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Discover Ways To Exercise With Kettlebells – Check the ways 

This workout will show you five of the best exercises that use kettlebells for working out your lower body. These will do a lot to develop your muscle and to eliminate fat from your body. What I want to point out to you is how kettlebell exercises can be done almost anywhere. First, I want you to see the front squat double kettlebell drill.

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Hold your kettlebells at the level of your shoulders. Keep your hips back and don’t bend your knees. What you want to do is break the parallel plane and squat as far downward as you can go as your abdominals are braced.

Power yourself back up with your hips. Next is the tactical lunge that is your basic lunge with a small difference.

As you begin, lunge to the rear and take the kettlebell under your leading thigh, passing it to your other hand.

Do both sides of your body, keeping your torso straightened. The next exercise lets you do the pistol squat.

Get the kettlebell at the level of your chest and stand on one leg, holding the second one to the front.

Squat down as low as you can go and then power back on the return. Finish your reps on one side and then do the other side.

The dead lift with one leg to the rear is going to help a lot too.

Grab the kettlebell with two hands out in front.

Moving your hips to the rear and standing on one foot, you lower yourself and then squeeze your glutes on the return. Finally, I want to tell you about the Turkish Get Up exercise for the abs.

Lying down, hold your kettlebell overhead with your arm extended and straightened elbow. On the side of the arm holding the bell, bend your leg as you lift up your chest to get into lunge position, pushing up. To return to the lying posture, lower your opposite knee to the floor and then lower your upper body pack to the ground. Do all this with that arm pushed out holding the kettlebell. These exercises will amaze you at how well you can work your body in a small area with just a kettlebell.

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