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Tips On Hosting A Successful Spa Party

Once you’ve figured out the planning of your spa party, invitations, creams, lotions, facials, and all the other pertinent details, you’ll need to concentrate on making sure your spa party is a relaxing, successful event. Here are a few helpful tips to leave a lasting impression with your guests. Besides all this, you can check out Trusted Aesthetic Medical Spa serving Jersey City which is just a perfect place for you to host your spa party. You get a credible service provider with tons of professionals in this field that will allow you to host your spa party comfortably.


The atmosphere of the spa setting is imperative. You’ll want to make sure that you and your guests will be in the perfect mood to relax and pamper yourselves.

In the room, you will be using, clear any large pieces of furniture out, and divide the room into areas. Try to ensure that the areas flow into one another so each person can move from one station to the next comfortably.

In each area use plush cushions, pillows or even yoga mats for seats. This adds to the feeling of warmth and comfort in a way that hard chairs or stools lack.

The music should be soothing, comforting and kept at a low volume so it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Soft jazz or acoustic music, with no words, can provide a great atmosphere. You can even try the mood-enhancing CDs that play sounds of the ocean, waterfalls or rain.

Dim the lights, and place aromatherapy candles around the room, for a pleasant scent that’s easy and relaxing to the eyes. Way out Wax offers clean, pure aromatherapy candles, in a variety of scents and colors, made with pure essential oils.

Indulge Your Taste Buds

The snacks you serve should fit in with the all-around the theme of the spa day. Items like pita bread, fresh fruit or vegetables, crudites or hummus are healthy alternatives that relax your taste buds. Nothing too heavy, or filling while you are being pampered. Consider a type of sandwich buffet for after the treatments.

Drinks should be refreshing, such as mineral water, real fruit juices, even a cocktail or mixed drink with a fruity overtone will leave your guests feeling both healthy and refreshed from the inside out.

Creams and Facials

When selecting the creams and lotions you will be using, make sure you are aware of any allergies and offer a wide variety of scents and textures to ensure everyone has something that makes them comfortable. Keep in mind that scents will fill the air, so you want to choose fragrances that complement each other, without overwhelming the room.

Visit your local bath and body store to pick a variety of selections. Ask someone who works there for any recommendations they may have.

Or, you can visit online shops and order a great variety package. Handmade Natural Beauty offers 70% organic lotions, for a clean and healthy choice. Or, go green entirely with Mi Spa Natural Lotions, made from all-natural ingredients, and no paraben or chemicals.

Overall, you want to create the most relaxing environment possible for you and your guests. Forget you are at home and enjoy the feeling of a world-class spa day.