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How Did Shincheonji Shape The Ideas Of People Regarding The Church?

Religion and Culture - Patrick - March 15, 2021

In this Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020, photo, workers wearing protective gears spray disinfectant against the new coronavirus in front of the Shincheonji church in Daegu, South Korea. South Korea on Friday, Feb. 21, declared a "special management zone" around a southeastern city where a surging viral outbreak, largely linked to a church in Daegu, threatens to overwhelm the region's health system. (Kim Jun-beom/Yonhap via AP)

Many people consider religion as a necessary component in their life. They are curious to know the beginning of their religion and how it got shaped through different eras. The origin of any religion is very important because it informs people about its beginning, things that might have affected its origin, and its people. A lot of people also follow the controversial religious movement in South Korea for several reasons.

What was the idea behind translating the Bible?

The temple mentioned in the Bible has been brought to life and is not called the Shincheonji temple. This is the main idea of origin behind the religious movement. Then, the movement was explored in different ways to make people aware of it. , The founder of the religious movement, Lee, has taken a lot of time in solving the elements to bring the movement to light. 

At first, people had strange thoughts about the idea that was getting untangled by Lee. One of the very important components of the Bible is having a common approach to have a single thought about it. Many other people also tried to interpret the Bible, leaving their ideas along with it. The idea that Lee told was hard to ignore, which compelled many people to question their thoughts.

How did Lee decide to handle the covenant of the Church?

The concept of the Bible is divided into two covenants which are based on different ideas and origins. The Bible requires that the two covenants respect each other’s ideologies and history. Even though the covenants mainly revolve around Jesus, it is no harm in saying that the two covenants are inter-related. Even after introducing the latest covenant, people did not forget the concept of the old covenant. The argument that has been going for ages regarding the old covenant has been rationalized to update it according to people’s latest time and thinking. The new ideas brought in the latest covenant are considered to match the people’s ideas, so they do not have a lot of issues with it. 

Why are the members of the Church getting blamed for spreading coronavirus?

Many countries have been facing the difficulties that came with coronavirus. The way the governing hand of a country handle the issues and keep their citizens safe makes them better than other countries. South Korea is not far from having a huge amount of people suffering from coronavirus. Daegu has become the largest part of South Korea with the highest number of coronavirus cases. During the coronavirus outbreak, many controversial activities took place to show that a particular group is responsible for spreading it. 

Even the media took an interest in shaping a group for increasing the number of cases of coronavirus. People from different sectors came forward and blamed the religious movement representatives for not taking enough precautions to curb coronavirus. During the beginning of rising cases, the medical teams also faced problems collecting the details about the patients and their activities. 

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