Four Essential Benefits of Drinking Spring Water

Spring water also known as live water is known to be organic, fresh and unprocessed. It is also known as fresh spring water or simply water from rainfall. This kind of drinking water is very essential, pure in form and has wide variety of benefits. Spring water is free of all contaminants that come with tap water like bacteria, lead, copper, and other toxins that are picked up from pipes it passes through. Aside from that, here are some of the essential benefits to our body of drinking spring water 

Critical Nutrients

One of the real benefits of drinking spring water is that it gives our body critical nutrients. Basically, when water passes through the soil, it also passes through microorganisms and microbes within the soil. And because of the new chemical makeup that exists in this process, the water natural gravitates upward toward the sun through a spring. This is also considered the path that has least resistance. As a result, when all of these nutrients together with other additional ingredients, our body will benefit from its natural organisms.

Oxygenates Body Cells

Another essential benefit of drinking natural spring water is that it oxygenates our body cells. As what we’re told, our body needs 80 % water while our brain alone needs to be 90 % water. Without water, our mind and body will be having a hard time to focus and eliminate diseases. In addition, our blood absorbs inhaled oxygen and reacts with sugars to generate the heat and energy we need. This process is also known as metabolism. So, the less water we have, the slower metabolism there will be. So it is always advisable to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

Balances Body’s PH

Drinking spring water also balances our body’s PH levels. PH stands for power of hydrogen. Normally, our PH levels fall on a scale between 1 and 14 with 7 being the neutral or the ideal scale. Studies show that the balance in our PH levels is very crucial for us to have a healthy body. So by drinking more spring water, we can balance an over-acidic system and we can bring the vitality of our body. This will help in balancing all of our other bodily systems. Water is considered as the neutral beverage amongst acidic ones.

Cure Addictions

Last but definitely not the least benefit of drinking spring water is that it can cure addictions. Studies show that people with long-term addiction on alcohol, cocaine, and heroin do not really drink enough water. But when the medical experts had them drink high quality spring water, their addictions were significantly reduced. This cure can be used in other addiction such as caffeine, salt, and even nicotine. Aside from addiction, there are several diseases and health problems that can be reduced by drinking high quality water. Hence, always make sure to drink water regularly. But make sure that what you’re drinking is quality, clean and safge.

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