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Ink Cash Business Credit Card – Know About Them

Whether looking for a top rated credit card that would be for personal use or business use, it is essential that the right card be chosen. The “right” card by definition varies from one person to another since everyone has different needs. Therefore, it would be helpful when shopping around for a business credit card that you first take inventory of the features, as well as services. The goal would be to choose the one card that would enhance your company by making it easier to manage expenses, as well as cash flow.

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Although there are multiple choices when it comes to business credit cards, few compare to the Ink Cash Business Credit Card. Offered by Chase, one of the most respected financial institutions in the world, you know whatever this card offers would be unrivaled. The first thing that happens once approved for this particular credit card is that you have six months during which time the Annual Percentage Rate is 0%. Although the variable interest would increase between 13.24% and 19.24% based on actual credit score among other things, these rates are actually good.

There is no annual fee for the Ink Cash Business Credit Card but for transfers, the fee is just 3% or $5 minimum. In addition to excellent rates, this business credit card is also a great addition to your company because of the rewards program. For starters, you could earn as much as 3% cash back, which is higher than the offer from similar credit cards. Now, for this, the reward would be for eligible dining, gasoline, office supplies, and even home improvement purchases, which would be according to an established monthly maximum.

The Ink Cash Business Credit Card is also designed so after making your first purchase with the card, you would earn a $100 cash back bonus. This is equivalent to 10,000 bonus points associated with other high caliber cards, meaning it is an excellent offer. In addition to this, for eligible purchases, you would also earn unlimited 1% cash back. One of the many features of this rewards program that makes it so popular is that as to the number of points you could earn, no restrictions apply.

You will also find that with the Ink Cash Business Credit Card, the opportunity to earn as much as 10 times more points for every $1 spent is possible. If you look at the other business credit cards being offered, the best you can find is five times more points so having a card such as this that allows you to earn up to 10 times the points is simply an incredible option. The only stipulation for this is that purchases using the credit card would be those through the Chase Rewards Plus+SM online store. Even so, this type of rewards program is a real bargain.

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