to business credit cards, few compare to the Ink Cash Business Credit Card. Offered by Chase, one of the most respected financial institutions in the world, you know whatever this card offers would be unrivaled. The first thing that happens once approved for this particular credit card is that you have six months during which time the Annual Percentage Rate is 0%. Although the variable interest would increase between 13.24% and 19.24% based on actual credit score among other things, these rates are actually good.

There is no annual fee for the Ink Cash Business Credit Card but for transfers, the fee is just 3% or $5 minimum. In addition to excellent rates, this business credit card is also a great addition to your company because of the rewards program. For starters, you could earn as much as 3% cash back, which is higher than the offer from similar credit cards. Now, for this, the reward would be for eligible dining, gasoline, office supplies, and even home improvement purchases, which would be according to an established monthly maximum.

The Ink Cash Business Credit Card is also designed so after making your first purchase with the card, you would earn a $100 cash back bonus. This is equivalent to 10,000 bonus points associated with other high caliber cards, meaning it is an excellent offer. In addition to this, for eligible purchases, you would also earn unlimited 1% cash back. One of the many features of this rewards program that makes it so popular is that as to the number of points you could earn, no restrictions apply.

You will also find that with the Ink Cash Business Credit Card, the opportunity to earn as much as 10 times more points for every $1 spent is possible. If you look at the other business credit cards being offered, the best you can find is five times more points so having a card such as this that allows you to earn up to 10 times the points is simply an incredible option. The only stipulation for this is that purchases using the credit card would be those through the Chase Rewards Plus+SM online store. Even so, this type of rewards program is a real bargain.

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Make Easy Money Online With Surveys

Market research/survey companies conduct surveys on behalf of the MNCs. They carry out market research to gather information about the products and services. Surveys are conducted in order to get feed backs regarding how the products can be improved upon or the other aspects of the business. MNCs outsource the research work to the survey filling companies and pay them huge amounts on the completion of the surveys. So these companies are constantly looking out for people who can take up the surveys and help them collect the required information. Here fits in your role. You can make money online by just taking paid surveys i.e. filling out survey forms, participating in discussion groups, taking paid telephone surveys. All you have to do is give your true opinion.

You can take surveys about the results of Sean Abbott site link for the online marketers. The results are available according to the need and expectations of the people. The choosing of the right marketing tools and method to earn more online money with business promotion is possible for the individuals.

Be sure that you are being true while filling out surveys because if you do not give your true opinion eventually your account will be suspended. Also, make an email account other than your personal account where in you want surveys to pour in. Some of the websites directly send surveys to your email address rather than holding up surveys in their websites. Once you join these surveys filling sites, they flood your account. And you gain hot opportunity to make easy money online.

One more prerequisite to make things simpler for you is to get auto form filler software installed in your computer. Sometimes many of the surveys contain similar questions; this software can save a lot of your time by putting in the same answers to all the same questions. You can also use it to fill in your profile information when you join multiple sites.

Surveys are generally in the form of questionnaires. Each questionnaire is with a set of questions and you have to answer those questions putting forward your true opinion. The amount of money you make depends on the number of questions offered to you and also on the company you have been associated with and also on the type of consumer surveys you participate in. The pay ranges from $5 to $75 or even more for survey forms, $120 per hour for telephonic surveys and $150 or more for group discussions.

Some of the websites where in you can take on the free paid online surveys are OpinionWorldBusiness, InBox Dollars, Survey Savvy, Viva research, Survey4profit, JoinSurveys, SendEarnings, Cashcrate etc. These websites have vast network of participating companies such as coca cola, Dell computers, Pepsi, Panasonic, Sony, eBay, and the list goes on. These websites keep updating their database with new companies from time to time.

The problem that people usually face is of locating the good survey companies. When you use search engines to locate them you get random results with thousands of companies in the list. You will have to spend great deal of your time to find truly good places in order to make money filling out forms. And because of the time consuming feature of this option it is recommended to rule it out. You should rather use Internet forums where people share their experiences. This can give you an idea of how and where people make money filling out surveys. It will certainly be a better option than trying out dozens of low end paid survey websites that you come across through search engines.

There is yet another problem that come across people and that is of scams and frauds. In case you truly want to make money filling survey forms never join a site that asks you for an access fee or commission. Generally, fraud sites ask you for money and people in hope of earning more do pay them and sometimes they also hand over their credit card details considering them to be legitimate sites. And this is the scam and this is how they make money online. People pay out money to them and do not get anything or get very less money on completing the surveys. In the end they are rendered dissatisfied and ask for refund and at last they quit. The vacuum created is filled by new entrants. It is, then, a profitable business for those who conduct surveys and for whom the surveys are done but not for those who take up the surveys. For one more reason you should not enroll yourself with money demanding survey sites. It is the companies that need your opinion as a customer of their products and services and it’s you who can help them to sustain in the market. So it is you who should be paid money and not them.

Although the survey companies can help you make enormous money online but you should be cautious of the scams involved in here and should always try to work with legitimate companies. A bit of your research regarding the companies can help your purpose.

