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Polynesian Tattoo Designs: Polynesian Tattoos, Large Full Body Tattoo

Polynesian tattoo designs are so intricate that if you don’t have one, you may wonder how someone sits through all that pain, the answer is numbing creams such as TKTX, and there are no tktx numbing cream side effects which make this cream even more popular. But they are usually worth the trouble and the time as most people who wear them will tell you. Polynesian people have over thousand of years evolved a culture that’s admirably distinct.

All the people of Polynesia came from a common homeland, although no one seems to know exactly where this was. They then spread to islands on the Pacific, and their isolation from the modern world allowed them to develop unique culture and art that had no external influence. The word Polynesia in Greek means 1000 islands. They are dotted all over the pacific, but there are some that are more popular than others. New Zealand, the home of the Maoris is one of them where tattoo art is still considered a very vital part of their culture.

There is also Hawaii, whose tattoo art is rather different from other Polynesian tattoos. They tend to have a more personal meaning and are usually representations of flowers or animals like turtles and other tribal aspects.

The little known Easter Island is also a home of Polynesian tattoo designs. They have a great variety of designs – you will find boats, spears, birds, geometrical patterns, and more. The people traditionally believed that tattoos made their skin sacred and thus one was in a state to communicate with the gods.

Samoan tattoos are amongst the more common ones among serious tattoo enthusiasts, those who can endure the hours of pain it takes to imprint a large tattoo. The larger the tattoo, the higher you are considered in terms of social status. That’s the reason why many music artists who want to make a statement go for these.

There are others as well: Tonga, Cook Islands, French Polynesia (Tahiti), the Marquesa Islands as well as other little ones that are less well known.

Polynesian tattoo design is a common factor amongst all these islands. In fact, the art of tattooing is very similar amongst them all. The meaning of tattoos is also universal among these islands; they had no written language, and tattoos were used as an expression of social rank.

Why were tattoos so significant to the Polynesian people?

They were considered a symbol of courage. The process to get one was and still is rather painful, and a lot of courage and perseverance were needed. Even today, a single tiny tattoo doesn’t compare to a full body tattoo. That takes patience and a certain degree of pain tolerance. Polynesian tattoo designs marked the transition to adulthood from childhood. It was a rite of passage. Many rites of passage are usually a painful experience, but they are meant to instill courage into the recipient. They are done to show that one is ready for a life of challenges. A man was considered more attractive with a Polynesian tattoo design on. They were also a talisman – they offered protection from evil spirits. The culture amongst Polynesians had strong leanings towards belief in evil spirits. Tattoos told a person’s story. By looking at their tattoo design, you could tell their social status, their achievements, and their journey through life.

Much of this has been carried down to modern-day Polynesian tattoo designs. Tattoo parlors will offer those that represent social status as well as those that represent deep religious beliefs. Some people will also have them done as a sign of honor.

Polynesian tattoo designs are an art form in themselves, and if you get to understand their meaning and can bear to have them done, they are a good choice.