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Easy Ways To Blast Belly Flab

When asked about how a person can shed flab around the tummy area, they often want to know about how cardio can help. The answer is of course that cardio isn’t going to help the tummy problem at all. There’s no way you can compare the aerobic workout most people do with resistance and interval training. Plain and simple: the most effective way to combat body fat is through interval workouts along with the use of the best diet pills for women, not cardiovascular workouts and steroids.

I’ve been a fitness pro for over a fifteen-year period and I’ve not only worked with my own body, but I’ve worked with all types of athletes. I’ve practically lived in gyms and research labs and I’ve even conducted a lot of studies myself. I’ve met people that are not just like you, but they have come from all walks of life and many are similar to you in the way they want to lose fat.

What I’m saying is that my experience has shown that I know what works and what doesn’t and I’m always looking for ways to improve my life and yours. I like to talk about what is going to help you most if you are a busy, productive person who wants to feel better, look better, and have a longer, healthier life.

Being more realistic than your typical workout mag, I understand you can’t find an hour and a half every day to exercise. Fortunately, you don’t need to.

If you’re able to do everything they say in the mags, you’re going to have to be either independently wealthy or homeless, because no one can spend that much time working out unless they have no need to work or pay bills. Besides, if you’re not a pro and you’re not trying to be in a triathlon, you really don’t need to be exercising ten hours a week. Come on.

You are interested in losing weight and looking and feel better. To do that, you have to reduce your fat content and develop your muscular system. It’s that simple.

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