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Pickle Ball Paddle- Summer Game Venture

Sports - Patrick - April 6, 2021

Anyone for tennis? Well, this summer is going to be pretty hot compared to the previous ones because last year everyone was confined to their homes due to corona virus but now the lockdown has eased out considerably, which makes it the perfect opportunity to go for outdoor games.

It becomes difficult to choose among the many sports but today, based on the title, we’ll go for tennis because pickle ball paddle is something that most readers would not have heard of.

What it is about we’ll find out right now and clear certain doubts regarding the sport because we all love to practice for a few hours in order to keep ourselves in shape, which is something that even senior citizens should get into given the circumstances.

High Expectations

It goes without saying that health is the primary concern for many people and one cannot simply stay holed up within the four walls of house so many folks are utilizing this opportunity to get into tennis.

Tennis has a long history to its name and we’ll begin the article pickle ball paddle because there are folks that are familiar with the term racquet than this so by definition, it is a paddle ball sport where you combine tennis, table tennis and badminton to make up an interesting mixture.

An interesting combination to say the least so when you have some important points to speak about it because it is similar but very different when you’re playing with it and doing the same with a tennis racquet is different.

Racquet sport is the right term for it where you have this hard solid wooden paddle where you have to hit the polymer ball that is quite similar to a waffle ball, which is a smaller variation of baseball.

Tennis and baseball are different but entertaining sports played in the western world but the net used in the former has around 40 holes where you have the scenario similar to a badminton court where the rules and regulations are similar to tennis but again quite different.

Pickle ball originated in the late 50s to early 60s when it slowly started to gather steam where it so happened that a couple of kids where found playing it as a backyard alley venture.

Buying Matter

When you’re out buying some of the best pickle ball paddles you can find, make sure to keep certain points in mind because you can’t just stumble upon a shop and select any random paddle that you come across.

At the same time, you should never compromise on quality aspect even though it might be relatively expensive because the starting price of a good paddle is $50 where the wooden ones are from $10 to $30, composite ones from $40 to $150 and graphite ones from $60 to $170.

Then the weight of the paddle where it should be neither too light nor too heavy so that you can keep a firm grip on it while hitting the shuttlecock where you can manage the entire game perfectly.

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The Best Boxing Guard For You

Sports - Patrick - May 11, 2019

Whether you are a gym owner, trainer, an amateur boxer or a professional one, you need boxing body protectors for a better boxing experience. Just like any other equipment, boxing body protectors come in different types. These safety gears vary based on the materials used, prices, quality and functionality. Thus, with a lot of options available in the market, how would you choose the best boxing body guard suitable for you? This article will help you answer that question. Here are the different boxing body protectors.

RDX Boxing Belly

If you are looking for an affordable body protector, RDX boxing belly is the best deal for you. Its sleek and design compact make it appropriate for rounds where movement is needed. However, this is not ideal for training punches to the chest.

RDX boxing belly can definitely absorb punches to your belly and side areas. Targetting your middle section will not make much damage. In addition, one of the downsides of this gear is the soft foam below the padding. This will deliver some big impact under your belly.

Ringside Gel

For first time buyers, Ringside Gel Super Body Protector is the best choice. Like RDX Boxing Belly, it is also affordable yet high quality, durable, and portable. This type of body protector weighs below 4 pounds but can definitely absorb punches. Also, with the help of DAT technology, it balances a hollow spot behind the target making sure that the impact will fully dissipate.

Title Gel

Title gel body protector provides thicker padding than other types of body protector. It has 3 multilayer foam so punches and strikes of your opponents will definitely be absorbed. With its gel enforced lining system, additional protection is appreciated. It might be bulky compared to other body protectors, but it can surely protect you and absorb punches because of the double weight of the belly pad.

Fairtex Belly Pad

Fairtex can also offer the advantages and benefits of other body protectors. Thus, this belly protector offers extreme protection against stronger punches. In addition to its portability and shock absorption, it also has some closure system. With its portability, users can adjust the waistline for better movement, ease and comfort. Lastly, fairtex protectors are very easy to handle with glove son.

In this light, body protectors are more than just an equipment in sports. With its different types that comes with variety of benefits, you’ll have wide options of protectors to pick. Clearly, with these boxing body protectors, you’ll boxing will be even more exciting, thrilling and most importantly, safe and protected. So, whether you are a gym owner, trainer, or an amateur or professional boxer, you must eb able to determine the right type of body protectors that greatly fit your needs. Never underestimate the power of these equipment, because they can provide a lot of benefits more than what we thought it could. So what are you waiting now? Go and find the best type of body protector for you.

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Rapid Rise to the Top; A year after slow start, track team wins state title

Sports - Patrick - February 15, 2019

ALBUQUERQUE — More than a year ago, the Cimarron High School boys track team won the 1600-meter relay at a meet in Clayton. It was the first time that year the boys had placed first in any event.

“We were jumping up and down after that relay,” remembers team member Cody Pittman. “With that win in the mile relay, we realized what we could do.”

Fast forward to this past Saturday, as the Rams claimed the Class A boys state track and field championship.

“It’s awesome,” says Pittman, now a CHS senior. “The credit goes not to just our team and to our coaches, but to God as well. It’s awesome — it’s the best I can say it.”

En route to the Class A team title, the Ram boys took first place in three individual events and three relays, and five other top-six placings.

Ram coach Joe Giglia remembers the parents’ meeting prior to the 2012 season, in which he told the parents and athletes that “‘you are working for three years from now.’ Darned if they didn’t make it happen in their second year.”

Junior Henry Sime says that relay victory in 2012 was “where we first realized we are a better team than everyone — and even we — thought we were.”

Sophomore Jacob Subratie adds it made the athletes realize they had what it took to accomplish bigger things.

“The coaches told us to carry that with you into a state,” Subratie remembers about heading into the state meet last year, adding the coaches reminded them that “everyone on this team has got one more race” and could continue to progress.

Sime adds that cross-country and summer running helped. The Ram boys won the Class A state title in cross country last fall.

“Being on a state championship team and pushing each other got everybody much better,” he says.

Senior Malik Subratie says, because he and his teammates push each other in practice, it makes them better on the track.

“It’s amazing how much they push you,” he says. “You always want to get better and be at the same level as the rest of your team.”

“We push each other, encourage each other,” adds senior Stephen Hawkes. “We’re really a tightly-knit family. That thought just makes me want to work harder, for their sake.”

Sophomore Efrain Acosta says the athletes keep in mind the advice Giglia gives them when it comes to working hard.

“Coach always tells us that work always beats talent if talent doesn’t work,” Acosta says.

Malik Subratie says the tradition the Rams have for a quality program helps, crediting Giglia for the work he puts into the program. “We just happen to be the latest installment,” he says.

And Pittman believes the Rams will carry forward their latest high level of success — a level that only grew ever since that 1600-meter relay team took first in Clayton more than a year ago.

“This is just the beginning,” the senior says. “These kids coming up will be back.”

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