Editorial Guidelines

We, at Festival Of The Photograph Magazine, exercise independent journalism and our editors are given the editorial freedom that our media now much deserves.

However, there are some strict guidelines under which our writers and editors operate and they are as follows.

  1. We do not post content that is plagiarized or is protected by copyright. We only recognize original content and if it contains copyrighted media then we approach the right holder for the permission.
  2. We do not post any strictly political statement that is biased. We tell all the sides of the story and our articles are not made to shape someone’s thinking in our way. We focus more on building perception that encourage our personal opinions.
  3. We never post any content that discriminates against any section of the society. Sexist, racist, patriarchal or any discriminative thinking is not and should never be reflected by our content.
  4. We do not allow self-promotion on our site unless we have permitted it.
  5. We do not post any content that may hurt religious feelings of any individual and we try to keep religion away from our works.
  6. We do not trigger anyone or any section of society.

These are the guidelines under which our editors work. If you have ever seen our articles violating these guidelines then we will appreciate it if you send us the URL of the articles and tell us what particularly did you find in violation to these guidelines, our E mail address is complaint.festivalofthephotograph@gmail.com.