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Unlock The Potential Of Minecraft Maps And Free Mc Accounts

Gaming, Guide, Minecraft, Technology, Video game - Patrick - May 8, 2021

Before diving into the world of Minecraft Maps, let us take a look at the course of the game. Minecraft went from a single user experience to a collaborative network. At its onset, Minecraft was a three-dimensional pixelated world. With that, it provided creative freedom. In the present times, Minecraft hosts this same creativity but as a fusion. Users can interact with each other in the Minecraft world. This is possible through multiplayer mode or with the help of maps.

What are Minecraft Maps?

Minecraft Maps don’t allow you to communicate with its owner directly. Instead, it is one way to experience their version of a Minecraft world. As a beginner, it takes time to shape a Minecraft world. But if you are eager to start exploring, all you have to do is download a Minecraft map. These Minecraft worlds are their own experiences with architectural designs, threats, and mysteries. 

How to download a Minecraft Map?

Minecraft worlds are somewhat of a cult among gamers. There is a whole catalogue of Minecraft maps to search from. A simple google search will take you to chunks of websites that feature such maps. Search through the categories available; puzzles, minigames, mystery, etc. Check for reviews. And click on the title of the map. Your map will download as a zip folder. To get to play on this map, we need to add it to Minecraft. Below is a wholesome guide for this. 

Complete guide to adding a Map to Minecraft

A tip- Make sure the map you download is compatible with your version of Minecraft. 

  1. Bring the file to the desktop- press Clt+J on your browser to open the download logs. Next, click on the ‘show in folder’ option and drag the file to your desktop for easy access. 
  2. Locate Minecraft folder- To shortcut the hunt for the desired folder, press Windows Button+R to open the search box. Here we’re specifically looking for Minecraft app data. So, paste the following code into the search box %appdata%.minecraft. You will find a list of Minecraft filed.
  3. Save it- Look for the ‘save’ folder among others and open it. Inside it, you will find all the pre-existing maps of your worlds. Drag and drop the newly downloaded map into the ‘save’ folder. 
  4. Name- Give a unique name to your new map. This will help you recognize it in Minecraft.
  5. Check- Go to Minecraft; when you choose a player, a list of maps will appear for selection. Check for your uniquely named map, and you’re ready to play. 

New policies of Minecraft

As of 2021, Minecraft is no longer a subsidiary of Majong games. Instead, it is a Microsoft-owned company. This has led to certain transformations in the operational policies. The current developments suggest that Minecraft will require a compulsory Microsoft account. All you have to do is sign up for this free mc account to access Minecraft. 

Before Microsoft, one needed a paid Minecraft account to log in to the game. Post which it came to an all-inclusive Majong account. 

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The Ultimate Apex Minecraft Hosting Review

Computer & Technology, Gaming, Guide, Review - Patrick - April 27, 2021

Setting up a multiplayer server for the hugely popular title Minecraft is no easy job. It’s a process that often requires a lot of technical knowledge and understanding. However, Apex Minecraft Server Hosting promises to hugely simplify the process, advertising the fact that they allow you to start your own Minecraft server in 2 minutes.

A guide is available for minecraft accounts for sale at the online store. The understanding of the purchasing is possible with the following of the guide. You can check the advertising about the product to have the desired results. The procedure of playing the games is simple and easy for online players.

Apex Minecraft Server Hosting certainly sounds like one of the best options available when it comes to easily setting up a Minecraft server, but how does it compare in terms of pricing, server quality and customer support.

We’ll explore everything there is to know about the service in our Apex Minecraft Server Hosting review. Are they up to the job of hosting your Minecraft server?


When it comes to Minecraft server hosting, there’s so many options out there that it’s important for providers to be competitively priced. In our expert opinion, Apex Minecraft Server Hosting offers some of the best value for money on the market. Their server hosting plans aren’t particularly cheap, but what you’re getting for that money is a fair deal.

Their plans start from $2.99 a month, which is a price point at which many providers offer their base package. However, Apex Minecraft Server Hosting give you 512MB of RAM for that price, which is an incredibly good deal. 512MB will allow you to easily host 10 players on your server, perfect for a small group of friends. Apex Minecraft Server Hosting’s servers are easily upgradable to include more capacity and features.

Apex Minecraft Server Hosting’s pricing is pretty much on par with many of the other providers out there, but what you get for that money is tremendous value.

Range of Servers

As many Minecraft server hosts are aware, there’s a number of different types of customers looking to purchase a Minecraft server. For example, if you and your mates just want to have a play around with Vanilla Minecraft, you’re only going to need a bare bones server. On the other hand, public servers are going to need something altogether more scalable and suited to their large user base.

