My Favorite Flavored Coffees

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a coffeeholic. They tell me that they seem to never see me without a cup of coffee in my hand. However, like many people I am on a tight budget so, instead of going to the several coffee shops located in my area I make my own flavored coffees. It is a big savings to a persons budget. Here are my top five favorites that if you are a coffeeholic too you may want to try.

The first step to making any type of excellent flavored coffee at home is too begin with a freshly brewed cup according to your taste. However, there are many people that say that they are not able to get a perfect cup of coffee out of a traditional coffee pot. Its not that the more traditional coffee makers are difficult for you to use it is the fact that it is hard for someone to perfect the overall flavor. Trust me however, it can be done.

Now my all time favorite coffee would have to be ice coffee. All you simply need to do is to brew 4 cups of coffee or more depending on if you have company or making it for yourself. Once the coffee is brewed you will then need to refrigerate it until it is cool. While the coffee is cooling you will want to be sure to bring ¼ cup of hot water to boil( double for bigger batch). Once it reaches a good boil add ½ tsp vanilla, ¼ cup sugar than stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then you want to refrigerate this mixture as well till it is cool. Once both the cream mix and the coffee mix are cool fill a glass with ice then pour equal amounts of coffee in each cup. For those that want to add the cream mix let them add it to their particular taste. Your friends will be shocked that you can make ice coffee just like those expensive coffee shops.

Another one of my favorites that is a once in while treat is Kahlua and coffee. All you need to do is add a little bit to your hot coffee and you will have a nice relaxing drink with just a touch of liquor. It is to die for. You have to try it.

Other great choices for flavored coffee are the International Coffees. These are a great way to sit back and relax. My favorite is the Swiss Mocha but, I also drink the Irish Cream and French Vanilla. All you basically need to do is heat a coffee cup of water in the microwave till hot then add 2 or more teaspoons of your flavored coffee choice and sit back and enjoy.

Finally the creamers are also a great way to add some great flavor to your coffee. There are a wide variety out there and each one adds their own unique taste. I love the Caramel Mocha it makes your coffee taste so rich and creamy.

So as you can see there are a wide variety of ways to get flavored coffee without going to one of those expensive coffee shops. You should really consider giving one of these great recipes a try today. A visit can be made at site for gathering information about the machines. The purchase of the best machines will be done through the person. A budget can be prepared and purchase will be made there under. It will provide the benefit of excellent recipes for the person to taste and add fun. 

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