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Cookery Venture- Kitchen Example for the Day

Food and Drinks - Patrick - February 1, 2021

Our human body is a unique machine that performs functions that no other machine can do but sadly, we ourselves do not realize its importance and keep putting it through numerous hurdles by not taking care of it properly.

It can be seen that we all desire to live an indulgent lifestyle and want to keep eating and drinking unhealthy stuff that has a negative impact on the entire frame that results in massive weight gain that only leads to further health complications.

If you really want to eat, then always go for healthy stuff and it doesn’t mean that you need to abandon junk food completely as you can still have it once in a while and thankfully, the current generation is quite particular in this matter and are diligently keeping their body in check by refusing to succumb to the temptation of delicious but unhealthy food.

Recipe Maker

All talk about food becomes more and more interesting when it includes your favorite dishes and when you watch a cookery show like Master Chef Australia with the entire recipe and cooking on live television, the mouth starts watering like the river Nile and it is enough for you to make you hungry.

We all are aware of the renowned British chef Jamie Oliver and most of the western world is always looking up to him that want to make a career as a chef and it can be seen that he has served as a major inspiration for all the budding chefs out there.

North Americans are extremely fond of bacon, sausage and anything that involves chicken and beef as Oliver knew this very well which is why he is an expert in making bacon with potato salad to make it an interesting combo because salad is normally associated with starters that with fruits and vegetables.

The potato season is just around the corner where people can try out their choicest potato delicacies but as we are talking about Jamie Oliver, his recipe of making potato salad with bacon has gone viral on YouTube where he can be seen making the delicacy with his bare hands.

Today, it has become very easy in learning to make new things ever since the advent of YouTube and social media in general where you become an expert cook after a few tries that might not be the best.


You need potatoes of 600 to 800g along with a few lemons in hand even though just one is required but if you are a beginner then you need a couple in hand along with some green items like mint, basil, spring onion, parsley, dill and sour cream of nearly 150g.

Finally comes the salt and pepper for taste where you first wash the potatoes and start cutting the green veggies but for an authentic presentation you need to look at his video on YouTube following which you can try out a few times until you succeed in making the perfect recipe.

All in all, it is an excellent practice for you to cultivate your culinary skills as it would be of great use in the future.

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