Thankfully, Apex Minecraft Server Hosting features one of the best ranges of Minecraft server sizes that I’ve seen from any Minecraft server host. Their servers start at only 512MB, which is perfect for a small group of friends and then vary in size all the way up to a whopping 6GB server, designed for up to 200 players at one time.

Apex Minecraft Server Hosting also advertise customised Minecraft servers designed for much larger communities within the game. Their team will work with you to set-up a server of this size and design it appropriately for your community.

Server Quality

Whilst we understand that server price and size are both important aspects when it comes to buying a Minecraft server, it’s also incredibly important for the server to be of a good quality. You want to enjoy your experience playing Minecraft with friends, which is why you’ll want a server of only the best quality.

We’ve closely measured the technical specifications of Apex Minecraft Server Hosting’s servers against offerings from competitors and we’re happy that they’re up to the industry standard. Apex’s servers are built with the latest Intel E5 technology and DDR3 RAM. All of their servers are without a doubt technically up to the job. They boast 24/7 up time and there appears to be little complaint that they don’t achieve this.

It doesn’t matter where you’re playing from, you should be able to quickly and easily connect to your server with Apex Minecraft Server Hosting. They have locations in North America, Europe and South America, covering a large portion of the globe.

Customer Support

Apex Minecraft Server Hosting promise 24/7 uptime with their servers, however, it’s worth remembering that you might still face troubles with your server. With that in mind, you’ll want Apex to provide the best level of customer service available.

When choosing the support option on Apex’s website, you’ll immediately be greeted with their expansive knowledgebase of information. They do also offer both live chat support and ticket support options. That being said, these options are more heavily hidden deep inside their support website.

From our experience with both of these support options, they were both highly reliable and able to get the problem sorted quickly and simply.

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6 Town Maps for Minecraft You Must Try!

Gaming - Patrick - April 20, 2021

Even before the introduction of NPCs in Minecraft, many people in the community used their creativity and block-building skills to create detailed towns, IPS News reviewed Apex which is one of the best Minecraft hosting platforms that is highly recommended to all the players. Now that Minecraft has NPCs, towns have even more of a purpose in the game, which has expanded the number of people creating town maps for Minecraft. Here are 6 Minecraft Town Maps that we think you will enjoy.

One such example of a thriving town is Fortress City, which comes with several buildings. Some sample buildings this town has to offer include:

As an added bonus, every shop comes with a sign that names the building and lists its hours of operation. Finally, there are also many residential homes. Keep in mind that this town map requires a texture pack to load properly.

Oddworld’s Medieval Town

 Much like the name suggests, this town map has a Medieval aesthetic to it. This is another map that requires a texture pack to load properly, but the end result is a realistic-looking large town that comes complete with small nearby towns, a forest, and several dungeons to explore. The author also noted that there are plenty of hidden passages and secrets to discover, making this map more than simply a marvel at which to gaze.

Roman Town

 The author of this town was clearly inspired by the ancient Romans as it comes complete with a giant Colosseum and several other buildings. In addition, there is a dock with several large boats; though the large boats merely serve as decoration, the open waters offer an invitation to sail onto the sea once the player has created his own boat. This town map does not require any additional texture packs to enjoy.

Los Avenidas

 This town map consists of a completely original city consisting of a football field, several roads, a dock for boats, a large crane for industrial work, and a hospital. With finely placed roads, this is one of the few Minecraft town maps that make players wish they could create a vehicle to traverse the city with. For now, players will simply have to walk.

Dwarven Kingdom

 This map differs from the rest on this list in a few different ways. For one target=”_blank”, this town is better described as a giant kingdom located in a sprawling underground section. For a new change of pace, download this Minecraft town map to explore a thriving community that never sees the light of day or has to deal with the hostile night creates from above ground.


To call this a Minecraft town map would not be entirely accurate; it is actually a map with three major towns in them. The towns can be accessed through an underground rail system, which can be modified to branch out to new towns if the player wishes. No texture pack is required for this town map.

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What To Look While Buying A Gaming Mouse?

Gaming - Patrick - March 8, 2021

Buying the right gaming mouse is a little bit difficult task for a person. There are a lot of companies out there that are offering different kinds of gaming mouse, and one should invest money in the best one. The overall gaming experience is totally influenced by the kind of sensor, DPI, additional buttons, connectivity, and weight of the mouse. TechCompact has become one of the most popular companies where you can quickly buy the right gaming mouse. Make sure that you are purchasing the right gaming mouse that comes with antique features that are completely separate from the normal mouse. 

