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Ask The Tarot More Empowering Questions For Everyday Situations

Arts and Entertainment, Guide, Tarot Reading - Patrick - May 19, 2021

In a scene from the movie Labyrinth, Sarah, the protagonist, is attempting to find the entrance to the labyrinth. She must do this to rescue her infant brother Toby from Jareth, the Goblin King. On her own, she cannot find a way in. She stumbles across Hoggle and asks him if he knows where the door to the labyrinth is. He responds with a noncommittal “Maybe.” Sarah asks again, “Where is it?” which earns her “Where is what?” in reply. After a third failed attempt to get the answer she seeks, she declares that it is hopeless. Hoggle replies, “Not if you ask the right questions.” Exasperated, Sarah asks, “How do I get into the labyrinth?”. Hoggle points and says, “You gets in there.”

Before tarot card reading at the online platform, you can ask some questions from the experts. They will inform you about the correct answers to find the reality behind the spiritual future. The understanding of the facts and figures related to tarot card reading is essential for the people. 

This particular scene illustrates the power of asking the right question. Sarah didn’t get the answer she needed until she found a better question to ask. The Tarot is a bit like Hoggle; it’s literal. It has no way of knowing what you intend to ask from what you have vocalized. You can get better answers, like Sarah eventually does, if you keep the following in mind:

  1. Use “What?” or “How?” instead of “Will?”. They are more emboldening and put you in the driver’s seat of your Tarot reading.

Are you job-hunting and want to know about landing a job? Ask, “What can I do to maximize my job-hunting efforts?” or “How can I stand out from the other applicants?” as opposed to, “Will I get a job?”. The first two questions are more empowering than the third; the latter oozes being downtrodden. Don’t let your questions defeat you before you begin; empower yourself!

  1. Use “Where?” selectively.

Use “Where?” questions with caution. Asking, “Where can I do the most good for the company?” is great! It shows a willingness to think outside the box and to adapt. “Where is the money Uncle Archibald left in his will?”, isn’t so great. It sets up the expectation of a sudden windfall, which is outside of the seeker’s control. It is dis-empowering.

  1. Rephrase “When?” questions.

Everyone wants to know when. “When will I make it big?”, “When will he return?”, “When should I take a trip?”. These questions all put emphasis on timing. They create the expectation that things will happen if a certain amount of time has passed. The second example also indicates waiting for someone else to decide to come back. Ask instead, “How can I maximize my efforts to be successful?” “How can I release myself from this stuck-on-an-old-love situation?” and “What do I need to consider before planning a trip?”

  1. Include a time frame in your question.

Who wouldn’t want to know an event will happen? It’s popular to ask Tarot readers “When?” about the topic of love. “What will happen the area of love?” is too general and vague. Consider rephrasing it to become, “What will happen in next the 3 months’ time for me in the area of love?” This question allows the reading to become more focused because the client added a time frame. This adds depth and detail and allows you to look in detail at the upcoming months. “What new developments are in store at work for the next 6 months?” is a another good timing question. Note: Take care when asking about timing. “You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.” The same is true for Tarot. For the rock to roll, someone must push it. Without taking action, there can be no results.

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