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Tweak Your Wifi Settings – Do the right settings!!

Guide, Internet, Technology, Wi-Fi - Patrick - January 12, 2021

We are often asked if there are settings that need to be changed when using WiFi. What most people mean is, order viagra online, “Are there different settings for using the WiFi at Flying J rest stops from the settings I use at a Coach Connect RV park from those at a Tengo Internet RV park?” The answer to that question is generally ‘No’. Other than the fact that you need to be sure your WiFi is connecting to the correct signal (coach, order viagra online, flyingj, order viagra online, tengo), order viagra online, there are no different settings to make it work at different public hotspots.

You should do the correct settings for the uk wireless booster to get secure internet connection. There is no need of carrying the broadband along with you. The access of the internet is possible at each place of the home. It is increasing the benefits of the Internet lovers to watch movies and other things.

There are lots of settings that can be tweaked to improve your performance. Top among these are your Power Management settings. Laptops especially want to save battery power by turning things off, order viagra online, or turning them down. You don’t want it to turn off your WiFi adapter!

To check your power management settings you need to go to your ‘Network Connections’ screen. You can get there with Control Panel, order viagra online, but the easiest way is by right-clicking on your Wireless icon in the lower right corner and choosing Open Network Connections. Once there, order viagra online, you should see a section for Lan or High-Speed Internet. In that section you’ll see a ‘Wireless Network Connection’ (there should only be one.) Right click on that to see the following screen:

(Vista: Network and Sharing Center, order viagra online, Manage Wireless Networks, order viagra online, Adapter Properties)

Now you want to click on the button that says, order viagra online, ‘Configure’ next to the name of your Wireless Network adapter. From here on, order viagra online, everyone’s screen will be different depending on your adapter. But you should be able to find a setting for Power Management and turn it off.

On mine, order viagra online, there’s a checkbox that says, order viagra online, “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” I have that checkbox UNchecked.

The next most important thing is to be sure you’re using the most current driver. You will find the date of your driver somewhere in these same adapter configuration screens. Make a note of that date, order viagra online, then go to the website for the company who makes your particular adapter and search for driver updates.

Our friends at WiFi-Texas have gathered many of the updated drivers and put them all in one place for your convenience. They also have a lot of information on other settings you can tweak to get the best performance.

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