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The Power Of Cbd To Reduce Covid-19 Induced Anxiety

With all of the things and uncertainties that we are facing right now due to the global health crisis, we may find ourselves stressed, frustrated and anxious. Things aren’t the same before; we cant go outside whenever we want, some of us are working from home already, we cant even hang out with our friends and relatives. It is no doubt that our situation may cause us anxiety. But thanks to products like CBD, we can now treat this kind of mental disorder. CBD porducts  can help us reduce anxieties induced by COVID-19. Here are some of the best products that you can try for your peace of mind.

Sunrise Cold Brew

Sunriser Cold Brew uses broad spectrum CBD  and high quality and single origin coffee beans extracted from the hemp plants of pharma grade Colorado. The bottle of sunrise cold brew has 30mg of CBD. This amount of CBD contributes to have a nice and focused coffee high without jitters. This product can be bought or ordered online. It can also be purchased in person throughout the Central Texas. You can check this cbdMD review for more information to help you before buying.

Anzie Blue

Another product or business that people are crazy about nowadays is the Anzie Blue. This business was founded by Derek Van Mol and Marcie. It is located in Nashville’s West End neighborhood and it provides wide variety of products like coffee, light bites and of course, their own brand of CBD infused products. One of the best things about Anxie Blue is that its line of tinctures can be mixed or taken in any of the drinks they are offering. Some of these drinks include local coffee, milkshakes, tea, and staple cocktails like margaritas and mimosas. Anzie Blue has free nationwide shipping online on orders over 100 dollars.


Another line of products that offer different herbal blends and teas with CBD is DOSED. This brand is created by an Austin Entrepreneur Addy Riley. This brand offers products infused with hemp derived premium broad spectrum CBD, THC free and 10 mg of water soluble. According to the founder, the main purpose of DOSED is to provide people the natural way to consume CBD on a daily basis. The teas that the brand offers are made with organic ingredients that cater to different and several health benefits. If you check CBD & anxiety buying guide, you’ll see that this brand is one of the reputable ones in the market.


CBDTakeOut is one of the popular producers of an infused coffee bean. Their main coffee blend are made of 3 bean varietals: Colombia, Castillo, and Caturra. These three coffee bean varietals are infused with organic, full spectrum hemp oil from Colorado. They also offer chocolate bars made with rainforest grown cacao. The flavors that they offer like peach hazelnut, caramel coconut, raspeberry, cinnamon, peanut butter and honey are all enhanced with 60 mg of CBD. The double chocolate bars double the amount of CBD to 120 mg.

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