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A background check investigates the candidate’s background based on the employer’s requirements. It can include confirmation of the candidate’s employment, criminal records, and others. There are different background checks, and the processing time for each varies depending on information, availability of data, and legal requirements. The most common background checks are employment background checks; when one applies for a position employers, often run background checks on employees working under them via drug testing or criminal background checks to ensure a safe workplace. Companies generally use a cloud-based system that allows employers to request background checks and review these reports online. These checks get done using agencies, and each description gets charged, and the process can take anywhere from one to five days to complete. 

What are the types of backgrounds check that gets done, and how much time do they take?

Types of background verifications done on a candidate include:

(i) Checking for candidate’s history: This type of background check takes one to five days and get usually done to avoid hiring a person who could pose a threat to the workplace. 

(ii) Personal background check: This gets done by the candidate and takes less than a day to complete. They can screen themselves to know what their employers see about them when they run a background check. It must get noted that asking about age, ethnicity, age during an interview is illegal. Such protected information should not get used as it can influence employment decisions. 

(iii) Professional license: Such background checks get done for specific jobs that require permits to work, such as a doctor, accountant, or a realtor, to verify if they possess a valid license which protects the employer from hiring the wrong people. 

(iv) Credit score: It involves checking the credit background of the candidate. Credit score refers to one’s credit to debt ratio. Jobs in the finance industry conduct this type of screening to avoid possible fraud and embezzlement. 

(v) Criminal background check: These take one to three days to complete and include the basic information that can be searched through specialized databases using a security number. 

Background services can get conducted by full-service companies or online DIY websites. Full-service companies carry a thorough investigation to understand the candidate and also interact with the applicant and get their consent to obtain any information. They are a little on the expensive side but are one of the best background check options available. On the other hand, DIY websites are comparatively cheaper and operate similar to search engines. But these do not guarantee accurate results. DIY websites get usually preferred during a personal background check. While finding the best background check services is easy, one must be very careful while choosing these services. You must ensure that the companies comply with legal regulations during the investigation, don’t take more than a couple of days to respond, and are easy to use. The employer must remember to get consent from the applicant before conducting a background check. 

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