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Why Most Bloggers Fail as Webmasters?

Internet, SEO - Patrick - June 7, 2020

People create and fill pages upon pages of content; some of it is great, some is good but there is also plenty of plain and pure crap. But this is not what this article about.

As bloggers develop they begin to learn about link popularity, search engine optimization, and perhaps the main driving force behind it all – a chance to earn via an advertisement or affiliate links. It becomes a never-ending circle – to earn more you have to develop blog popularity and to develop popularity you have to create content loved equally by readers and search engines. is what you can check out as you get into this business. They will help you with the creation of content that is optimized for search engines. 

Unfortunately, most bloggers are not webmasters and while optimizing a blog for Search Engines a bit different than regular sites, basic principals still apply. Principals that apply to every single piece of content published on the internet. Principals that are timeless, no matter how much algorithms that search engines use will change and even if they will become semantic. Principals that will guarantee your content will not only be entertaining and interesting to readers but also easily found through search engines.

These are the basic principals, following which you can easily ensure your blog content is well-positioned for search engines in their current development stage as well as for the future:

Before writing your new article find the most relevant keywords or keyphrase for the topic.    Make sure to include that keyword in your article title and if at all possible make it the first word of your title.    Make sure your keyword or keyphrase is included in the first and last paragraphs. In the opening paragraph, it should be within the first 200 words and it is best if your keyword or keyphrase integrated into the last sentence of your article.    

Include your keyword into article content. Try to shoot for a ratio of 1% minimum but if you can manage to get 2-3% it will be even better.    

While integrating your keywords be tasteful. It is important to have your article loved by search engines but if your content is overloaded with keywords out of place – you will simply lose your readers.  That is it. Simple isn’t it? And yet easily forgotten by so many. Once you get used to following these basic guidelines it will become second nature for you and each and every post you create will become not only readers’ delight but search engine bait. And believe me, your efforts will be greatly compensated by the free traffic you will receive from search engines.

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