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The Myth of Codependency and Fear of Commitment: Debunking the Misconceptions

Health, Relationship - Patrick - January 20, 2023

Similar to male enhancement pills, many people have misconceptions about codependency and fear of commitment. Although these two issues can be challenging for many individuals and couples, there are ways to understand them better and move past them. Here we explore some common myths about codependency and fear of commitment, as well as how to cope with both.

What Is Codependency? 

Often seen in romantic relationships or family dynamics, codependency is when one person is overly reliant on another person’s approval or support. This often leads to a sense of powerlessness within the relationship as it can become difficult for the individual who is dependent on their partner or other loved ones to make decisions without seeking approval from them first. In extreme cases, this kind of dependence can lead to emotional manipulation, mental health problems such as anxiety or depression, and trouble trusting others due to feeling unworthy or unable to connect authentically with others due to feelings of shame. 

What Is Fear Of Commitment? 

Fear of commitment is characterized by an unwillingness or difficulty in committing oneself emotionally or physically. It may manifest itself in various forms such as avoiding commitments altogether (e.g., job opportunities), having the inability to commit fully (e.g., marriage), or experiencing intense feelings of dread when considering making a major life decision (e.g., buying a house). It can stem from underlying worries that something bad will happen if they do commit themselves fully – most commonly stemming from childhood experiences, failed past relationships/commitments, trauma-related events, low self-esteem, perfectionism tendencies, etc.  

Myths Vs Facts About Codependency & Fear Of Commitment 

Codependency and fear of commitment are complex topics that carry moral judgments and societal stigma which further contribute to creating myths around them rather than gaining clarity on what they truly mean and why certain people experience them more than others. Below are some popular myths about both codependency and fear of commitment along with facts that debunk these falsehoods: 

Myth #1: Codependent People Are Weak & Selfish 

Fact: Codependent behavior stems from unresolved challenges within a person’s life; it does not necessarily indicate weakness or selfishness but instead presents an opportunity for growth if addressed appropriately through therapy or personal development work such as journaling etc. It also doesn’t necessarily apply only to romantic relationships; it could also refer to any type of relationship where one person has control over the other whether it be at home between parent/child dynamic or in the workplace between boss/employee scenario etc.  

Myth #2: Fear Of Commitment Means You Don’t Love Someone Enough To Stay With Them Long Term 

Fact: As mentioned earlier, fear of commitment isn’t necessarily rooted in lack of love but rather more so related to underlying anxieties that prevent someone from being able to stay committed even if they deeply care for someone else because those anxieties take precedence over any feelings that might exist otherwise; therefore true love doesn’t always guarantee successful long term commitments if someone’s inner obstacles continue preventing progress forward in terms of deepening connections with their partner(s).   

Myth #3: If You Make An Effort To Fix Your Relationship Problems Then Codependence Will Disappear Automatically 

Fact: While certainly helpful for improving communication within a relationship (which is key for managing codependent dynamics between two people), merely trying harder won’t magically cause all existing issues associated with codependence to disappear overnight since usually there needs to be deeper healing work done related with understanding core beliefs formed during childhood development stages which shape our current day responses & reactions towards different types of relationships – whether intimate partnerships or familial dynamics, etc.  

Myth #4: All Relationships Require A Certain Level Of Dependence & Sacrifice On The Part Of Both Parties 

Fact: Healthy relationships involve mutual trust where each party respects boundaries set by each other while still allowing room for compromise; ultimately meaning no one should feel like they’re sacrificing too much just so the other person remains happy since healthy relationships require both parties involved being mindful about meeting each other’s individual needs without taking too much attention away from themselves which eventually causes resentment down the line due creating unbalance within interactions. 

What can we do to address these issues?   

The best approach when addressing both codependency & fear of commitment would be to seek professional help found via psychologists specializing in couples therapy who will provide insight into any patterns present between partners & suggest ways on how these could be resolved using various types of exercises implemented during sessions aimed at increasing the connection points shared between them while also helping to remove obstacles standing in the way of building a healthy foundation together going forward. In addition, regular communication about areas that need improvement should also take place outside of counseling, depending on the situation, as everyone’s path to resolving existing issues is different depending on the level of complexity present.

Finally, addressing any underlying anxieties through psychotherapy individually before attempting to address the same issues together would likely prove beneficial, as root causes need to be identified first before engaging in couples therapy, allowing for easier results to be achieved down the line once patterns responsible for preventing progress made thus far have been identified.

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What to Know Before Starting Online Dating?

