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Stuff You Should Know About Custom T-Shirt Printing Before You Order

Printing services - Patrick - March 22, 2021

All appreciates a well-designed T-shirt. I’m sure I do. That’s why I’ve been employed in this industry for 15 years (but who’s counting?). So, what makes a fantastic design? What characteristics distinguish a T-shirt that people would like to wear again and again? Easy designs are some of the best. However, even the simplest designs must do certain things correctly– and avoid the most common blunders– in order to achieve greatness. Here are the most important items to consider when you build your printed masterpiece. Some of these may seem self-evident, whereas others may be new to you. Continue reading to find out.

There are certain cases in which size does not matter. It is extremely important in T-shirt design. Despite this, most people use normal sizing the majority of the time. The thing is, size should be calculated based on the design’s nature as well as the properties of the garment to be printed. It should be given some consideration. It can appear much larger than it should, depending on the form of your design. Square or circular forms, for example, look better when they are smaller than normal, as in the picture above with two Jutins. Some people print their template on standard paper at home and hold it up to their shirt to get a sense of how it would look, which I completely support. While you’re at it, make a superhero costume out of household objects, too. Another thing to think about is if one size fits all. You may want to suggest using a reduced size print for the smaller pieces, such as ladies and teens, depending on the size range of your garments and the size of your order.

 Print positioning is often confused with position, but it is simply the exact measurement of where the template should be printed inside the location. Your concept can be spectacular, but if the positioning is incorrect, heads will be turned in the wrong direction. The belly print is a traditional blunder that is never flattering. I’ll go into more depth about this unfortunate placement in a future column. If your design is in a typical print position, such as the full front or back, our production team will ensure that the placement is standard as well, and that it will fit on all of your different garment styles and sizes.

Typography is the visual aspect of the written word in its most basic form in custom t shirt printing . It’s not the text that’s significant, but typography is used whenever text is written or displayed. When it comes to design, typography is the art of typesetting or arranging type in a logical manner, as well as selecting typefaces (fonts), ensuring proper letter spacing and line spacing, and making sure the interaction with graphic elements is pleasing.

You can recall learning about composition in high school art class. Every design has elements that are organized in relation to one another, and the overall composition is made up of these relationships.

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