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How To Keep The Sparkly Mirror Furniture As They Are

Mirror Furniture is a trend that is recently becoming popular. Gone are the days where wooden furniture was the norm. This wooden furniture is then characterized by carvings which make it look sophisticated. One advantage that is said to be brought about by mirror furniture is that they make the rooms which have the said furniture look a lot more spacious. This will also help you get great additions to your home, like the ones you see on With that said, how exactly do you keep your mirror furniture looking sparkly for the purpose of having one not be defeated?

Proper Maintenance

In cleaning your mirror furniture, and keeping it nice and sparkly, it matters that you maintain it properly. The proper way to maintain your mirror would be to make use of a cotton cloth that is lint-free. Instead of using glass cleaners which have harsh chemicals, you can use basic home materials like soft detergent, and even alcohol and vinegar mixture. The latter will then be mixed with 10 parts of water in a single spray bottle, and you can also add 2 drops of soft detergent to better the process of cleaning. In wiping, make sure that you do so in just one direction.

Get Quality Mirrors

The better your reflection looks in the mirror, the better its quality. Getting a low-quality mirror, one which is prone to scratches will cause your mirror to not look sparkly in the long run. More than just not looking good, getting a bad quality mirror might actually put you in danger. Shards of mirrors can cause a lot of painful injuries.

Mop Spills as Soon as they occur

Getting spills cleaned is something that you should do in the soonest possible time. This is because the longer the spill will be staying, the harder it would actually be before it disappears. In the process of mopping spills, you should also avoid making use of rubbing alcohol, nail polish, or even shaving cream around the mirror as this can also be damaging especially when some part gets spilled.

Keep your Kids and Pets at bay

Pets and kids have one thing in common: they have the tendency to be careless. If you want to keep your mirror lasting, then you might as well not let them come near the mirror. Get the mirror away from high-traffic zones, or places in your house that people frequently pass by. If pets and kids tend to run around, then you would definitely have to be more careful.


Be Careful in Transport

Chips and Scrapes are a mirror’s worst enemy. Because of this, you have to be careful when it comes to moving things around. Make sure to never drop or set the mirror hard, as well as to not place too much stress on the joints to the point that cracks begin to form. In moving mirror furniture, it is also advised to get some experts.

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