Dating, Relationship - Patrick - November 18, 2022

As the popularity of online dating continues to rise, more and more people are turning to this form of communication as a means to meet potential dates. The convenience of being able to search through thousands of profiles in just seconds is enticing for many.

The downside, though, is that it can be difficult to determine whether you’re making an intelligent match with someone who could potentially be your future spouse or not. It’s very easy to fall victim to the “online-friendliness” of the internet and start to believe that anyone who has ever used the word “lazy” in their profile is automatically undesirable. And while there is nothing wrong with taking things slowly when meeting a new person offline, if you’re looking to use online dating as a serious method of finding love, then you need to take some precautions.

You have plenty of options when trying to find love on the web, but they all come with risks. So which one should you choose?

What about free sites like and eHarmony?

While these free dating websites are certainly convenient and cost-effective, they aren’t without their own set of problems. For starters, you will almost always have to pay for additional features or upgrades. Even paying members of these services often end up feeling ripped off because most users don’t realize that they can access certain features by upgrading to premium membership (which can range between $20-$50 per month).

Another problem with these types of sites is that they tend to focus primarily on compatibility rather than personality. While this is a valid approach for some people, it can also result in a lot of missed opportunities, since the main purpose of using these types of sites is to find compatible matches.

This can be especially true if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. If you don’t want to settle down too quickly and are willing to wait until you find the right person to spend your life with, then these types of sites might not be the best option for you.

Why pay for something online when you can do it yourself?

For many people, the idea of spending money every month to find love seems completely out of place. But if you think about it, why would you bother doing anything at all if there was no reward attached? You wouldn’t waste your time going to work if there weren’t any perks waiting for you at the end of the day. That’s how we behave in real life, so why would we expect different results from our virtual lives?

Online dating is no different. When you pay for something, you get what you pay for — and that’s exactly what you’ll receive when you pay for online dating services. So if you’d prefer to save money instead of spending it on an online dating service, why not do it yourself?

There are plenty of ways to do this, including the following:

1. Use Your Smartphone

If you’ve got an Android phone, then you already know how to use your smartphone to find love. With the right apps, you can use your device to scan through countless profiles and swipe left or right on profiles that appeal to you. This type of app-based online dating will give you instant access to thousands of members and allow you to keep track of everyone you’ve met — which means you won’t forget about them once you’ve moved onto another website!

2. Create Your Own Dating Site

If you’re really intent on not spending any money on dating services, then you can create your own site that allows you to browse through hundreds of members and send messages to those who catch your eye. You can even go so far as to offer paid subscription levels depending on how much you want to pay each month. This will give you greater control over what you see and will encourage you to make sure that you’re choosing only those members who truly appeal to you.

3. Join A Community Online

A great way to meet other singles in your area is to join a community or forum that hosts regular events. These events usually consist of various activities such as speed dating, group dinners, etc., where you’ll be able to mingle with other singles and possibly find love along the way.

4. Try Casual Dates

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the office and enjoy some quality time with friends or family. In order to do this, you may want to try casual dates — short weekend getaways where you’ll have the opportunity to hang out with your loved ones and maybe even find love along the way.

5. Meet People Through Friends

If you’re single, there’s a good chance that a friend of yours is either engaged, married, or in a committed relationship. By using this information to help you connect with others, you can easily expand your social circle and increase your chances of finding love. And, if you’re feeling bold, you can ask your current partner or significant other if they mind introducing you to their friends.

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Super Hot Asian Girls

Relationship - Patrick - June 11, 2021

Nowadays, men walk arm in arm with Asian women in city streets. This is a phenomenon that dating gurus have been encountering because many American and European men ask them numerous queries on how to date Asian women.

Every man wants to feel superior or at least wants his opinion to matter. He wants to come home and welcomed by a loving wife who fulfills all his whims or at least rudimentary wishes, for instance, a clean house and a tasty dinner. In today’s epoch of global manumission and gender equality that makes European and American women fervent, it becomes more and more difficult for men to have what they want. With hormonal imbalance because of stress, women are also using Instant female arousal pills to fulfill their physical desires. 

What does a man receive when establishing a relationship with a European or American woman? Endless disputes about equivalence and indictment of its infringement. An attempt to pay for a woman at a restaurant can be considered an offense to her. An innocent request to cook dinner or make coffee can cause a quarrel or accusation of being used by the man.

Dating Asian Women

What will the Asian woman do in this case? It is not a secret that matriarchate is not favored in the East. In Asia, the man is the most important person at home, and all household life pivots upon him. Oriental women take courtesies as gifts, even if your gift is not tangible but just simple praise. Cooking dinner is also a big deal for American and European women, Asian women can be slightly shocked by the fact that their man can be left hungry.

