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Gain Best Results From Making Great New Year’s Resolution About Dieting

You’ve probably talked with different doctors and trainers to lose weight. Or, you’ve began considering to get coolsculpting services which is also a great option. But you’ve probably wondered why your New Year’s resolution about dieting doesn’t work, don’t you? 

Every year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight but fall short of completing that task. Many gyms reported that they get an influx of new member registrations in January. By March of the same year, over 80 percent of those people stop coming. This New Year you need to make a resolution that you can stick with. is a website that promises to show you how to not only redefine your eating habits, but to also rebuild your body. Studies show that exercise alone is not enough to lose those unwanted pounds. Exercise must be coupled with a right type of diet plan to be successful. 



More and more people are trying to find different ways not only to lose weight but to keep it off. Millions of Americans struggle with obesity and the medical problems that come with it such as heart problems and diabetes. Low fat, low calorie, and low carb plans are popping up all over the place. The problem is when neither of those solutions works for you or not for a long period of time. 

There have been recent claims that neither low fat, low calorie, nor low carb diets work effectively for fast and long-lasting weight loss. Low fat diets doesn’t seem to be the ideal choice because low or no fat products are popping up everywhere in the marketplace, yet America is more overweight than ever. Low calorie diets doesn’t work because they slow down the body’s fat burning system making losing more weight over time almost impossible. Low carb diets are too strict and hard to maintain which causes dieters to quit or cheat the diet before they reach the desired weight-loss goal. 

Systems like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig can be effective. The problem with them is that they can be very expensive. With the membership cost and the cost of food, which has to be purchased by them, being on the programs will drain your wallet. Plus, the weight loss is usually slow, averaging about 2-3 pounds a day. 

A good question to ask yourself is ‘why are you overweight?’ The fact of the matter is that you are eating the wrong types of foods with the wrong types of calories in each meal. Even if taking weight loss or appetite control pills and exercising daily, you can still find it difficult to lose weight if you are continuing to eat the wrong things. 



A new website, Fat Loss 4 Idiots, claims that they have found a new way to redefine the diet. By eating the right types of food at the right time of day, they claim to reshape your body in just 11 days. 

The way that Fat Loss 4 Idiots work is they show you the correct to eat to get the maximum results. They are claiming that you could actually have noticeable results in just 11 days. We’ve seen other crash diets as these pop up in recent history, offering major results in little time such as the Hollywood Diet; which is making me critical that this could actual work or even be healthy. 

Fat Loss 4 Idiots claims they are unique system that actually manipulates fat burning hormones. In case you didn’t know, when you eat your brain signals how much of the food will be used for storing and how much will be used for burning by releasing two types of hormones into your bloodstream. These two types of hormones are controlled by the types of food that you eat. Fat Loss 4 Idiots says that they can show you how to tell your brain to send more fat burning hormones into the bloodstream instead of the fat storing hormone. 

How do they do that? Well, for starters, they used a technique called ‘calorie shifting’. This technique relies on the principle that your body predicts how much fat it needs to store for days to come based on your pattern of eating in the last few days. With ‘calorie shifting’, you will shock your metabolism by not eating what your body thinks you will eat. On an unpredictable eating plan, your metabolism will kick into high-gear and burn all of the calories that you consume, and thus lose a lot of weight in the process. 

Does this really work? I have only researched the diet and haven’t tried it for myself. Of course there is a small fee to start, but it doesn’t have monthly charges like some of the other diets. From the information I’ve gathered so far, the diet seems to be easy to maintain. They provide you with the information and an online diet generator that will calculate a daily menu for you. You buy and prepare your own food. 

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