The Food Of Bodybuilders

Nutrition is an exact science. And it is even more nutrition in sport. In this context, choosing the right foods is essential to have better physical performance. So it is in bodybuilding, which has made nutrition a key factor for its success.

It‘s no doubt that in our sport there are better food, food that can improve and not just our performance in weight training. The observer website is a great place to know things related to the health and fitness and why you need to opt for the supplements while working on your physique! It is important to know the various benefits and disadvantages of all of them before you start consuming these.

So we begin our review to discover these “magnificent 10″

MILK The food of bodybuilders

Milk is a staple in our sport. It ‘a perfect food containing a proportion in favor of all three macronutrients that we need for optimal growth. Milk proteins are proteins with high biological value that are then used in their entirety in the process “anabolic” (muscle building). In addition, the milk proteins are composed of a small amount of branched amino acids do not, whose role is that energy recovery has already been widely recognized by the modern sports nutrition.

The carbohydrates of milk are also good carbs. The milk is composed of two types of carbohydrates: galactose and lactose. The latter is a disaccharide composed of glucose + galactose. Lactose has a relatively low glycemic index (46) when compared with other sugars.

Milk has a discrete amount of GLA (gamma linoleic acid), a fatty acid, whose effect on reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass are still under investigation.

However, milk fat, saturated fats are still, so call for moderation. Prefer low-fat milk and then to the whole.

Another disadvantage of this food comes from its low digestibility, due precisely to the lactose. Many people in fact do not have the enzyme that speeds up the digestion of this carbohydrate, the enzyme lactase. So some, milk can be unpalatable. In this case it would be best to take the high digestibility and milk low in lactose.

YOGURT The food of bodybuilders

It ‘a good alternative to milk. Yogurt also contains milk as a favorable ratio between the three macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats). As for the protein of yogurt they like milk very high biological value, but the real advantage lies in the yogurt carbohydrates it contains. Usually, in fact the yogurt has a much lower amount of lactose as that contained in the milk, which makes it a much more digestible food of this. And in fact many people with lactose intolerance, so they can not drink milk, may instead take the yogurt without any problem. Obviously also the yogurt contains a certain amount of lactose, which is not indicated for individuals whose production of the enzyme is absent. But for those whose production of the yogurt is not limited by any problem in terms of digestibility.

One note for its fat as saturated.

The yogurt also contains live lactic cultures that are beneficial for proper efficiency and health of the intestinal flora.

EGGS The food of bodybuilders

Food beloved by every self-respecting bodybuilder. Justly, the eggs can join in our “eat parade” especially for their amino acid profile, which is the most comprehensive of all food taken into question.

Once the eggs were largely avoided for their high content of cholesterol, but now things are going well otherwise. The fact eggs contain much less cholesterol than it contained years ago. This is primarily due to new nutritional methods applied in agriculture.

So even a consumption of 2/3 eggs a day which I think is a tolerable and acceptable consumption. Obviously this does not mean that moderation is also a must here as the fat content in eggs is still saturated.

Then the eggs have some disadvantages. First, should not be eaten raw as it could be a risk of serious diseases such as salmonellosis, rather.

Not to mention also that consumed raw eggs contain avidin, which limits the absorption of biotin as antagonistic to it. Biotin or Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that plays an important role in energy metabolism. The avidin is inactive when cooked, so the advice is to eat cooked eggs.

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