Steam’s “Play Next” Feature Can Help You Decide Which Game You Should Play

Steam has recently launched a very interesting and unexpected feature known as “Play Next”. With the help of this feature, gamers will now get recommendations regarding which game they should be playing next. The developers at Valve has added this exciting feature to the latest version of Steam as one of their most awaited Steam Labs experiments. This brand new feature has moved from the beta stage to the live product stage as “Experiment 008: Play Next”. The basic idea behind the launch of this feature is to allow gamers to save time and find it easier to find the games that they like to play.

Where Can You Find Play Next?

Play Next is now an embedded feature in the Steam engine and can be used by every gamer. It has been updated to the latest version also. Open the Steam account and go to your library, Play Next should be available as one of the game shelves right in front of you. Click on it and you will get a list of recommendations on the games that you can play next in the library. This is even more useful for those gamers who have a myriad of games downloaded on their steam account. Very often users get confused about which game to play. But, you need not worry about it anymore because of Play Next.

Play Next uses an algorithm which helps the system to understand your gaming patterns and choices. It keeps a track of your preferences and the kind of games that are available in your library. Based on the calculated results, Play Next suggests you a game that you would love to play because you are into that genre. How cool is that? It is like a gaming assistant. On a different note, if you are looking for rust accounts cheap, then you can visit the many forums online and check out the prices.

Play Next Helps To Solve a Huge Problem

If your Steam account is packed with all kinds of games, majority of which you never had the opportunity to play, you are not alone. It is because of the frequent sales and discounts that Steam puts up, gamers very often download all kinds of games from the Steam servers. With hundreds of games being launched every year, you can understand how big a library can be. This leads to a big problem – which game out of all the ones available, should you play next?

Thankfully, with the launch of Play Next, the solution to this major problem is now at the horizon. Steam Labs have helped several gamers to start playing the games which they never had but are present in the library. It also helps to save a lot of time which you would have otherwise spent on deciding which game you should play after you have finished one. We hope Play Next helps you as well!

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