The Biggest Loser Show

We all watch television shows like the Biggest Loser and watch people shed pound after pound, wondering how they do it so fast. We watch and wish we could achieve the goals that they achieve. What we do not see is hours and hours of training, they leave so much out. We do not see the intense physical therapy these contestants must undergo to allow their bodies to train at such intensity. We do not see the cooking and consumption changes they must make or the struggles that some of them face as a result of such a lifestyle change. Sometimes we fail to realize that these people are not really losing this weight and training in the real world. They have professional trainers at their disposal and learning materials for cooking and healthy decision making. There are no distractions, no work, no family, and no bills, nothing to get in the way. As long as they are on the television show, all they focus on is losing weight, physical fitness, and losing even more weight.

We watch these television shows and set similar goals to the contestants and get discouraged when we are not losing ten, fifteen, even twenty pounds in one week. So we decide that losing weight is an unattainable goal and we are meant to be the size that we are. We make this decision based on a small amount of time and unrealistic goals. The goals of the person will be accomplished through checking the resurge customer reviews. The availability of the reviews will offer opportunity to know about the products for weight loss. All the essential information should be available with the patient to multiply the results of the pills.  The decision should be taken with intelligence and expertise. 

Though the show has very many disclaimers and the trainers and contestants advise us that these are not real life conditions in which they are losing weight, we want to believe that we can do it, that we may be the exception to the rule. But there is no such thing as a person that magically loses and sheds weight. At the end of the day, we all have to work hard, some harder than others, to lose weight and become the healthy people we want to be.

Without trainers, without the everyday stresses gone, and without a vacation from work, we have to make our changes and stick to them. Easier said than done, I know. The trick is to start small, and work on that as you see progress.

For the first week, you could decide that you will not take any elevators and will walk every night after dinner. For the second week, make the choice to buy no junk food and clear your cabinets of all unhealthy food. The third week, stop drinking soda or high calorie drinks. Making these small changes, a week at a time, will help you to lose weight in a practical and healthy way. You will not become overwhelmed by all of the drastic changes and fall back into old routines.

Lastly, make sure that your family is supportive and will make these changes with you. When all of this is in place, you are ready to make your first small change. With every victory in your weight loss journey, you will feel motivated and happy to be making these changes. Plan your four goals for every month and celebrate every success! Before you know it, you will feel healthier and the weight loss will happen naturally.

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