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The Sweet Spot Of Concealed Carrying- Paddle Holsters

Recreation and Sports - Patrick - March 30, 2021

If you’re a gun owner, you must be used to the judgemental looks one gets every time one steps out with a gun. Though you are a responsible owner who is only worried about your safety, seeing you carrying a gun makes others feel threatened. 

This is why many gun owners prefer concealed carrying. Concealed carrying allows you and others to be at ease. You can stay safe, but at the same time, you don’t have to worry about people staring and pointing at you. 

Paddle Holsters are the perfect option for concealed carrying because of their balanced approached towards carrying. 

Let’s talk about them in detail.

What is a Paddle Holster?

A Paddle Holster is an Outside the Waistband (OWB) gun holster. It clipped on your belt or the waistline of your pants. 

It’s called a “paddle holster” because of the paddle-like shape of its clip. It can be clipped and removed very easily and offers more flexibility when it comes to positioning. 

It is a widely popular holster for concealed carrying because of its ease of use and functionality. 

Get a Paddle Holster from a trusted brand like outlaw holsters, put your gun in it, clip it to your waist, pull your shirt over it, and you’re good to go. 

Why Should You Go For a Paddle Holster?  

Outlaw Holsters are extremely convenient to use for concealed carrying, especially when compared to other options available. 

Belt Holsters are also OWB holsters that are secured by weaving your belt through its holes. These can be secured to your waist in the same manner as you weave the belt through the beltloops on your pants.

Belt Holsters are secured tightly to your waist, but they make the gun stick very close to your body. So, you might feel uncomfortable when you’re sitting down. And considering that one usually conceals a weapon so that one can function normally in daily life, not sitting is difficult.

On the other hand, Paddle Holsters are secured to your waist in a manner that the gun does not stick very closely to your body. So, sitting down is no problem. 

And in case you do feel uncomfortable with where the holster is placed, you can very easily slide it to a different position without undoing your belt. 

Inside the Waistband, (IWB) holsters are holsters that, unlike OWB Holsters, conceal the weapon inside your pants. 

These holsters provide the highest amount of concealment. But because of their drawbacks, they don’t fulfil everyone’s carrying needs, or for every occasion. 

The first drawback is that usually, one needs to buy pants that are larger to accommodate these holsters. So, it adds clothing requirement which you need to meet if you want to carry. 

Secondly, IWB Holsters only allow you to carry compact low-profile pistols. This is a major drawback for many, who might prefer carrying a high-profile pistol, like Glock 17.

Moreover, it’s a little bit harder to draw your weapon from an IWB Holster than from an OWB Holster. 

They don’t limit you to low-profile pistols, and since they are attached outside your waist, you don’t need to wear a different pair of pants to carry your weapon. 

Your draw time is quicker, but at the same time, you’re quite comfortable while wearing these. 

Paddle Holsters might not provide as high an amount of concealment as IWB Holstersor be secured as strongly to your waist as Belt Holsters. Yet, they hit the sweet spot between concealment and functionality. And that is why you should pick these to fulfil your daily concealed carrying needs. 

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