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Is A Cleansing Oil Better For Oily Skin

The oil cleansing method has attracted a lot on fans in the past years and its promoters recommend it for general cleansing purposes (for which I believe it works) but also as a long term treatment for skin conditions such as acne or dehydration. One can find so many sites promoting this natural way of cleansing your skin but does it really work?

I myself have been very curious about this method and I did try it by using a cleansing oil product (DHC Deep Cleansing) which I totally loved (read my review here). However this does not mean that water-soluble products are all less effective than oils. First of all let’s analyze what this theory says and the degree of validity that it has.

Like dissolves like, oil dissolves oil. The oil cleansing method is based on the principle that oil can be effectively dissolved by another oil. And, from my experience, an oil cleansing product indeed dissolves the surface oils for a temporary fix of oily skin. Many say that as a result of this action the oil secretion is totally controlled which I would have to disagree with.

There’s absolutely no research to support this statement (in fact, there is no research at all to say that a cleansing oil is better than a regular water-base product). Yes, oil may effectively dissolve impurities but so do other water-soluble products.

Nothing cures acne, in the most fortunate situation some products may help to control it however oil is not one of them. In fact, some oils may actually clog pores and cause breakouts, others are beneficial for your skin in terms of cleansing and moisturizing but for sure they won’t cure acne.

There’s a very interesting article published by Cosmetics Cop that explains way better than I can what a cleansing oil can’t do for your skin and I strongly suggest you take a look at it.

You can also read my article The Oil Cleansing Method for Oily Skin where expert Emily Moosbrugger, MD, a UC health dermatologist explains for HealthNews:

“Oil is not something dangerous to use on your face, but if you are prone to breakouts it’s something I would avoid.” She adds that oil can clog your pores instead of cleaning them and it may aggravate skin conditions like acne.

But what about all those bloggers and youtubers that have been praising the hell out of the oil cleansing method? Have they all gone mad? I personally think it’s a matter of preferance. Cleansing Oils do work as good cleansers mostly because I feel they are not so harsh but I bet you can find a similar water-soluble product. However, it certainly won’t cure your oiliness or acne.

You can read My brief traumatizing foray into the oil cleansing method from Michelle and I can guarantee you that all your curiosities regarding cleansing oils will fade step by step with every paragraph of the article.

So, is a cleansing oil better than other products for oily skin? The answer is no. If you have another opinion I’d be very interested to hear it, what type of oils do you use and how it helped your skin.

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