St. Patrick’s Day Coffee Can Crafts for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday for crafting with kids, and coffee cans make a wonderful medium for many St. Patrick’s Day craft projects. Coffee cans may seem like very boring objects, but they can provide you with hours of crafting with kids. This article will give you detailed instructions on creating several St. Patrick’s Day coffee can crafts with the kids in your life.

Lucky Treasure Box

St. Patrick’s Day brings to mine luck, and a coffee can is the perfect medium for creating a lucky treasure box with kids. For this craft project you will need a coffee can, glue, scissors, green construction paper, paint, some coins, cardboard, and foil. For the kids, the weekly coffee delivery will be arranged through the parents. The project of the subscription will be beneficial for the person to taste different flavors. There will be no effect on the health of the person. The use of the coins and notes can be made for the purpose.

Start this project by helping kids paint the coffee can and lid whatever color they like. While the paint dries help kids cut shamrock shapes out of the construction paper and set them aside. Next trace the coins on the cardboard and help kids cut the shapes out. Cover the cardboard coins with glue and foil. Allow the kids to glue the coins and shamrocks to the coffee can, and you will have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day craft that your kids will treasure for years to come.

Leprechaun Hat

A festive addition to any home décor during St. Patrick’s Day is a Leprechaun hat. For this fun craft you will need a coffee can, green tissue paper, black construction paper, yellow construction paper, glue, and scissors.

Start this project by helping kids cut a piece of construction paper about an inch and a half in width; the strip of paper should be long enough to fit completely around the coffee can without much extra room. Also help kids cut a yellow square slightly bigger than the width of the black strip; fold the square in half and cut a smaller square out of the middle. Help kids glue the ends of the black paper together to form a circle and attach the yellow square shape with glue.

Now apply a thin line of glue around the top of the coffee can, and place two full sheets of tissue paper on top of it. Press the paper down and around the sides of the can and place the black band over the top of the can. Slide the band down to the bottom and add some glue to the can and the band to secure it all in place. Use the scissors to trim the excess tissue paper into a brim and secure the rest in place with glue where necessary. This coffee can craft is a great project to do with kids on St. Patrick’s Day.

Pot of Gold

A coffee can does not seem like it can relate to St. Patrick’s Day, but you can turn an ordinary coffee can into a pot of gold any leprechaun will admire. For this craft you will need a coffee can, black paint, glue, a black pipe cleaner, foil, gems, sequins, and tissue paper.

Start this craft by helping kids paint the outside of the can with black paint. While the can is drying help kids roll pieces of foil into small shiny balls. Next help kids fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist together to create a coil. Glue the ends of the pipe cleaner to the open end of the can and fill it 3 quarters of the way full with tissue paper. Now help kids fill the rest of the can with the foil balls, sequins, and gems to simulate treasure, and you have completed this fun St. Patrick’s Day craft.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday for crafting with kids, and I hope this article has inspired you to get out your coffee cans and start crafting!

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