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How Can You Improve Your Car With The Latest BMW Accessory?

These days people are very passionate about cars and driving. Everyone wants to maintain their car in the best modified and upgraded manner. Nowadays, there are many modification techniques available that can turn your car into the latest texture.

Here is a list of the latest BMW accessories that you can go to modify your car.

New modifications in the BMW accessories:

  • M color grille stripes consist of a series of different M colors, including red, purple, blue, and by inserting the grilles into these colors, stripes can be a good option as it is an easy process to upgrade your BMW.
  • Door projector lights- till now, it is one of the coolest modifications. It can be done by installing the lights at the bottom of the door panel. You can remove the old lights and plug these new LED lights through an easy installation process as there is no drilling required for this process because holes are already present in the door panel. 
  • Key chain- the key chain is one of the essential equipment you will need as a BMW owner as it is the most popular accessory for your car. 
  • Valve stem caps- if you want to personalize your BMW equipment, you must replace the stock stem caps with the latest valve stem caps. You can do it by twisting the old caps and installing the new one. 
  • Custom license plate frame- having a customized license plate is one of the latest ways to modify your BMW as you can choose the best design for your license plate according to your likes.

The above-mentioned methods can transform your BMW into the latest one and give you the best feel of driving. The accessories are available easily on various online stores.

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