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Natural Cures For Constipation

There is a variety of natural cures for constipation readily available. You can choose from commercially prepared natural remedies and home remedies. You can purchase treatments for constipation at a pharmacy or you can buy them from a grocery store, organic market, or health food store. Since causal factors for this health concern include lack of exercise, too little fiber in your diet, and/or not enough intake of water, natural remedies for constipation involve consideration of the “functional” aspects of your life.

One natural cure for bowel impairments is to increase the amount of fiber in your daily diet. Fiber is critical for the optimum function of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Since fiber helps your colon function normally, it is essential you include enough in your diet. A bare minimum consumption of fiber is 20 to 60 grams daily.

The most natural way to increase your fiber intake is through what you eat. Fruits and vegetables as well as certain whole grain products are excellent sources of fiber. You can eat them raw, cooked, pureed, or whole. Add certain roughage to your diet in seed or powder form. Borage seed and flax powder or seeds (ground) are 2 examples of this type of fiber addition.

If you have a problem with wheat, try using rice. This is a hypoallergenic protein. You can also purchase fiber supplements intended for people who don’t (won’t) eat enough fibrous fruit and vegetables, are short on time, and/or have dietary issues.

In addition to fibrous supplements, you can purchase certain herbal remedies for constipation. Among these are herbal laxatives. As these laxatives may be “natural” just like the, the prolonged use of these can have as great an impact as the more commercial substances. Either form may result in weak bowel syndrome.

Be careful what you decide to use to combat your colon problem. Talk to a professional first. Do not self medicate without understanding the effects – both short- and long-term of using fiber and fiber supplements or laxatives. Also, remember this. Natural cures for constipation that are high in fiber work best with water to lubricate the way.

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