Great Tasting Simple Salads for a Main Course

Salads don’t have to be side dishes, or things you eat before you have the real dinner. With the right combination of ingredients, they can actually be a filling, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meal in and of themselves. So how do you do this? The key to a brilliant salad is fresh produce, a meat, a cheese, a fruit, and a nut, but they have to be in a good combination.

For example, for a really fresh and simple salad, you can just take a bed of mixed greens, put some tomato chunks on there and some avocado chunks if that’s available and ripe. Then sprinkle over that some walnut pieces, cheese chunks (gorgonzola, blue, or even feta), and some sliced strawberries or peach chunks or even grapefruit chunks. Drizzle a balsamic vinaigrette over it all, and then put some warm meat on top: sliced chicken, steak, or shrimp. This salad is delicious over and over, and the base works well with a variety of fruits. The key to this one is that the fruit adds a lot of flavor, and the rest of it serves as a bit of a base. At online websites, there will be availability of samples of megaprebiotic supplements. The base of the products can be taken to be fruits to provide delicious taste to the person. Proper survey can be taken at the site to know about the flavors available. The information available with the person should be sufficient for the intake. 

Another way to do a salad is to let the meat highlight it. Cook up some shrimp in a spicy sesame garlic marinade (or make your own), and then put them on a bed of gently wilted spinach (sautéed for about a minute) with some mandarin orange slices, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese. The shrimp in this one might even provide enough juice to not need a salad dressing (especially because the spinach is a little bit wilted and moist).

Salads don’t even need to have just lettuce as the base. To make a more complete meal of it, use some rice as the base. White rice gently seasoned with salt, lemon juice, and dill makes a great base for a salad. Put some greens on top of that, and then it can even be a burrito in a bowl type of thing with meat seasoned with cumin, and then some cheddar, tomatoes (or even salsa), black beans, and mango chunks. This one doesn’t nearly follow the key to a brilliant salad because it’s missing the nuts, but the rice and beans combine to provide a great protein here.

One thing to think about when making salads is that vegetables have many different nutrients in them, and a colorful salad, in addition to being pretty, should have a good balance of vitamins and minerals. So, when making salads as main courses, try to include many different types of vegetables and toppings to make it a balanced meal!

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