Die Set And Bullet Reloading Units – Essentials For Gun Owners 

Gun owners consistently have to look for alternatives to reduce the cost of ammunition for their guns, for which they end up buying a bullet reloading toolset that involves the press and reloading dies. The reloading kit uses fired bullet shells, and with some extra add-ons like the bullet tip and primer, you are ready to fire the same ammunition again.

Although this requires some extra physical work, an initial setup, and some regular supplies of tools but yet, in the long run, this is a very cost-effective way. However, it might be pretty hard for a beginner to reload the bullet correctly and even gather the knowledge on how to do it precisely, reducing any chance of jamming of the gun or accidental outcomes.

Two Primary Types Of Reloading Die Set 

We will be using the example of a 6.5mm Grendel reloading die kit and a 6.5mm Creedmoor die set to explain the two types of the die. The former one here is a 3-die set, and the latter is the 4-die set which is the primary type. However, both the dies are equally efficient in reloading bullets, and the difference is only created by an extra step involved in the 4-die set, about which you can find more info here.

Components of a Grendel 3-die set are as follows:

  • A full-length sizing and decapping die to serve the initial purpose of bringing the used shell back into its actual shape. As on firing, the shell expands a little due to the pressure created by the gun powder.
  • Then there is a bullet seating die used to adjust the bullet head on the shell mouth once it is filled with gunpowder. This die plays a vital role as the bullet head must be placed right; otherwise, it could miss the target or jam the gun nozzle.
  • The third and final is the crimp die with standard threads for matching the reloaded bullet with the original one. Crimp die tightens the bullet tip with the cartridge body so that it does not come off itself unless a gun fires the bullet.

Components of a Creedmoor 4-die set

  • Just like the previously mentioned set, it also has the full-length sizing and decapping die. For a difference, one can also choose a kit that comes with a neck sizing die only. The neck sizing die shapes the neck and not the full shell.
  • Again, there is a dead-length bullet seating die that serves the purpose of holding the bullet tip on the cartridge mouth before it could be crimped.
  • Then comes the crimp die, which is one of the essential die among the set because it ensures the least run-out of bullet head from the shell’s neck.
  • Additionally, this set has a collet neck sizing die that serves the purpose of tightly packing the case and the mandrel precision for a stable fitting like a machine-made brand new bullet.

Other Items Included In The Process Of Reloading A Used Bullet

The pressing machine comes in various options and with a variety of attachments for making the work easy. Some popular extensions include the gun powder holder, bullet primer holder and capping unit, multi-level rotor-based pressing, and die holding units. If you have the budget, it would be recommended to go for a fully equipped pressing machine instead of a single-level press to make your work easy and fast.

The universal shell holder comes with almost every die kit that makes it easy to grab the shell in position when pressed in the machine providing linear pressing and eliminating any chances of the shell moving from its place.

Maintenance Of Die Sets For Prolonging The Tear-Out Situation

This is necessary to take care of the die set as they are also prone to tear out after continuous use and reloading tons of ammunition. This primarily happens because of applying extra pressure on the pressing machine while sizing or crimping the bullet. Thus it is recommended to apply controlled pressure only. Lubing the die during continuous use will also add up to the equipment’s longevity, about which you can find more info here.

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