The requirements of the gaming mouse totally depend on the specific game you are playing. Make sure that you are choosing a powerful gaming mouse that will enable you to play your favorite game with ease. In the following important paragraphs, we are going to discuss important things that one should take into account while purchasing a gaming mouse.

  • Consider a sensor

If you want to purchase a gaming mouse, then one should pay close attention to the sensor. Gamers are already divided on laser and optical sensors. Make sure that you are investing money in the best gaming mouse that will surely be able to offer the best gaming experience. Make sure that you are finding the right platform where you can quickly purchase the gaming mouse. If you have a budget, then one should invest money in the wireless gaming mouse that is a little bit expensive, but it will surely take the overall gaming experience to the next level. There are a lot of online commercial sites out there where you can easily buy the best gaming mouse. 

  • Laser vs. Optical 

Before purchasing any gaming mouse, one has to always decide what kind of sensor is right for you. Bear in mind that laser and optical sensors are incorporated with a considerable amount of advantages and disadvantages. A lot of people are investing money in optical sensors that are popular, common, and available at an affordable worth.  Along with sensors, one should also pay close attention to the weight of the gambling mouse that is quite important. It will surely be able to determine the overall ability to enjoy a specific gaming style. If you are one who is a gamer, then the overall weight of the mouse will be matter. There is plenty of gaming mouse out there that comes with adjustable weights that can be easily added or removed depends on the preference of the user.

  • Style of the grip

The majority of the gamers are using the claw, palm grip styles, and fingertip to improve the overall gaming experience. While buying a gaming mouse, one should pay close attention to the mouse grip style. Make sure that you are paying close attention to the shape and weight of the mouse that will help you in finding the comfortable mouse. Make sure that you are investing money in the best gaming mouse that will take the gaming experience to the next level.

  • Customization & Lighting

Make sure that you are investing money in the right mouse that you will able to customize as per preference. Whenever you are buying a gaming mouse, one should consider the overall ability to customize the buttons & software to your preferred choice. You will have to find out the right gaming mouse that will surely improve the overall gaming experience.

  • Programmable buttons

The majority of the mice always follow a simple layout and standardized. One has to also pay close attention to the weight and role size of a gaming mouse.  There are a lot of manufacturers out there that is offering the variety of best gaming mouse, and one should invest money in the right one. If you are looking for the best high speed, reactive mouse, then you need to invest money in the best gaming mouse. Improve technology has already enabled the wireless gaming mice to function as same as wired. Wireless gaming mice are proven to be great that are offering a lot of benefits to us.

  • Customization in software

There are a lot of companies out there that is offering the dedicated gaming mouse that will help you in playing your favorite game. Mouse software will enable you to customize the macros for different kinds of buttons. You can also make important adjustments for a specific mousepad. A lot of people are investing money in shooter mice that are a little bit quicker and basic than others. 

The Final Verdict

Lastly, these important things will help you in purchasing the right gaming mouse. Make sure that you are investing money in the right gaming mouse that will support both CPI & high DPI. The unique features of the gaming mouse will improve the overall gaming experience.

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Dokucraft Texture Installed Pack For Your Minecraft

Arts and Entertainment, Gaming, Guide, Internet, Online, Video game - Patrick - February 28, 2021

Dokucraft Texture Pack is one of the most interesting texture packs that we have been found so far. I believe that all the people who like to play Minecraft feel so excited about it as they can try the different variants for this pack with the help of a free Minecraft account generator. Moreover, you can play Minecraft the newest version. It has been launched the current version which is 1.7.2.

There would be some features in Dokucraft Texture Pack that make you awake from other boring texture craft. The features which are new from the Dokucraft Texture Pack will be the pistons mod. You can take this kind of texture pack by doing some updates to the current version whether the Minecraft 1.7.2. or the ModLoader 1.7.2.

The feature of the Dokucraft Texture pack has some categories. Dokucraft Texture Pack category can be chosen base on your mood and personality. The first thing is the light texture. It is the texture that has the original pack and when you love the details of the pack, I believe that you always want to play these games.

When your mood is not good enough to play Dokucraft Texture Pack, you can choose the dark pack. It describes the feeling of gloomy one with the demonic classification of the pack. Another complicated and the most advanced one is the high pack. You can see that Dokucraft Texture Pack has a great challenge compare with the others. When you think your ability is quite high, you can take the high texture pack.

However, you need to take a look at the requirement that you need to have. The first thing will be by adding Pistons and shears. Through the shears, you can see the beds which are fixed, cakes and scones. In short, when you feel that the texture Pack is quite a good texture pack, you can download and play Dokucraft Park. It is really fun and can do a lot of new challenges in the Dokucraft Texture Pack.

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