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Simple Tips to Become a Management Consultant

Business, Finance, Guide, Management Consultant, money, Procurement - Patrick - December 16, 2020

One of the simple and effective tips that you should consider for you to become a management consultant is to set up Google Alerts for your client and its competitors. In fact, this tip is a must. Technically speaking, Google Alerts feed you the most up to date online information related to keywords that you specify. This will allow you to stay updated on the developments and trends in the industry. As a management consultant, it is important that you are updated with the current trends so you can easily help your clients.

It is also crucial to know the basic financial data for your client. Your client’s financial data is very critical for internal discussions. As you may know, financial aspect of the business plays a vital role in the overall business process. Hence, for you to give them the best suggestion, you should always look at the financial status of the client. Moreover, it is also important that you familiarize yourself with the client CEO and senior management. When a company faces an issue, it is not always one sided. In fact, there are different stories that you need to consider. Senior managers in the company might have different perspective to the problems. So to gather those perspectives, make sure to familiarize, communicate and allow yourself to deal with the employees of the companies.

Apart from familiarizing yourself with the management and employees, you should also take into account the competitors of your clients. Make sure to know the top competitors of the client and familiarize yourself to important details about them such as overall revenues, number of employees and others. You can have these details with the help of internal firm research reports.  Furthermore, you should also store the contact information for all people on your team, especially partners. Make sure to get their contact numbers, office number, email address and others. These data are very crucial if you have an emergency in your work.

As a management consultant, you should also pay attention to the previous client related work. It is important that you should have the library access for information related to your client, competitors and others. You should pay attention to the work that has been done before by your clients because it will help you to avoid re-creating the wheel. Make sure to also review the sales documents including preliminary and proposal research.

Building strong relationships with assistants is also crucial. So at the very start of the engagement, make sure to introduce yourself to the team assistant because he or she plays a vital role in the team. He or she will coordinate the schedules of the team to all parties involved and he or she might also help you in proofreading things and doing basic research.

You can get more tips from procurement consultancy uk. Make sure to consider the mentioned tips so you can have a guideline as you start your career as a management consultant.

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Bitcoin Bites Or Does It How Scandals Are Impacting The Digital Disruptor

Bitcoin, Business, Finance, Guide, money - Patrick - December 16, 2020

Bitcoin has been both hailed as a revolution and scorned as a risky investment that enables criminal purchases. Alarmist Bitcoin-related headlines abound in the tech and popular media, including terms such as “crash,” “scandal,” “meltdown” and “implosion.” It would be natural to assume confidence, even amongst the most die-hard cryptocurrency fanatic is waning, but is it?

According to some, Bitcoin is struggling for legitimacy — beset with hacks and fraud scandals, an unclear regulatory picture, and wild fluctuations in valuation. Others hail it as a poster child of a new Internet empowered global community free from the shackles of the corrupt financial systems that brought on the global financial crisis.

Using that data by torque trading system, we surveyed a representative sample of 2,000 Americans to find out what’s really going on. We ran the survey three times over two months, during which we saw Mt Gox go bankrupt, Flexicoin get hacked, price crashes, DDoS attacks against Bitstamp, Apple taking down the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet from its app store, and the arrest of the CEO of Bitcoin exchanger BitInstant on money laundering charges.

We really wanted to monitor the impact of these negative developments — are people turning their back on Bitcoins or has support remained strong? Is Bitcoin becoming a momentary hype-driven blip or a sustainable alternative? Does anyone actually care?

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is yes to all of the above. Like any complex scenario, the truth lies beneath the headlines and in the nuances of the community. Bitcoin has come to represent several different things to different people. Although the one striking observation is attitudes have remained largely steady throughout the past two months.

Young Americans are the most bullish, and in fact, nearly one in three (30%) consider investing in (or mining) Bitcoins as safer than the more traditional stock market. This figure has remained steady throughout the period, despite the price of a Bitcoin falling from $970 to a low of $250, and now at $637. Despite the massive fluctuations in valuation, nearly half (42%) of young respondents to the survey also indicated they believe Bitcoin is a lasting currency.

This strong support contrasts with the attitudes of Americans aged over 35, with fewer than half (45%) actually knowing what a Bitcoin was and more than one in four (29%) believing Bitcoin to have no monetary value.

Across all respondents, 62% of respondents believe Bitcoin is a scam, while 15% of male respondents believe Bitcoin is used to fund terrorism. Interestingly, 23% of respondents would be convinced of the legitimacy of Bitcoin if it could be used to buy a Big Mac, while the majority are waiting for the establishment of a formal exchange and/or a statement from the Federal Reserve.

The biggest impact on attitudes appeared in the third survey, immediately after the collapse of Mt Gox. Although its impact was not widespread, the major change was a 13% growth in awareness among those 35 and older. There was also a slight growth (6%) in people thinking Bitcoin was a scam, only a minor reduction (3%) in the number of young Americans who thought Bitcoin was safer than the stock market, and a similar 5% dip in the number of people considering Bitcoin to be a lasting currency.

So, as always, America appears to be a combination of conservatism mixed with hope, a sense of adventure, and rebelliousness combined with a desire for an easy dollar. With great disruption comes great disparity of opinion.

The lesson I take from this is that curious minds must go beyond the headlines to find the realities. Whether you’re trying to understand attitudes towards Bitcoin or to understand your own customers’ attitudes to your product, avoid the simplistic convenient answers, and always dig deeper. The tools are at your disposal.

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