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Day In The Life Of A Pediatric Oncology Nurse

As you would understand, a pediatric oncology nurse is the professional who is going to work with all the pediatric patients. They work with an expert and help to treat those who are undergoing any kind of treatment of some sort of cancer. In this blog, we are going to discuss more about the roles and responsibilities of such a nurse and learn more about the profession. If you are looking for oncology tools, then you are welcome to the Oncology marketing toolkit.

Patient Population

Pediatric oncology nurse work along side the pediatric patients who are mostly under the age of 18 years, or at times they can be also at the age of around 21 years. The majority of the patients that work with the nurses have been diagnosed with some kind of cancer and are at different stages of the disease. From diagnosis to the remission of the disease, they help in all. When they are assisting in any pediatric nursing position, then pediatric oncology nurses are always ready to address the patient’s family. That is why the pediatric clinic is often really an emotional place to be in, where come to see their close ones. A lot of people need to be comforted and are not at all easy to communicate.

Clinical Environment

The environment in most of the clinics is very professional and the pediatric oncology nurse work in a special pediatric oncology unit. This unit only deals with cancer related problems in children and young people within the age of 21 years. The hospital can be a specialized children’s hospital or even a hospital with general population that includes a separate wing for children’s treatment. Depending on the kind of hospital one is working, the clinical environment will vary.

Typical Daily Procedures

There is quite a good rigor that can also be associated to the work of a pediatric oncology nurse on a daily basis. Oncology covers almost all kind of cancer and each one of them have their own set of characteristics and behaves differently than the others. That is why there is a huge amount of errands that needs to be done. Pediatric oncology nurses have the responsibility to br knowledgeable and educated a person the various protocols of the treatment and stay organized at all times whenever treating the patient. Almost everyday, the nurses will have to assist the doctor on surgeries, radiation therapy or chemo treatment. Even though nurses will not lead the children in physical therapy, they have to ensure that all the appointment and treatment of the patient are carried out properly. A pediatric oncology nurse also needs to review and update the charts of individual patients.

Daily Physical Requirements

As a pediatric oncology nurse, it is important that the person is physically fit and healthy. The role is physically demanding and that too on a day to day basis. Most of the children who are suffering from this deadly disease will not have enough energy or strength to carry out their own activities. That is why nurses will have to help them in feeding, keeping them clean, etc. at all times. Depending on the age of the child, it can be a really hectic and exhausting task.

Daily Emotional Considerations

Emotional challenges of working with the children dealing with problems related to cancer is apparent and is a part of the regular life of a pediatric oncology nurse. But, these challenges seem much more manageable nowadays due to the high advancements in the field of medicine and medical technology. Modern medicines have made huge improvements over the past decade, that provides better treatment to diseases like leukemia. So, the survival rates are much higher. Still, there will always be an emotional distress that a pediatric oncology nurse will feel and they are also required to provide moral support to the patient and their family members as well.

So, these are some important information regarding the daily work life of a pediatric oncology nurse in details. This is a very serious role to take part in and only those who are mentally and physically fit, should be applying to get the job of a pediatric oncology nurse.

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