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Everything You Need to Know ABout Open-Source Software

Software - Patrick - December 31, 2020

Lots of companies are now using open source software as a competitive advantage. This tool has helped different organizations to be ahead in the competition. But what exactly is an open source software. How does this software help companies? To answer such questions, this article will go through some of the important things that you need to know about open source software.

Simply explained, open source software is a kind of software release without the usual copyright restrictions. Hence, any developer who created an open source system is willing to let other people use his software for their own reasons and purposes. Since open source software is free, this tool is perfect for people and businesses.

Since it is totally free, the public can use open source software. The main characteristic of an open source software is that users have the access and freedom to distribute the software on, with or without the changes that they created. This means that there will be no end product in this kind of process. Open source software is constantly changing and developing, encouraging collaboration among users. One of the most popular examples of an open source system is WordPress, Open Office, browsers like Wikipedia, Mozilla Firefox, operating system like Linus and others.

Now, you might be wondering what makes an open source system. Well, the main reason why open source software is called such name is because of the license attach to it. Open source licenses or also known as free software licenses can be both explicit and implicit. This is what makes open source software unique among other types of software. It allows different users to grant over the product. Hence, they can change and redistribute the software.

It is also important that you are aware of the differences between open source software and freeware. Most of the people are confused with the differences between the two. But the reality is that, freeware refers to a kind of software where users have the freedom to download and use without spending any amount of money. But the thing is, freeware do not grant users to change the source code.

One of the best things about open source software is that it can be used for wide variety of things especially for businesses. For example, a company that uses OS software has the ability and freedom to have solutions that they can use for different aspects of their business such as customer relations management, accounting, point of sale transactions and even enterprise resource management. As a matter of fact, lots of professionals and teams in the company are using OSS for most of their work.

There are different types open source license. While all types of open source license are basically the same, they differ in terms of the extent to which these open source licenses allow users to change the source code. One of the common and popular types of open source license is the MIT license. This license allows users to change the original source code with just a minimal restrictions. It alos allows users to relicense the software. Another type of open source license is the GNU General Public License. The thing about this software is that it grants access to anyone who writes store code under the software and then release it as an open source. Apalache License has stricter rulers and it is basically the same with other open source licenses. But the thing is that, this kind of open source license has stricter ruyles when it comes to retribution. Other types of open source licenses are CDDL or Common Development and Distribution License and BSD License.

As mentioned earlier, there are wide variety of benefits of using open source software especially for companies. One of those is that it is totally free. As a matter of fact, according to estimation, companies are able to save almost 50 euros billion every year with the help of an open source system. Through features of open source systems such as modifications, improvements and updates, companies experience cost efficiency.

Another advantage of using open source software is versatility. Through this kind of software, companies are no longer locked into using a certain vendor’s system. Companies are able to adapt to their needs and use it in conjunction with the products of other vendors. Security is another benefit that companies can experience with the help of an open source system. One of the best things about open source software is that it always offers transparency to users. Since OSS is open to lots of experts and programmers across the globe, they are continually inspecting and studying the code for development and improvement. Open source software also evolves faster compared to traditional source software. Since, everyone who has access can modify the code, the process or the development of the system happens in a quick manner. Last but not the least, open source software promotes a community. Since it is free to the public domain, there will be a community who will collaborate to make the software better. For more information about OSS, you can visit

Overall, OSS has been very helpful and beneficial for companies and professionals across the globe. Through its unique features, companies are able to save huge amount of money and they have freedom over the software. In the future, open source software are expected to become further enhanced and developed.

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