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Preparing And Recovering From Laser Spine Surgery

Guide, Health, Spine - Patrick - May 12, 2021

There are thousands of surgeries and treatments to cure spinal damages. The latest and most advanced are developed on the view to reduce the pain and simultaneously wrap up the job quick and clean. Spine surgeon Newport Beach CA hospitals have one of the finest and latest equipment and methods installed to provide effective treatment at one go. Unlike many traditional processes, these don’t have the obligation of repeated sessions on post-treatment. Among the advanced cure, laser treatment is the most preferred. Seldom do people first choose for it as many have misconceived the lasers being harmful to the body.

Are Laser Treatments Good?

Overcoming the misconception of harm to the body, if administered properly, they do wonders in the treatments like:

  • Lasers are directed to the target bones or muscles. They expertly burn or melt the extra growth or the compressed discs.
  • Inserting medicines or supportive gels is also possible as the thin insertion precisely deposits in the right place.
  • Tumours and ulcers that may damage the bones and surrounding muscles are melt easily without disturbing other organs or tissues.
  • The laser treatment combats the traditional process of cutting open and performing the surgery. As a result, the skin isn’t damaged, and post-treatment stitches removal is also avoided.

The lasers are used only if the damage and case are dire and urgent. Generally, the primary medication consists of oral medicines or injections. Physiotherapy can also provide relief to a great extent.

What Can Be The Loop Holes?

The laser treatment can also have side effects and complications if the process isn’t progressed properly.

  • The nerves and tissues connected to the spinal cord can get damaged. The laser might burn them up, which leads to further undesired complications.
  • The heat of the radiations can be harmful to the internal body parts.
  • If the injections inserted aren’t properly sanitised and sterilised can lead to infections and septic issues. There may be local swelling and pain. Antibiotics and painkillers are extra prescribed to avoid discomfort.

Any experienced spine surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, uses fresh and sanitised equipment while operating. Moreover, the medical terms have guidelines for the range and the frequency of the lasers used. The minimally invasive and pain-free methods are most common with little requirement of pills and medicines post-surgery.

Recovery Expectations

Recovery is a challenging part where the patients play a major role in nurturing their body for complete fit results.

  • The recovery time may range from two weeks for small surgeries to a lengthy time of 8-12 weeks for the complex ones. But effectively, the chronic back pains and postural issues are quite cleared.
  • The work nature also affects the recovery. Though the bones and ligaments are completely set, it is advised to avoid physical exertion and heavy lifting weights. The jobs concerning physical efforts and long hours in certain positions can strain the raw parts again.
  • The diet plays a major role in strengthening the body. Under the influence of antibiotics and pain killers, the body demands high nutrient food to cope with the side effects. Moreover, calcium and bone hardening components are most desired in the food to rejuvenate quick.
  • Exercise in proper measures is of utmost importance. If the patients aren’t prescribed bed rests, they can start practising simple bending or yoga exercises. It facilitates the movements and helps avoid the rigidity of the bones.

In contrast to the traditional treatment, the laser ones require less time to spring back. The traditional ways that include the cut and stitch processes take time to revive the skin and muscles so engaged. However, the patients can effectively jump off for work and play within a matter of nearly four weeks. There are seldom any complications, and the process is recommended safe. 

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