The man should always be satiated and satisfied. It can’t be otherwise. Oriental girls know how to cook and keep the house clean. This is part of their preparation for marriage, like when they choose to study etiquette and good manners in boarding school.

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Free Online Dating Dos And Donts – Learn About The Dos And Donts

Dating, Relationship - Patrick - May 26, 2021

Free online dating dos and donts are priceless. Today, more and more people are starting to consider the benefits of joining a free dating site with websites offering free dating to everyone. Online dating sites have changed the entire world of dating. There are dating games, there’s free Asian dating, there’s free Christian dating… You name it! It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s safe. Meeting new people on dating sites is never hard, but there are ways to make it easier. There are tons of websites that offer online dating tips, but many of them conflict with each other and confuse free date site users. The key to using free dating services successfully is very simple. Just by following a handful of dating tips, you can make your dating experience worthwhile.

A list of the dos and donts are available at the Best Casual Dating sites if you are finding the correct partner. A great experience is available to the people. The choosing of the correct tips is essential for the people to have the desired results. Learning about them is essential for the people. 

Free Dating Do’s

Using absolutely free online dating websites opens you up to a whole world of new people who are as eager to meet you as you are to meet them. Once you do meet somebody you’re interested in, be assertive. Exchange photos before the first date. People are always a little nervous when first meeting and knowing what to expect helps ease the tension. Next, provide details about yourself. What you do for a living, what your interests are, what you studied in college, etc. The more you share, the more interested people will be.

Be sure to talk about positive things. People are using online dating sites to add some fun to their lives, so talk about things that make you happy. It also helps to take your date to do something you truly enjoy doing. If you’re good at bowling, and enjoy it, then go bowling with your date. If you know a lot about art, go to an art exhibit. If you can cook well, make something tasty and go on a picnic. The more fun you have and the more comfortable you feel, the more fun your date will have.

Free Dating Don’ts

Free online dating is fun, but there are some common obstacles you should avoid when using dating sites. Don’t post old, blurry or altered pictures of yourself. Nobody likes surprises, and what’s more surprising on a first date than realizing your date looks nothing like what you expected. Even little things like beards and haircuts are important to include. Plus, the more you update your profile pic to something current, the more likely it is that people will visit your profile page. Don’t go overboard when sharing about yourself. Be open and honest with your date, but be mindful of what you disclose.

Don’t reveal your address or your place of employment until you trust your date. Also, don’t hog the “getting to know you” process. Be sure to listen to your date talk, too. While we’re on the topic of talking, steer clear of depressing conversation. Listening to someone complaint is never fun, especially not while on a date. Avoid topics that make you overly angry or sad. If you have to address something you don’t particularly care for, then be humble about it. When online dating, don’t rant or make speeches about thinks you absolutely abhor. Lastly, Don’t show off. Wanting to show your date how good you are at something is fine, but don’t be cocky about it. People who brag about and flaunt their skills are just annoying and selfish, and you don’t want to be perceived that way, right? Just do your thing naturally and your date will see your talent for himself/herself.

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A Quick Guide On How To Get Her Back

Relationship - Patrick - May 10, 2021

So you have just broken up with your girlfriend and now you wonder how to get her back. This time can be a major life challenge. How do you get her back? First and foremost focus on yourself and see what you need to change that might affect the relationship and in order to learn about this self-analysis just read this Ashley Madison Review. Do you have issues with a temper? How is your attitude? Do you respect her and yourself? Contemplate these issues and see where you can build yourself up. Make yourself all you can be! Perhaps it could be something as simple as not hanging out with your friends as much and devoting more time to her.

Are you too emotional? It might be time to get things under control emotionally before you try to mend the relationship. Anger and even sadness can put major stress on the relationship. Girls typically do not like guys who are overly emotional or even clingy. This could be something to work on and get under control before even approaching getting her back. If you are a jealous person it is time to reel that in. Girls can have guy friends just as well as guys can have friends that are girls.

Oftentimes girls need space. In order to get her back allow her to see what she is missing. Help her to transition and possibly work on some of the same things you are working on and allow each other to grow personally to build the relationship into something strong that cannot be broken ever again.

Working on these personal issues can ensure that when you do get her back, things will be stronger and more cherished. Relationships are not easy and often there are bumps in the road that cause strain. Working on things that are personal to ourselves and giving others time to do the same can help both parties and even give something in common to talk about and build from.

Perhaps by reflecting on these simple yet very important issues, you might learn a thing or two about what really went wrong between the two of you and might even teach you how to get her back.

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